Free EASY Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Crochet Flower (How TO Crochet a Hat)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crcohet patterns-crochet crochetEasy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern perfect for beginners see how to crochet a hat with this free easy crochet baby hat pattern with beautiful easy crochet flower. Warning these crochet baby hats are addictive!

Cute free crochet baby hat pattern, Step by Step Really easy crochet pattern ideal for  beginners.  How to Crochet a Baby Hat with photos and how to crochet a flower, easy to make and very quick.

Making up these gorgeous hats is both fun and rewarding as you can change them to suit, for sizes very easily.

Using the basic beanie pattern, this is a gorgeous baby hat for the little princess.

free crochet baby hat pattern

use a Hook 4.00mm (UK) 3-6 months for small newborn follow pattern and parts written in red and use a 3.50mm hook.
Double knit yarn.
Sizes ; newborn, 3-6 months  

Each round is joined with a slip stitch,  the chain 3 is not counted as  part of the stitch counts per round. 

Special instructions:(always make a stitch in every base of chain 3 to start! (this continues the shaping of the beanie.)
free crochet hat patterns-baby hat patterns-How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet
head circumference of finished hat 12 inches 32cms (will be stretchy as using Double Crochet (DC) 

Watch this short video and Learn how to create a magic circle - You will never look back.
(IF you want Step by STEP photos SEE HERE )

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Rnd 1:  Magic Circle Ch 3, 12 DC in Magic circle, slip stitch into top of ch3 (12)
or you can start with ch 3, 12 dc into 1st chain

Rnd 2:  Ch 3,
2 DC in every stitch round (increasing  in every stitch around)
 Slip into top of ch 3 to join (24)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Rnd 3:  Ch3, (1st Dc in the base chain 3), 2DC in next stitch,
*dc in next stitch, 2DC* in next *repeat around
(you are increasing 1 at every 2nd stitch around)
 Slip into top of chain 3 to join (36)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Rnd 4:  Ch3, (1st Dc in the base chain 3)

*dc in next 2sts,  2DC in the next stitch* repeat ** around
(you are increasing by 1 in every 3rd stitch around)
 Slip into top of chain 3 to join (48)  at this point will measure 4.25 inches across

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

for Newborn size work as follows but finish at round 8. continue working in the single crochet rounds of round 10. complete as stated from rnd will have 12 rounds completed for a newborn

Rnd5- Rnd 9 Chain 3, Starting in base of Chain 3
How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochetDouble Crochet in each stitch round
(Your hat will be taking shape now)
 Slip into top of chain 3 to join on every rounds

Rnd 10- Rnd 14 (Ch1 at the beginning of each round) Single Crochet around.  Slip into top of ch 1 to join

crochet flower-crochet baby hat-free crochet hat patterns-free crochet patterns

How to Crochet a Simple crochet flower

Magic Circle
10SC into circle, slip st to join,
Chain 3, 10 sc into 1st chain on hook, slip to join to top of Ch 3

crochet baby hat-free crochet hat patterns
crochet baby hat-free crochet hat patterns

 *Ch 2, slip into next stitch* repeat from ** around until you have 10 loops (if you want a 5 petal 6 petal just adjust by skipping stitches in between)
Slip into st base of 1st loop
chain 2,  3DC in loop for petal,  ch2 slip into base of 1st loop.

crochet baby hat-free crochet hat patterns

slip into 2nd loop *chain3, 3 DC Chain 2, slip into base of petal loop and slip into start next petal*
 continue working in each petal from ** around. finish off and weave in ends.

To finish thread a simple ribbon through the last round of Double Crochet Posts
I usually leave a long tail to attach the flower to the hat.
crochet baby hat-free crochet hat patterns-free crochet

More Sizes Available

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Her Indoors said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for this pattern. I have completed Round 6 and wanted to double check something. At the end of Round 4, I had 48 stitches and now I have 50. By continuing to do the first DC in the base of the chain 3, I have increased by 1 stitch on each row. Is this correct? I didn't want to get any further without checking. The edge of the hat has a raised bit where this extra stitch is going in so I'm not sure it is right. Thanks very much, Jo

Lisa Auch said...

When the beanie is worn it dips down at the back side nape of neck for a snug finish. (It should not be too pronounced but yes there will be a slight upside down V )
Any problems let me know :)

Her Indoors said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I keep watching the video, but it's going too fast and I can't see where the stitches are coming from. Any chance someone could please point me to a write-up of this "magic circle" thing? I really should find a live person who know to crochet, otherwise I'm just going to give up, the videos are way too tough to follow for a beginner :(

Lisa Auch said...

See here for photos STEP by STEP and other ways to start

Just4Me said...

hi lisa, I have finished the flower and want to attach it to the hat , the center of your flower once attached looks filled in.. how did you do this?

Just4Me said...

what age baby does this fit? and how can I adjust for a smaller size? thanks KIm

Lisa Auch said...

Hi Just4me if you have started with a magic circle (OR by chain 3 work number of stitches into 1st chain) you should be able to pull it tight to close. :)

Trixie said...

Hey I was working on this hat pattern for fun and I'm on row 13, and i just realized its not perfectly straight across the back, I thought it was suppose to be, it looks like it in the picture on the post.Is there a way to fix it, if I undo rows? Also were do you add the ribbon into, like which row? I'd love some help on this :D! I really want to finish this hat pattern is so cute!

Lisa Auch said...

When the beanie is worn it dips down at the back of neck for a snug finish. (It should not be too pronounced but yes there will be a slight V shape created) thread the ribbon through the LAST double crochet round

Lisa Auch said...

just4me asks "what age baby does this fit? and how can I adjust for a smaller size"
this will fit a newborn-3 months)
to make smaller do 1 less increase round and just continue working...or to make bigger make another increasing round in the established pattern...then when you have reached the correct circumference of head measurement desired. continue with pattern

tthen said...

on the topic of making this hat bigger (i'm looking for 9-12 mo- ish), at which round would add another increasing round? I'm assuming after the round where I increase every third stitch, I I would follow where I increase every 4th stictch? then every 5th stitch if needed? Or am I way off? Thank you!

Lisa Auch said...

You are spot on! just keep continuing the INCREASES in established sequence until bigger (also not you ill need to make the length longer too :)

Christi Rumbaugh said...

How many stitches in the magic circle? I am still kinda new at this and I keep doing something wrong.

Lisa Auch said...

make sure you have 12 dc in the magic circle

another way is to chain 4 (work 11 dc into the FIRST chain you created - Pull tight and you will now have 12 DC to work the next row on - hope this helps :)

jazzygal said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for sharing your lovely patterns with us. This is a very pretty hat and I have just completed the hat part! I have a slight problem with the flower though, which may be a US vs Irish thing re: the instructions?
After the 10 SCs (DCs in Ireland!) into magic circle you have the 2nd row where I have to: "SLIP into next stitch repeat around until you have 10 loops" - What exactly is 'Slip into'?? Is it a slip stitch into each stitch?
Many Thanks...I just want to be sure :-)

Lisa Auch said...

YOU are slipping into the stich (Start your slip stitch the same way you would a single crochet -- insert your hook in the next stitch, or in the second chain from your hook -- and yarn over. Draw your yarn through the stitch and the loop on your hook;
draw your yarn through both loops on the hook instead of just one, like you would with a single crochet stitch -- one slip stitch is made, one loop remains on your hook.
REMEBER to Ch2 between the SLIP STICHES (slst) to create the LOOPS to work into - hope that helps

Jenny said...

Hi Lisa, thank you for your pretty patterns!
I am having a problem with the number of stitches, perhaps I am just used to Aussie patterns.....but if I do 3ch & 12 DC into ring I get 13 stitches not 12?
Next round I get 25 not 24, & with the extra stitch in the 3ch the following rounds increase much more than they should. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Hi says at the start of the pattern that the chain 3 doesn't count as one of the double crochet stitches. Also as your counting, when you reach the final count, it will look like you have room fir one more stitch but that space will close up when you join to the chain 3 to end that round.

Kay Crumpton said...

Is this pattern written in UK terms or USA? Thanks

MAK said...

So I got the numbers in round 1 and 2 correct, but somehow I keep ending up with 38 in round 3 and it just doesn't look right.
Also, I counted the stitches in the pictures and noticed they don't match the amount of stitches in the directions. There are less stitches in the pictures than the directions. Is it a smaller hat?

Sweetestgrl401 said...

How would I put the ribbon on around the hat?

Lisa Auch said...

MAK without seeing your work I cannot see where U are going wrong .....the starting number is 12st, so every round will be a multiple of 12 hope this helps

Lisa Auch said...

Sweetest girl thread the ribbon around every second post weaving the end in and oit

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