Unique Crochet Baby Shawl Blanket Pattern Perfect Gift for a newborn

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A Unique crochet Baby Blanket, with beautiful crochet stitches, finished with an easy crochet decorative border.   This baby blanket will become a family heirloom for all the future babies within the family.

I was looking for a baby blanket pattern that looked impressive yet would be easy and quick to make. I hunted all over and whilst I found several beautiful crocheted baby blanket patterns, none just seemed right for the recipient. I wanted a really unique crochet pattern.

Eventually, I stumbled on a crochet pattern design ( not an actual pattern) that looked delicate and would create a nice lacy textured blanket.

In today's modern world more a stroller or car seat-sized blanket, yet could be used for those glorious days when out and about with a pram.

But the beauty of this pattern stitch is that you can just keep repeating the established pattern which is worked from the center out (think granny square but with shells and chain stitches)

for the baby set and blanket, I used the beautiful Snuggly Sirdar 4 ply ( 2 x 100grms for the blanket...with a little leftover, which actually made the booties ( I cannot get over how beautiful this yarn works up for baby items-
I made this blanket using Sidar Snuggly I am a HUGE fan of this yarn SIDAR SNUGGLY 4 PLY Cream  

Whilst I do not claim to be a professional crochet designer I am a crochet hobbyist and addict, crochet is my passion. I love to experiment and come up with crochet designs, that get shared around, thus leading to people contacting me and asking to help them or if I have a pattern for them. I spent more time via emails and face book answering questions about my work, I decided to create this blog to help inspire and help others to create beautiful crocheted pieces of work. So sometimes the patterns will be written as to how I have made and understood and interpreted them. Sometimes I may even make something, Not take notes, and need to go back and work out what I did. 
As Always I welcome any constructive feedback.  

I used a 3.5mm hook and pattern is written in US terms.

The blanket can be made to ANY size you wish, the blanket featured was suitable as a prams blanket / small shawl.
Notes: This is actually based on the Classic Fantail Shell stitch but worked in the round.
I have added a video tutorial I found on youtube of the basic stitch pattern
The pattern is made up of basic combinations of
Shell: [7 dc] in the specified chain space
V stitch: [dc, ch1, dc]

Slip to join. when you are joining the shell rounds, I like to catch the top of the chain, to slip stitch,  as I am finishing off the single crochet.

Shell Cluster: Worked In the v-stitch clusters from the previous row 7dc in first ch1 space, SC in ch3 space, 7 dc in next ch1 space – shell cluster made. 
Double V-stitch  CORNERS : [dc, ch1, dc, ch3, dc, ch1, dc].  (these are worked into the SC in the middle of the previous rounds shell clusters – these are worked in each of the 4 corners of the blanket)

In alternate rounds, you will secure the ch 5, of the previous round by working a single crochet into the middle of the shell round BELOW.
I found a video explaining the crochet stitch it can be viewed here- If the video is not showing you can click here to go to YouTube to view HERE - for finishing and completing this blanket you will need to come back to this website

Unique Crochet Blanket Pattern FREE (with Step by Step Photo Tutorial) 

crochet baby blanket from the centre crochet stitch

Rnd 1: ch 4 (counts as first dc, ch1. ) Working into the very first chain, create 7 more (dc, ch1), slip to join in chain 3. You now have (8 x dc, ch1)

Free crochet baby blanket pattern

Rnd 2: ch1, 1 SC in previous rnds ch 1, 7 dc in next ch1 space, 1 SC in next ch 1 space, sl.st to join into first SC. (4 Shells, 4 scs)

unique crochet stitch for baby blanket

Rnd 3: ch 4, (counts as first ch1, dc of V stitch)  dc in SAME space, ch3, dc, ch1, dc in SAME stitch *ch 5, work dc, ch1, dc, ch3, dc, ch1, dc*  in next SC of previous round* . repeat from * to * around. slip to join into middle of first V stitch. (4 double V stitch cluster Corners made, 4x ch 5s)

unique crochet stitch pattern LisaAuch crochet
Rnd 4:  ch3, 6dc into first Vspace, SC in ch3 space  *work 7 dc in space of  ch 1 (shell),   sc in ch3 space ,
7 dc in space of 1 ch.  {CORNER CREATED) , sc in sc in middle of previous rounds fourth dc of the 7dc * repeat from * to * around, slip to top of chain 3, see special notes for a neater finish to round. (8 shells, 8 scs)

baby shawl croche tpattern free
Rnd 5: ch 4, (counts as the first ch1, dc of V stitch)  to make this really neat DC directly into the middle of the sc of last round,  (SIDE)
*ch 5, work dc, ch1, dc, ch3, dc, ch1, dc  (CORNER) in next sc of previous round,
ch5, dc, c1,dc in next sc (SIDE)* . repeat from * to * around. , ch5,
slip to join into the middle of First V of the round you created,
(ch3 of the ch 4 start.) (4 v stitch corner combo,  4 x V stitch , 8 x ch5s)

crochet babyblanket pattern and shawl lisa auch crochet
Rnd 6:  ch3, 6dc into first Vspace, sc in middle of previous rounds fourth dc of  the 7dc shell , *work 7 dc in space of  ch 1 , sc in ch3 space ,7 dc in ch1 space. {CORNER CREATED),  sc in middle of previous rounds fourth dc of  the 7dc shell * repeat from * to * around, slip to top of chain 3. (12 shells, 12 scs)

You will now see the pattern developing you have your 4 corners and your sides where you will make 
1 more pattern on each side every V round

I more shell patterns on every shell round.

V stitch rounds: each corner will have (dc, ch1, dc, ch3, dc, ch1, dc in same sc stitch of previous round)  = CORNER
and on the straight side you will have (dc, ch1, dc in SAME sc stitch of previous round) = SIDE

Continue working until in the established 2 round pattern of 1 round V stitch patterns, and 1 round of shell clusters until you are happy with the size of your blanket I worked a further 20 rounds

You must finish on a V stitch, chain 5, V stitch corner round . Do not fasten off.

Fancy Blanket Crochet Border FREE PAttern: 

V= dc, ch2, dc in SAME stitch
Treble and Picot Shell = treble crochet, ch3, slip back into the to top of the treble st. repeat for specified times. 

The first round of border: Continue working from where you finished the pattern,

Ch 3, counts as first double crochet,

 Work 1 Double Crochet in each back loop of chain stitches, and all double crochet from previous rounds V Stitches, around the border, remember to catch the rounds below the middle shell, under the chain to secure the shell round or you will end up with a gappy blanket.

You must Work 3 double crochet into the back loop of, 2nd chain of ch3 corner.
Work as established all around the blanket.
slip to join, to top of first double crochet

Chain 3 (counts as 1st stitch of V stitch), ch2, dc, in the base of chain 3. (1st V st made)
Corners: Make a V STITCH in each of the 3 double crochet stitches you made in previous rounds corner (Do not skip any stitches) continue working along sides *SKIP 2 stitches, MAKE A  V STITCH IN NEXT, Corner*
Repeat around for the whole blanket.
Slip to join into the middle of the first V stitch made.
3rd round of border:
Working INTO the V of the previous round, Ch 4 (counts as first treble, and ch 3, slip back into 3rd ch from hook, to create picot, Treble Crochet in SAME space, ch3, slip back into the to top of the treble st. 4 times,
single crochet in next V stitch

Repeat by working (5 x treble, ch 3 picots in V stitch, sc in next v stitch around.)
free crochet pattern baby blanket

slip to join and fasten off
Weave in all ends and then thread 1/4inch ribbon around the Double crochet posts. and Tie off neatly into a small bow.

I am going to be using this pattern a lot and recently made a whole set, With the help of one of Heather Davidsons Patterns for a 4 Piece Set -
Please see my sister site for Details of the baby set pattern (Click Here)  LisaAuch.com

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As always you are Free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. However You Must NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else without my express written permission. You can share the picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to this page. You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell YOUR Own Finished product You will NOT put this PATTERN (whole or in part) on to ANY other SITE online without my express written permission. This post may contain affiliate links.
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