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Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat & Booties (How to Crochet Baby Booties Pattern)

Free Crochet Patterns
 How to Crochet Matching Baby Booties and Crochet a Baby Hat Set 

Free crochet pattern baby hat and booties Easy

A beautiful is easy-to-follow free crochet pattern for a baby hat and matching Mary Jayne type shoe booties set. 
Once you have mastered the basic baby hat shape, you start to understand the increase to make the hat shape, so how about the decrease in order to make the booties, just as easy, honestly! 

Trust your crocheting abilities you have come this far already. 

Easy crochet pattern with photos to guide you.

I love playing around with adding different flowers, appliques, and designs to the hats and booties, no matter if it is just a little something extra or as a gift for a new baby.

Go get creative today with your matching booties and Hat crochet set 

How to Crochet EASY Baby Booties  

An easy Shoe Pattern (Written Tutorial with Images

booties crochet pattern free

  What you will need to crochet baby booties 
Pattern written in US terms 
4.00mm crochet hook (for newborn use a 3.50mm)
DK Baby Yarn (I used Bella Yummy)
(finished bootie measures 3 1/2 inches (10 cm)  from toe to heel) for a smaller size drop a hook size. Or to make the bootee slightly larger use a larger hook and 2 strands of yarn.

Special Stitches
dc2tog – *Yo, insert hook in next st, yo
& pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 lps
on hook* x 2, yo, pull through all 3 lps
on hook.
hdc2tog – *Yo, insert hook in next st, yo
& pull up a loop* x 2, yo, pull through all
5 loops on hook.    

Sole of shoe
Rnd 1.Ch 11, hdc in 2nd ch from hook,
hdc in next 8ch,
3hdc in the last ch
Working along the opposite side of row just worked, hdc in next 8 ch,
2 hdc in last st, slip stitch into top of next stich.

Rnd 2.
Ch 2, hdc in base of the chain 2,
hdc in next 8 sts,
2 hdc next  3st,
hdc in next 8 sts,
2hdc in last 2st,
sl st to top of beginning ch2

crochet baby hat baby booties free patterns

Rnd 3.
Ch 2, hdc in base of Chain2,
2 hdc in next st,
hdc in next 9 sts,
2hdc in each of next 6sts,
hdc in each stitch until last 2 stitches,
2hdc in each of last 2 sts, sl st to top of ch2 (36sts)

Upper Sides of Shoe

Rnd 4.
Ch 2, hdc in base of chain 2,
hdc in each st around,
sl st to join top of ch-2                                                                               

crochet pattern free baby hat baby booties

Ch 2,hdc in base of ch2,  hdc in next 9 sts, dc2tog 9 times, hdc in remaining sts, sl st to ch2

free crochet baby booties pattern baby hat pattern

Rnd6: Ch2, HDC in base of ch2, hdc in nx 9 sts, hd2tog, (5 times), hdc in last remaining sts, sl st to ch2, 
Fasten off and weave in ends

Make 2nd

free crochet baby pattern hat booties easy

Free Crochet Flower Pattern
chain 3, working INTO the FIRST chain.
*ch 1, dc, ch1, sl st* repeat **5 times to make 5 petal flowers.

FREE Pattern TO make a Matching Baby Beanie Crochet HAT 

Hook 4.00mm 
Yarn: DK 
gauge 5dc=1 inch

ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stitch

special note (to alleviate the gap that can appear whilst work in rounds at the joining st...when starting the round we will ch2, and work the FIRST stitches into the BASE of this chain st
INSTRUCTIONS to Crochet Baby Beanie

The instructions are written for the smallest size. 
Changes for larger sizes, instructions will be written in the ( )

Note: Ch 2 at beg of round counts as dc.

Ch 4.

Rnd1: 12dc in 4th ch from hook. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. (2 dc.)

Ch 2. work 2 dc in each st repeat around, join with sl st to top of ch2 (24 dc).

Rnd3:  Ch 2. *2dc in st,  1 dc in next dc* repeat around  Join with sl st to top of ch2. (36 dc).

Rnd4:  Ch 2. *2 dc in st,  1 dc in each of next 2 dc. Repeat around  Join with sl st to top of ch 2 (48 dc).

Ch 2. *2 dc in next dc. 1 dc in each of next 11 dc*. Rep from * * Join with sl st to top of ch2. (52) 

Rnd6:  Ch 2. 1 dc in each dc around. Join with sl st to top of ch 2.

Rep Rnd 6 until work from beg measures 5.5inches

Or until the desired length is achieved. 

Last round 
Single crochet around.
Tie off and weave in ends.

You can finish your hat and booties by adding any embellishments you wish. 

free crochet patterns-crochet patterns-free-crochet patterns baby

The Easy Crochet Hat and Booties are my go-to free patterns IF I am making a baby set. 

My personal favorite is this full Crochet Baby set pictured here in the Picture 

crochet baby sets free patterns

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