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Crochet TurtleNeck Hooded Cowl akaThe Coodie

 Free written Crochet Pattern for the Crochet Hooded Turtleneck Cowl which I have named

  'The Coodie'. This crochet hooded cowl is so cosy and warm, the ribbed crochet stitch for the neckpiece is both fashionable and functional as it is so easy to wear up or turn down.  

I honestly LOVE this crochet hooded cowl. I think its the most favourite piece of item ive made to date. 

Crochet TurtleNeck Hooded Cowl -crochet pattern free hooded cowl

I was asked if I could make something that would incorporate a turtleneck cowl that they could fold up and down as the weather has changed dramatically and it had to have a hood, which could go up or down.

 It's bitterly cold here in the North of Scotland.

I have been unwell but hope to get out and about and get some lovely pictures of me wearing my Hooded cowl.  

Well I finally got better and got out and about to see the Horses.

hooded cowl with ribbed turtlneck FREE crochet pattern

 And I can Confirm the hooded cowl IS as Warm and cosy as I knew it would be. 

 I used a 400g Ball of Yarn to take the pictures just now for you as I was so excited to get the pattern to you all. 

I had some gorgeous soft Grey double knit yarn I was desperate to use. 

I decided on a lovely textured rib stitch working into the Front and Back posts for the Turndown Turtle Neck and just plain Double crochet stitches for the Hooded part. 

So for this Coodie, I have used 2 strands of King Cole Double Knit held together. 

The last cowl I made for my daughter was really cozy, and I considered adding a hood onto it, But I LOVE my turtle necks in the winter so decided to go with a ribbed stitch. 

Free Crochet Pattern Cowl -
My Daughter wearing the Easy Crochet Cowl

 You can see the FREE Crochet Pattern HERE 

The Turtle neck is made first and would make an awesome warm cozy cowl just on its own. 

To join the hood we will turn the ribbing inside out and work the double crochet.  

Sound complicated - No not at all this is a VERY easy crochet pattern, and suitable for beginners

Trust me it works out once all is finished. 

For this Coodie I started with chain 70, but you may need more or less if you need it bigger. (this chain must easily fit over your head to be able to get it on and off. 

Front Post Double Crochet, = FPdc

Back Post-Double Crochet -- BPdc

The pattern is written US Terms

6.00mm hook 

2 Strands of Double Knit Yarn ( I used King Cole)  I used nearly 600g of This yarn. 

As always please reach out to me if you need me and id love to see your finished items so tag me #lisaauchcrochet so I can find it easily 

Free easy crochet pattern hooded cowl

The Written Pattern for the Coodie 

Ch 70 

Join the 1st and last chain together to create a circle 

*this must be able to pass easily over your head so if you need to add more or less 

please do so making it an even number) 

Round1: Chain 3 to start. working in the base of ch3 and in each ch around 

Dc in each stitch slip to join 

Round 2: ch3, *FPDC in fisrt st, BPDC in nxt* Repeat around. Slip to join. 

Round 3 to  Round 20: (8 inches)  *FPDC in first st, BPDC in nxt* Repeat around. Slip to join. 

FASTEN OFF and weave in ends. 

hooded cowl with turtleneck fold over face covering FREE crochet pattern
BACK View of Hooded Cowl once completed

Checklist Note: this Ribbed Neck part should easily fit over your head. 

When sitting at your neck it should fold over and be snugly fit around your neck. 

The Crochet Hooded PART

TURN your work inside OUT.  You will wok the hood to the OPPosite side of the turtle neck 

We will now be crocheting in double crochet In ROWS back and forth to create the hood

Find the back seam and make it the centre back.  find the Middle front of the Cowl

JOIN your Yarn in the middle front stitch of the Ribbed cowl piece. 

Row 1: Ch3, Double crochet into the base of the chain 3, dc in each stitch around 


NOTE:  you will increase by 2 stitches in each alternative row, in the 2nd stitch and the 2nd last st of rows. This is to make the Turn Back on the hood. 

hooded crochet cowl pattern free
Front View of Completed Double crochet Rows of Hood

Row 2:  Ch3, Double crochet into the base of the chain 3, dc in each stitch around 

Row 3: Ch3, Dc in the base of ch2, 2dc in next st,  

Dc in each stitch until the 2nd last 2 stitches, 

2dc in next st, dc in last st, TURN, 

 Ch3, Double crochet into the base of the chain 3, dc in each stitch around 

Row 4: Ch3, Dc  into the base of the chain 3, dc in each stitch around 

Row 5: Row 2: Ch3, Dc in the base of ch2, 2dc in next st,  

Dc in each stitch until the 2nd last 2 stitches, 

2dc in next st, dc in last st, TURN, 

Row 6 - Row 11:  Repeat Row  4 and  5 Row : 

NOTE: if you are happy with the length of the hood (remember it needs to sit comfortably all the way down to the bottom of the turned-up turtle neck 

Row 12 to Row 24:  dc in each stitch, ch3, TURN

(HINT) I love it quite loose so I carried on for another 10 rows of Double crochet

Fasten off leaving a long tail, or carry on until you are happy with the length of the hood 

Sewing the seams for the hooded cowl crochet pattern
Sew through BOTH loops of stitches of last row to JOIN

Use the Longtail to join the TOP of the Hood and sew neatly and evenly along the TOP. To join seams. 

Weave in and finish off all ends. 

hooded cowl free crochet pattern written
For reference, the Pink Yarn is 400g

I LOVE my grandson in his pixie bonnet. So we can be matching It is also a FREE crochet PATTERN on my website 

FREE Baby Bonnet Crochet Pattern HERE 

Baby hooded bonnet crochet Pattern
my grandson in his own little crocheted bonnet 

Thank you for visiting my website or purchasing a pattern.

It helps me to maintain the website and buy new materials to make even more FREE PATTERNS. 

 As always you are free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. But you must acknowledge as the original designer. 

YOU will  NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else,

 or by creating an online video of my pattern. 

Without my express written permission.

You can share a picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to a Page with my website on it 

You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell a finished product. You must use your own.

You will NOT copy or duplicate this PATTERN (whole or in part) onto ANY other SITE online. 

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