FREE Crochet Hat Patterns for Women (7 FREE Crochet Hat Patterns)

free crochet patterns- free crochet hat patterns for woman I just love crochet hats. This is a collection of my favorite crochet hat patterns.  I have made for myself and family members as gifts.
This (right) was one of the VERY first crochet hats I made, when I wanted desperately to learn how to crochet a hat for myself, I was so surprised at how easy it really was. And as you can see in the picture turned out very well indeed.
This Crochet Hat Pattern for a woman is very adaptable, and fits perfectly, as the design makes it a snug fit.
I love it, I have lots in different colors, and always get comments and admiring glances.

I was not looking for the beanie or skull caps but wanted something with a little flair and something that would not keep my neck area warm too. By adding in the extra edging details and easy crochet flower embellishment just adds that 20's feel.

Free crochet hat Patterns-Womans Hat Crochet patternI just kept working around the bottom of this in the increase to get a more bowler hat style   I added a band and a smaller crochet flower to finish

The hat pictured above took me just under 2 hours to complete.

You can Visit my page For the full and step by step photos, also includes a printable version of the  FREE Crochet Hat Patterns

Or how about this fashionable chic woman's hat with a peaked brim. Looks complicated but the stitch pattern is so easy and works up quickly, I have also included links to some of y most popular Crochet Hats that I have made and have made fast easy gifts for people. I get asked to make these time and time again in an array of colors
crochet hat pattern

free crochet hat pattern 

Looks like Knit but its Crochet FREE Hat Pattern by Lisa Auch

crochet hat pattern free
Adults Cute as a Button Brimmed Newsboy Hat Free Pattern
Free crochet hat Patterns-Womans Hat Crochet pattern
Womans EASY Crochet Hat Pattern (FREE)

Free crochet hat Patterns-Womans Hat Crochet pattern
Lovely Textured Multi Coloured Hat (advanced) Free Womans Crochet Hat Pattern

Free crochet hat Patterns-Womans Hat Crochet pattern
Womans Crochet Cable Hat Pattern (FREE Crochet HAT PATTERN Advanced)