Little Crochet Red Dress Pattern for your Basic Amigurumi Doll (Free Pattern)

UPDATED: This is the little red dress to go with the Basic Amigurumi Doll Pattern I designed. I have been asked so many times for the little dress pattern and my apologies for being sol long in getting it up on the site.
I have also made this as an xmas gift for a little girl I know and finished off the dress with White Yarn to make it Xmassy.

I used a 4.00mm Hook,  Pattern is written in US terms
I used  Double Knit Yarn/worsted
Always count the ch1 as 1st stitch in each round

You will turn the first couple of rounds (this makes the neck area so that the dress can be put on and taken off for playing at dressing up. I attached a little length of tulle along the underside of the skirt to help it sit out. you can add this to your Queue on Ravelry

Ch 25,
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st, ch1 turn (24)

Row 2: Sc in first 5 sts, ch 2, skip 3, sc in next 8 sts, skip 3, ch2, sc in last 5 sts. ch1, turn (22)

Row 3: sc in each stitch including the newly formed sts made by the ch2) continue to to end (22)
Row 4: sc in next 7 sts, 2sc in next st, sc in next 6 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc to end.
 (DO NOT TURN, BUT continue working in rounds from now on), slip to join, to the first stitch of the 4th round.  join at end of easch round and Ch 1 from now on. & Work the 1st Stitch into the BASE of the Ch from now on. 
Row 5: ch1, sc around, slip st to join.
Row 6: ch1, sc around, slip st to join. 

Rnd 7: ch1, sc in next 7 sts, 2sc in next st, sc in next 8 sts, 2sc in next st sc to last, slip st to join.
Rnd 8: ch1, sc around, slip st to join.
Rnd 9: ch1, sc around, slip st to join.
Rnd 10: ch1, sc around, slip st to join.
Rnd 11: ch1, sc around, slip st to join.
Rnd12: ch2, *dc in next 2 sts, 2dc in next* Repeat ** around slip st to join.
Rnd 13: ch2, * dc in next 3 sts, 2dc in next* Repeat ** around slip st to join.
Rnd 14: ch2, * dc in next 4 sts, 2dc in next* repeat **around slip st to join.
Rnd 15: ch2, *dc in next 5 sts, 2dc in next* repeat ** around. slip st to join.
Rnd 16: ch2, dc in every stitch around  slip st to join.
Rnd 17: *ch3 slip into next stitch*, repeat ** around. (picot) slip st to join.

Little Dolls Pants
ch 30,
Row 1 - 4: Dc in 4th chain from hook, and  dc in each stitch around (27) slip to join,  ch2,
Row 5 - Fold work in half with the join seam directly in the middle, Ch 4 for crotch and join to opposite side of work, with a sl st directly opposite.
Row 6. - Work *sc, ch2, sc in next stitch *  around each of the 2 legs, (skipping over the chain 4 you made, and finish by turning work and working 1 single crochets along the chain 4 and slip into 1st chain of ch4, to finish.
Fasten off weave in ends.
If you want to make a chain length to thread through alternative powts of the double crochets in the first row of pants and use to tie in a bow , OR use the length left after fastening off and join the round to close gap and weave in ends. 

free crochet amigurumi doll pattern with removable dress.
Little Red Dress finished with a White ( sc , ch1, sc around)border
for the


Cheryl said...

This is adorable! Have you added it to Ravelry yet? It would be handy to have this saved with the doll pattern. Thanks!

Maira Duarte said...

Is there a mistake on Row 5 or 6? It says slip st to join twice. I might not be too familiar with patterns, but I don't understand how to join if it's already joined.

Lisa Auch said...

...don't worry it was my mistake as I had written it are going to work around now.

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Are you suppose to turn at the end of row 3?

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