How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

Create your dolls hair easily. Use Any Yarn and Hook!
If you want the cute little girls pig tails follow these easy pictures and instructions, 
How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

1. Measure the length of the dolls middle parting from front of dolls hairline to middle back of dolls head. (this will be the length you slip stitch the lengths of yarn together.

2. Wind yarn around a book several times (enough to evenly fully cover your dolls head on both sides and a little more.) I put a crochet hook in at one end this makes it easier to cut the yarn later on)
How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

3. Slip stitch evenly, To hold All the pieces of yarn securely. (NOT too tightly here)

How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

4. Make sure you now turn the recently made slip stitches to the end with the hook along it. We will now cut along the books edge. 
How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

5. Lay out flat the piece and make sure it is all even and pieces are lying straight and not twisted (this save so much faffing around later on) 

6. PIN the slip stitch seam from front to back of doll and choose your position of the bunches. I used another piece of yarn to secure the dolls bunches. You could even plait them here (Make the book you wind the yarn around bigger so as to have longer pieces to plait) 

How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)

7. Sew through the slip stitches onto the dolls head using hair color yarn, and firmly secure the bunches to the sides of the dolls head. 

To finish off and make sure the hair stays in place, I use a length of hair colored yarn and randomly secure the hair piece to the doll around the head.  
Your dolls hair is now complete.
How to Crochet Dolls Hair (easy)


Sheep O'Delight said...

Aw, I love this method. Now I need to make a doll to try it with.

Donna Charles said...

absolutely love how easy this is to do. Thanks so much for helping make my first dolls hair a success. :-)

heart2heart said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely work! I'm on a roll now!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

Could you create and post a video on YouTube on how to do it?
I just don't understand how to slip stitch evenly to hold All the pieces of yarn securely.

How do you do that?

Thanks very much in advance for all your help on this. :-)

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