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FREE Crochet Pattern to make a Beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl

A beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl in a beautiful Soft Yarn is just what a new mum love sto be given as a Baby Gift. Nothing beats a baby wrapped up in a bundle of handcrafted love.

FREE Crochet Pattern to make a Beautiful  Circular Crochet Baby Shawl
Beautful Crochet Baby Shawl
 I must profess I am not a huge fan of holey baby blankets, but if baby is swaddled in some lovely soft blanket, then the shawl is to act as the finishing touch to really make the introduction of baby to family members all that more special. Knowing someone lovingly made this crochet shawl for the baby and the work that went into its creation makes sure the baby shawl becomes a family hierloom.

Circular Crochet Baby Shawl PATTERN
Skill Level:

On Paper this looks to be a very complicated Pattern, however once you get into the swing of the pattern, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is.
You should be able to read written patterns and crochet in repeat patterns,

Double Crochet (DC) , single crochet (SC) and Skipping stitches

Woking several stitches into the same space

Be familiar of Working in between the posts and spaces created in previous rounds

Measurements: Finished Shawl Circumference -

Beautiful Yarn Perfect for Crocheting a Baby Shawl
Gauge: This is a very loosley worked baby shawl.

  • Hook 4.00mm
  • Additional Supplies Ribbon if you wish to weave around

FREE Crochet Pattern for Easy Baby Crochet Newborn Shoes

A Free Crochet Pattern for Newborn Booties/ Shoes For a small Newborn/preemie  follow the first stitch counts, and for a larger baby follow the numbers in the ( ) 
An easy and FREE crochet pattern to make these delightful newborn bootie shoes.

FREE Crochet Pattern Baby Blanket EASY - Little Clouds Crochet Blanket Pattern

A free Crochet Pattern for a Baby Blanket which resembles little fluffy clouds. So Easy and Perfect for even Beginners.
I am so excited for a dear friend who is expecting their first baby. After a few heartbreaking years and lots of trying she is finally going to be a mum. So I was asked to create a special cosy crochet blanket for the new arrival. she had asked me for a large baby blanket that could also be used as a shawl. So this is actually a pretty BIG baby blanket. However it is an easy repetitive stitch , and actually works up in no time.
After trying out several multiple stitches worked together, getting so far and then not liking the texture or look of the blanket, Finally I settled on the effect created by working sc/2dc in the same stitch  it looked perfect in the white yarn and I loved how quickly a nice soft blanket started to develop. The texture reminds me of fluffy little white clouds. And it is really soft and warm. This is a great pattern for working on whilst watching your favorite TV show as the repetition is so easy. Beginners please do not be put off by how impressive this blanket is as its a Great crochet project for a beginner too.

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Cardigan

This crochet cardigan for 0-3 months baby, is worked in half double crochet and made from the neck down, the simple pattern makes it great for even beginners, it really is so simple as  it can be made very quickly.

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I like using a double knit yarn and a 4.5mm hook
Finished Chest measurement = 16 inches around.

Cute as a Button Newborn Crochet Hat Pattern Free Perfect for Baby Boys

free crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet patterns
The original Baby Hat Pattern
 Adorable small fitting ribbed peaked cap perfect for the little man. A Reader requested the popular Cute as a Button Pattern for a small baby 14 inches around. the problem making the original pattern any smaller means you start to lose the effect of the ribbing. So with a little bit of tweaking to the original pattern here is Cute as a Button Hat for newborns

I used Red Heart Bella  in white (Buy Now)  and a 3.50mm hook
Terms and pattern are written in US.
free crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet patterns free crochet baby hat pattern newborn cute as a button crochet hat pattern newborn size perfect for a boy
Free Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Easy Newborn Crochet Cardigan FREE Pattern A Star is Born

 FREE crochet cardigan pattern for a newborn, that will fit the newly born baby perfectly. This crochet cardigan is made from the neck down using the single crochet.  Giving a nice firm neck and shoulder area, and for the body part  I wanted a nice pattern effect, eventually I decided on the star stitch. I have hunted around to find the perfect fitting first sized baby cardigan, and struggled, after my friend gave birth to a very healthy but small baby girl. Every outfit was way to big even in the first sizes, so the Star is Born baby cardigan was perfect. 

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Cardigan A Star is Born
Newborn Crochet Cardigan

Pattern written in US terms
I used DK  and a 4.00mm hook (US G6 and 3 Light Worsted) Shop Now for BEST Deals on Yarn*
Finished chest size is 16 inches around.  (newborn)

Due to the amount of emails I receive regarding printing my patterns I have decided to also
  sell this pattern as a PDF printable Pattern with no adverts You can purchase it HERE from Craftsy you can purchase it here

Skill Level: Intermediate or Easy if you have worked with the Star Stitch before.

Measurements: Newborn 16 inches around chest.
I would perhaps make this for a preemie changing my hook – 3.5mm

Crochet Bonnet and Blanket Patterns Ideal Gift set for a New baby

Crochet Bonnet and Blanket Patterns Ideal Gift set for a New baby. This was a set I made for a new arrival recently. it was worked up in Patons Aran and is so cosy and warm feeling. I love that you can take basic patterns change colors and yarn ideas and end up with a completely different look.

baby crochet bonnet blanket free crochet patterns

Baby Bonnet Crochet Patterns

Crocheted Baby Bonnet

Nothing is as sweet as a new baby in a gorgeous crocheted bonnet. Crochet a beautiful Vintage style babys Bonnet. I am asked all the time how I create the Vintage bonnets, with frills ribbons and creative stitches.

I loosley explain how I crochet the basic babies bonnet, (Free Pattern)   HERE This gives you the basic baby bonnet pattern template that you can leave plain or decorate and add on ribbons and ruffles as you please. I have included my own FREE bonnet Patterns and

Free Crochet Pattern for a Newborn Baby Cardigan (Easy)

Megan's Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Free Patterns. Basic Crochet Cardigan Pattern for Babies (Easy)  This little crochet cardigan pattern really is one of the easiest I make.  It was originally made for my nieces preemie. And she adored how snug it fit him, as he grew slightly it was easy to whip up another one using a larger hook as we went. I had posted a picture of him wearing it and was immediately inundated for requests for the cute pattern. It is one of those patterns that is in my memory and I just find myself making it time and time again, SO I have finally put it down in writing for you all. 
As Always any questions please leave a comment below. 
crochet-cardigan-patterns-baby- free crochet patterns-crochet baby cardigan patterns

Size: preemie - newborn for First size use a 4.00mm Hook and Double Knit Yarn = worsted
Double knit yarn and a 4.00mm hook = 14 inches around (this was the size we needed for my nieces preemie)
0r using  Red Heart Baby Soft and  a 4.50mm hook to make slightly larger baby 0-3 months 1 x 100grm Ball of Redheart baby soft Steps . = 16 inches around chest

Add This FREE pattern to your Ravelry Queue

Baby Bootie Shoes Crochet Patterns Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties {3-6months}

Baby Bootie Shoes Crochet Patterns Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties {3-6months}
Pink and White booties Crochet Pattern
Pattern UPDATED: How delightful are these gorgeous Mary Jane shoe style booties/ I love playing around with different versions of my crochet patterns. The original newborn bootie pattern is here. 

These are just slightly bigger than the 0-3 months taking you into the next size. 3- 6 months (3.5 inches-4 inches)

With the different color used for the sole makes it a more grown up shoe specially designed for a snug fit for baby.

Again you can finish off these adorable crochet booties with a flower, but to be honest I like them just the way they are.

I used  Red Heart E746.9600 Soft Baby Steps Yarn, Solid, White *
3.50mm Hook (E-4)
6 Hdc = 1 inch

Stitches used
Hdc= Half double Crochet
Sc =single crochet
Slp st= Slip stitch to join
2dc tog = 2 double crochet together {decrease 1}
2 sc tog = 2 Single crochet together  {decrease 1}

Special Notes:
**Whilst working on the SOLE: we make the first hdc into the BASE of the ch1 as the 1st stitch) *** also note: You will be working the LAST stitch of the sole round INTO the Slipped stitch of previous round. Do not count this as a titch in the upper part of shoe.

Start with your chosen color for the sole

SOLE (you are working around the starting chain) 
Chain 11
Rnd 1: 
hdc in 3rd Ch, from hook
hdc in next 7 stitches, 6 hdc in last chain.
{you are now going to work along the opposite side of this row into the start chain.}
hdc in next 7 stitches.
5 hdc in last chain. slp st into top of 1st hdc.

Rnd 2:
Ch 1
hdc in base of Ch1, hdc in next 8 sts,
2 hdc in next 5 sts
hdc in next 10 sts
2hdc in last 3 sts.
Join with a slp st to top of first hdc.

Rnd 3:
hdc in base of chain 1, hdc in next 9 sts.
{2hdc, 1 hdc in next stitch } = repeat {} 5 times
hdc in next 12 sts
2hdc in Next st, hdc in next 3 sts, 2 hdc in last, slp st to join.  (43 sts)
Change to main color for your shoe.

Sides of shoe:
Rnd 4- Rnd 5: Ch1,  (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain from now on)
Sc in each stitch around, slip to join, 

Rnd 6:
Ch1, 9 sc, 2sc tog, 8 times. sc to last 4 stitches sc 2 tog, sc to end, slp st to join

Rnd 7: Ch,  9sc, hdc, 2 dc tog x 4 times. sc to end slp st to join

Right Bootie Strap instructions
ch1 (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain)
10sc, 2 dc tog x 3, hdc, 4 single crochet (chain 16, single crochet into 4th chain from hook (this creates a small button loop, and single crochet back to start of chain. Slip stitch in SAME space you started the chain for straps this will join strap back into side of shoe and sc to end slp st to join.
Finish off and weave in ends
Left Bootie Strap Instructions
ch1 (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain)
5 sc, (chain 16, single crochet into 4th chain from hook (this creates a small button loop, and single crochet back to start of chain. Slip stitch in SAME space you started the chain for straps this will join strap back into side of shoe and 5 sc 2 dc tog x 3, hdc, sc to end slp st to join.
Finish off and weave in ends


Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Hat and Baby Bootee Shoes Set. (Newborn, Preemie, 3 months)

FREE crochet Pattern for Baby Crochet Hat and; Cute Baby Booties, Mary Jane Shoe Pattern.

free crochet patterns-crochet hat pattern-baby hat crochet pattern
Gorgeous crochet baby bootie shoe pattern with matching hat.  When I first started crocheting I wanted to make a pretty set to give as a present to a new born baby, so not only was I looking for an Easy Crochet baby hat pattern suitable for a beginner,  but also an easy crochet pattern to make cute baby shoes for a little girl.
These are perfect for preemie / newborn +
and would make an ideal baby shower gift, they also work up very fast so great for a stash busting project or last minute  or surprise baby gift

Free EASY Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Crochet Flower (How TO Crochet a Hat)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crcohet patterns-crochet crochetEasy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern perfect for beginners see how to crochet a hat with this free easy crochet baby hat pattern with beautiful easy crochet flower. Warning these crochet baby hats are addictive!

Cute free crochet baby hat pattern, Step by Step Really easy crochet pattern ideal for  beginners.  How to Crochet a Baby Hat with photos and how to crochet a flower, easy to make and very quick.

Making up these gorgeous hats is both fun and rewarding as you can change them to suit, for sizes very easily.

Using the basic beanie pattern, this is a gorgeous baby hat for the little princess.

free crochet baby hat pattern

Free Crochet newsboy Hat Pattern {Newborn-3 months}

Newborn-3 months Baby Newsboy FREE Crochet Pattern with Brim:
This newsboy crochet cap is very easy to complete and looks great, I love how the Brim is pretty stiff by doing the Half Double Crochet and using 2 strands of yarn.  Finished hat is 16 inches around (0-3 months) I have included how to make this one size bigger, the hat will still hold its shape.
This also makes an adorable photoprop for a little boy too

free crochet patterns-free crochet patterns for baby hats, newsboy brimmed cap
Newsboy Crochet Cap - Picture Credit Authors Own and should not be copied.

FREE Crochet Pattern Baby Hat Cute Baby Beanie with Flower (Cluster Sitch)

FREE crochet Patterns-baby crochet hat pattern-free crochet hat patterns-baby hats
A gorgeous crochet baby hat pattern, that will make baby 'Oh so cute' I love this quick and easy to make cluster stitch hat, which became very   popular after I posted this picture on the post Crochet Baby hat Patterns People were asking me If I would consider writing a pattern of something similar, so I decided to try.
I have tried to include more steps and instructions than in a plain crochet hat pattern, to help those who are attempting working in the cluster stitch for the first time.
I have loved the feedback on this page.

This cute little number was inspired by a crochet baby hat I saw online, When I saw this cute little crochet baby beanie I knew I just had to make it, it will be a really great pattern for any size, just keep increasing the clusters row by row until desired size/circumference of head is achieved.

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