Quick Easy Christmas Crochet Makes

These little crochet projects are Quick and easy to whip up at the last minute. I am always on the lookout for something to gift a teacher and the little Star in the middle of this picture with a keychain is Amazing. I have included it as an 'idea' as its not actually a pattern but can be found here 

Little Christmas Angels (FREE Ravelry Download)
Christmas Crochet Slippers (FREE Ravelry Crochet pattern to Download)
Festive Crochet covers for a Chocolate Orange Little snowflakes (could be made into little girl hair clips) Teacher Gift Idea Key Chain (NOT A PATTERN- BUY) Christmas Robin Crochet PatternChristmas Small Jam Pot Holders and PotholderChristmas Star ornament for the tree 

Cute Baby Hat Crochet Pattern (FREE)

Free Crochet Hat Pattern
I have been asked lots of times for this crochet pattern. 
It is a little baby hat I crochete dwhen I first started out and posted my finished hat online. 

Looks like Knit But its Crochet Warm Cosy Winter Hat (FREE Pattern)

Being Warm at this time of year is essential. I find a lot of the basic crochet hats quite drafty. Here in South West Scotland winds are strong and it's chilly. SO I am always looking for a good thick warm hat. It makes it even better when its a fast, easy pattern. 
Worked in Rows, using the amazing 3rd loop stitch of the HDC aka...Camel stitch. 
Which makes this hat look like it's been knitted. But Its definitely crocheted. 

knit look crochet hat pattern free big chunky croche that pattern

Lisa's Warm Cosy (Not Knit) Crochet Hat Pattern

kill Level: You must be able to work in back loops, and Camel Stitch (working into 3rd hidden stitch of HDC)
You can Make all Sizes if you have head measurements
Special Stitches: Camel Stitch -Easy to do by Turning a Half Double Crochet into a Knit look stitch by working into a hidden 3rd loop!
Notes: Its easy to make this hat ANY size you wish.
Hat Height from top of crown to bottom of ear – this will be your foundation chain.
How many Stitches You HAVE in TOTAL will depend how long you wish your hat.
If you want a big Turn up like mine then remember to include THAT measurement when your measuring from top of crown to under ear and then fold UP measuring tape until you have the BRIM size you want.
Measure head around just above the ears. This will be how LONG you work your rows Back and Forward for until circumference measurement is reached.
Working in ROWS and back loops of slip and single crochet, and working into the 3rd loop of HDC.

Chain 41
single crochet in 2nd chain from hook and in next 19sts (20 Sc) (BRIM)
half double crochet in next 10 stitches (MIDDLE OF HAT)
single crochet in next 5 sts, slip stitch in last 5 sts (40sts) , Ch1 TURN (TOP OF HAT) 
Row 2:
Work into BACK LOOPS from here on
slip stitch in BL of first 5 stitches, single crochet in BL of next 5 sts
(working into the 3rd hidden loop), camel stitch into the next 10 sts.
Single crochet in next 20 sts, Ch1 TURN

Back Loop single crochet in first 20 sts,
Camel stitch in next 10 sts,
single crochet in next 5 sts, slip stitch in last 5 sts (40sts) , Ch1 TURN
Continue working Rows 2 and 3 until you reach desired length .

knit look crochet hat pattern free big chunky croche that pattern

knit look crochet hat pattern free big chunky croche that pattern
Fold your Rectangle in Half and Sew up the seams together. 
Thread your needle and close the top of the hat at the last Slip stitches and pull tight to close. 

Whatever type of Pom Pom you decide on sew securely to the top of your hat.   

Faux Pom Pom - BUY HERE *

knit look crochet hat pattern free big chunky croche that pattern

As always you are Free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. However, You Must NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else without my express written permission. You can share the picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to this page. You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell YOUR Own Finished product You will NOT put this PATTERN (whole or in part) on to ANY other SITE online without my express written permission. This post may contain affiliate links.

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