Baby Bonnet Crochet Patterns

Nothing is as sweet as a new baby in a gorgeous crocheted bonnet. Crochet a beautiful Vintage style babies Bonnet.

Crocheted Baby Bonnet

 I am asked all the time how I create Vintage bonnets, with full frills and ribbons and creative crocheted stitches.

I loosely explain how I crochet the basic baby bonnet, (Free Pattern) HERE This gives you the basic baby bonnet pattern template that you can leave plain or decorate and add on ribbons and ruffles as you please. I have included my own FREE bonnet Patterns and booties.

crochet baby set hat and booties free pattern
Basic Bonnet and Booties Free Pattern HERE

I was taught by my mother-in-law how to work into the stitches you have created and make the fluted rims and the large crochet puff borders.  You are holding your work right side facing you and working into the connecting bars of the previously worked stitches to make them raised. And give you a 3-d texture.

I make the basic bonnet pattern, then add on ruffles, flutes, shells, and feather trims as I please. However, explaining how to do this is actually quite tricky. If you do not already know how to work into the posts and tops of stitches, to create the raised 3d effect. This video explains it really well. 

 I have also found the perfect pattern for a crochet baby bonnet that you can finish off in several ways.

As you Like It available as a Digital Download from ETSY 
 Note: This is not a FREE pattern
It is worth its price though and will be referenced many a time. 

Not only does this give you all the sizes you need for baby toddler etc. but also many varieties to finish off the bonnet. Your creativity can go wild here.

Baby Bonnet free crochet patterns Pink crochet baby bonnet pattern
Bonnet was created using the As you Like It  Bonnet Pattern available as a Digital Download from ETSY 

I have several FREE Baby Bonnet Patterns available

baby crochet bonnets free patterns

 Star Stitch Baby Bonnet FREE Pattern

free baby bonnet crochet patterns

free baby bonnet crochet patterns 

free baby bonnet crochet patterns

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