Free Crochet Boys Baby Hat Pattern - Peaky Blinders Style Crochet Baby Hat

free baby crochet patterns brimmed baby hat- peaky blinders style hat pattern

Newsboy  Peaky Blinders Style Crochet Cap Pattern for a Baby Boy

Newborn-3 months Baby Newsboy FREE Crochet Pattern with Brim:
This newsboy crochet cap is very easy to complete and looks great,
I love how the Brim is pretty stiff by doing the Half Double Crochet and using 2 strands of yarn. 

Finished hat is 16 inches around (0-3 months) I have included how to make this one size bigger, the hat will still hold its shape.

This also makes an adorable photo prop for a little boy too

Hook.4.00 mm
Yarn. Double Knit (worsted)

ch3, Does NOT count as a stitch, you will slip to top of chain 3 to join 

Start with Ch 4

Row 1: 12 dc in fourth ch from hook. Join in top of chain three with ss. (12 stitches)

Row 2: ch3, (2 dc in next dc) (increase) repeat ( ) 11 more times, dc in ss, join (24 stitches)

Row 3: chain 3, dc and FPDC in and around next st (increase), (dc in next , dc and FPDC around next st). repeat from  ( ) 11 more times around, join  

Rnd 4: chain 3, dc in next 2 sts, dc and FPDC in and around previous rnds FPDC, 

(dc in next 2 dc, dc and fpdc in and around FPDC) repeat from ( ) 11 more times, join.

Rnd 5: chain 3, dc in next 3 stitches  FPDC in and around previous rnds fpdc , (dc in next 4sts, fpdc) repeat from ( ) 11 more times, join.  (4dc,1fpdc)

If you wish to make this baby hat 1 size bigger.  (3-6months)
continue working in the established pattern so next rnd would be
{dc in next 5sts,fpdc} repeat {} around.
Only work 1 more round.
Rnd 6-10: chain 3, dc,in nxt 3 spaces, fpdc around previous rnds fpdc, (dc in next 4sts, fpdc)b repeat from ( )  around. slip to join.  (4dc,1fpdc)

Rnd 11: ch1, sc around, decreasing 9 sts evenly around hat. (usually, I decrease every 5th stitch until the end) slip to join
Rnd 12: ch1 sc in same st as ss, sc around. , slip to join
Rnd 13: ch1, sc in same st as ss, sc around, Fasten off and weave in end.

How to make a stiff Brim for the cap:
Working with double strands 
By folding your hat in half. Using Fastening off position as Center BACK of cap. 

mark 8 stitches down from middle point each side + 1 in middle 
 =( 17 sts ) 
attach yarn
Working in ROWS

Row 1: sc in each st 

Row 2: Ch1, skip 1 st,( 2sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts), repeat ( ) until 2 sts left, skip 1 slip into last st

Row 3: Ch1, Slip st in next sc,  2sc in next,  HDC in next 14 sc, 2sc in next, skip 1 st, slip st into last. 
slip stitch down the side of the brim, , and Single crochet around until, you reach the next side and slip stitch to finish. 

newsboy crochet hat pattern- peaky blinders style crochet baby hat pattern free

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