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Crochet Baby Blanket Crochet Baby Hat Pattern (Crochet Hat and Blanket Pattern FREE)

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Create a Beautiful vintage with a modern twist Crochet Baby Blanket with matching Hat.  

This easy crochet stitch combination is one of my favorites and makes for a beautiful modern baby blanket, using today's gorgeous baby Aran yarn. 

This crochet baby blanket was made especially for a customer, who is delighted with it. As its colors will match their pram. Being from the North of Scotland means the blanket will keep baby snug and cozy all wrapped up.

I used 4 x 100grms Sidar Baby Aran* (UK) and a 4.500mm hook to create this adorable baby blanket.

A Great Alternative for the (US) is Cascade Yarns Cherub Aran White 01* 

Start Foundation chain of Blanket with  a 5.00mm hook 

Chain 161 (very loosely, or consider starting with a bigger hook) (This made my blanket 45 inches WIDE) Remember your tension may be different from mine, you may need to go up a hook or down a hook size, OR change your starting chain as long as you have a Multiple of 3 + 2

Change here to a 4.50mm hook and continue using for the rest of the blanket

Row 1:  {1sc, 2dc}in 2nd ch from hook, * skip 2ch's, {1sc, 2dc} in next ch, * rpt from * * to last 3ch's, skip 2ch's, 1sc in last ch. Turn. (53 shells)

Row 2: ch1, {1sc, 2dc} in base of ch1, * skip 2dc, {1sc, 2dc} in next sc,* rpt from * * to last 2dc and sc, skip 2dc, 1sc in last stitch. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 from here on in until you have reached the desired length. Do not fasten off.


Round 1: Ch3, dc evenly around the edges of the blanket, working 3dc into each corner.  (You will thread the ribbon through the alternate posts of this round)

Round 2:  Ch1 (counts as the first single crochet) skip 2 stitches, and work 6 dc into the next. *Skip next 2 sts, 6 dc in next stitch* repeat around. (at the corners you may need to skip 1 stitch to get the 6 dc in the very corner stitch)

Please Note: You may find you have or may not have enough stitches to work like this so where you can skip 2 stitches, I just skip 1 if i need to ensure the corner middle stitch has a 6dc to sit in the corner) 

Fasten off and weave ends in neatly finish (I washed this Blanket first and allowed to dry flat.) Thread Ribbon around the posts of the double Crochet Round.

free crochet pattern baby blanket crochet hat Pattern FREE Crochet Patterns

                                              Easy Newborn Crochet Hat Pattern

Using Same Yarn and a 4.5mm hook
Round 1:

Magic Circle 10 hdc and pull to tighten slip stitch to join

 OR { chain 5 slip stitch into the first chain to create a circle and work 10 hdc, slip stitch to join. chain 2 

Rnd 2: {2hdc in each stitch around} Repeat {} around, (increase made in every stitch around) slip stitch to join Chain 2

Rnd 3: {1 hdc, 2hdc in next stitch} Repeat {} around  (increase made in every 2nd stitch around)slip stitch to join Ch2:

Rnd 4:  {work hdc in next 2 stitches. 2hdc in next stitch}  Repeat {} around  (increase made in every 3rd stitch around) slip stitch to join, ch2

Rnd 5: {work hdc in next 3 stitches,  2hdc in next stitch}   Repeat {} around  ( Increase made in every 4th stitch around) slip stitch to join, ch2

Rnd 6- 12 hdc around, slp st to join, ch2. 
Rnd 12-15: (Working in front and back posts alternatively of previous round )  {1 front post hdc, 1 back post hdc}  repeat around to create the ribbing. slip to join, chain 2.
 Fasten off and weave in ends.

To make the Pom Pom I wrapped the yarn around my four fingers plenty times to make a fluffy pom pom. Removed from fingers, tie tightly around the middle of both sides to draw in and to secure. Leave a length of yarn to attatch pom pom to hat.  Cut the opposite ends and fluff up......Use the yarn tail you left when securing the middle and attach tightly to the top of the hat. 

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