Free Crochet Amigurumi Doll Pattern (A Basic Crochet Doll Pattern FREE)

I love this easy crochet doll pattern. It is an extremely easy pattern and you can be 

very creative with the basic doll pattern.

free crochet doll pattern
Crochet Doll in Red Dress LisaAuch 

I have several ideas on how to finish your first crochet doll, including hairstyles and little dresses. 

My nieces just love playing with these crochet dolls. They are just the perfect size, 

The Pattern is extremely EASY to follow making it a fabulous first doll project

Crochet Dolls are not as difficult to make as You may think. 
And they are a huge hit with the kids.
This is a Basic Easy FREE Crochet doll Pattern 
(Body head and legs are worked in one piece) 
with helpful tips and photos added in to help you make your very first amigurumi Doll.

By following this easy doll pattern you really can create a fabulous little girl's doll.
Your creativity can transform these into princesses worth their own stories.
 I have created a groom and a bride out of this pattern, a soldier, and many princesses.
 It is such a basic versatile pattern 

These dolls make a fabulous gift, and the kids will have many hours of fun with their handmade 
I love to create dolls for my nieces, and friends' children and am usually inspired by their 
favorite movies characters.

But mostly I love to take a basic crochet doll pattern and turn it into a beautiful princess 
or Prima Ballerina.
crochet doll pattern free
Crochet Ballerina Doll Pattern FREE by LisaAuch 

I do not think I have ever seen such a wonderful reaction to a piece of my work than giving 
my niece her first Crochet Doll.

Finished Size using Aran weight  and a 4.00mm hook 
Doll Stands 14 inches head to toe. 
crochet doll easy free pattern
Crochet Doll  in red dress Pattern 

Basic Crochet Doll Pattern Crochet Doll Pattern:

To crochet your doll you will need.
Selection of aluminum Hooks ranging in several sizes. 
Smaller sizes for the body parts, (3.5mm or a 4.00mm) 
and a larger hook (4.00mm or 4.500mm) can be used for the clothing.   

I prefer the steel hooks. I get a selection of sizes for making the right tight
 crocheted material 
needed for making body parts.
The cream color yarn is perfect for body parts. 
I find a nice Aran weight Cream yarn Perfect for 
creating The skin parts of your Doll. 

The light Blue Shown is not only A popular color Just now to Create an 'Elsa" from 
Frozen-inspired amigurumi doll. 
But I love the soft sheen and feel of this yarn.  
Remember to buy your hair color too

Hair color is usually beige or brown or whatever color you would like the 
doll's hair to be.

Make sure you order the correct size of Eyes needed, I always use the safety eyes. 

To start 
Magic circle and work stitches into it
(OR Chain 2, work number of single crochets into the 1st chain. (creates a circle)

RND 12: you will notice there are not enough stitches to completely finish the following 

You should be competent in single crochet, increasing and decreasing, 
and be able to read Amigurumi style patterns

NOTE: If you would like to make your doll really tight material work YARN UNDER 
instead of yarn over,
it minimizes the gaps created by a normal single crochet stitch, 

I did this to stop a ridge from being created down the face of the doll usually made 
when you 2sctog 
in the same place in continuing rounds) just keep working as specified 

The yarn I used was Aran Weight ((I also like to use Lily and Cream Cotton)
Hook – 4.00mm 
Additional Supplies – Saftey Eyes or Black yarn to make eyes, 
25 grms Yarn for Hair Color, stitch marker

Abbreviations: Pattern written in US Crochet Terms
ch = chain, st(s) = stitch (es), sc= Singe crochet
2sc = Increase by working 2 stitches in 1 stitch space
sc2tog=Decrease 1 stitch by working stitches together

 We will be working in continuous rounds,
(do NOT JOIN, move the stitch marker down each time
 a single round is completed


We will be working in continuous rounds,
(Do NOT JOIN, move stitch marker down each time a single round 
is completed. )

Rnd 1: Work 10 single crochet into a magic circle Pull tight. (10sc)

Rnd2: 2sc in each stitch around (20)

Rnd3: *2sc, sc* in each stitch around (30)

Rnd4: *2sc, sc, sc * in each stitch around (40)

Rnds 5-11: work a single crochet in each stitch around (40)

(affix safety eyes between Rnd 7 & Rnd 8 evenly apart. 
(opposite side of the head to start of round)
Note: The placement of these will now determine the front side of your doll.)

NOTE: for this row and the next following decrease rows
You will notice there are not enough stitches to completely finish the round, 
just keep working as specified until you reach the marker. 
Always Finish round at the marker

Rnd 12: *2sctog in next st, sc in next 5 stitches* repeat around, sc to end,(34) 

Rnd13: * sc in next 4 stitches, 2sctog in next st, * repeat around, sc to end (29)

Rnd14: * 2sctog in next st, sc in next 3 stitches* repeat around, sc to end (23)

Rnd15: * 2sctog in next st, sc in next 2 stitches, * repeat ** 5 TIMES around, 
until last 3 stitches, 
sc in last 3 sts (18) 

(It is best to stuff the head at this point) (18)

Rnd 16: 2sctog in next st, sc in next stitches* around,  sc in last st, (12 sts)

You have now completed your Dolls Head.

Rnd 17: 2sctog, sc around in next 8 sts, 2sctog in nxt st, sc in last 2 sts. (10sts)

Rnd-18: sc around (10)

Rnd 19: 2sc, sc* repeat around (15)

Rnd 20: *sc, 2sc* repeat around (22)

Rnd 21 -26: sc around (22)
Rnd 27: 2sc,sc in next 11 sts ,2sc,sc to end (24)

Rnd 28: sc around (24)

Rnd 29 : 2sc,sc in next 11 sts ,2sc,sc to end (26)

Rnd 30-35 sc around (26)

The body is now complete

(Do not fasten off once you find the center of legs, 
You will START the First leg from here)


Please note: Each leg will have 7 single crochet front of the leg 
and 7 single crochet back of the leg 

and 1 chain 1 underneath the body, (each leg has 15 sts)

Fold the piece in half across the body, 
(Making sure eyes are front and Centred) and count 
7 stitches into the middle from the side, 
join yarn and chaining 1 across the underneath of the body of the doll 
and across to the other side of the body,
continue working in single crochet in continuous rounds,

Now continue to work 20 rounds of single crochet.
 (If you would like your doll to have shoes, 
color change to a shoe color here at and 19) 


Rnd 21 of leg: sc, sc 2 tog, Repeat around
Rnd 22: sc 2tog. Repeat around
Fasten Off:
free crochet doll pattern how to crochet a basic doll

2nd leg

join yarn to work single crochet around in the SAME pattern as before
 ensure your FIRST and LAST single crochet of leg round
 is before chain 1 underneath the body and is in the SAME STITCH as 1st single crochet, 
and LAST single crochet of 1st leg, Work a single crochet into the chain 1 you made for 
the first leg to complete the round (15sts)

Continue working as for 1st LEG

Arms (Make 2)

Chain 2 .

Rnd 1:5 sc in 1st chain.

Rnd 2: *2sc,sc*, repeat **around

Rnd 3: sc around

Rnd 4 TO Rnd  22:sc around (stuff arm here)

Rnd 23: sc 2 tog ,around

Rnd 24: sc 2 tog around Until 4 Sts left Finish off and cut yarn.
(.leaving enough length here to attach arms to body) 

Attach arms to the side of the body, and neatly weave in all ends.

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It really is up to you to choose how to finish your doll. I have several ideas and free 
patterns for Dresses and hairstyles 

How to Make your Dolls Hair- HERE

free crochet doll pattern how to crochet a basic doll
This is The Original Topsy Turvy Doll pattern. I love it. 
free crochet doll pattern, free crochet doll patterns, free pattern for doll crochet, free crochet patterns
Look out for the next blog post. How to add hair to your amigurumi Crochet Doll.
and Dress her up. 

free crochet doll pattern, free crochet doll patterns, free pattern for doll crochet, free crochet patterns
Crochet Doll by LisaAuch 

free crochet doll pattern, free crochet doll patterns, free pattern for doll crochet, free doll amigurumi crochet patterns
See the details of the  Dolls FREE Pattern HERE

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