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Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties with a Strap For a Girl

I Love to Crochet Baby Booties. In fact its one of my most favourite crochet projects, I can always whip up a quick pair of booties for a surprise Baby Shower Gift.
And they always receive 'ooohhs and 'Ahhhs of appreciations from every one.
So when I find a free crochet pattern to make baby booties that not only look Amazing but FIT and stay on Baby's tiny feet!
Of course I got to tell you where you can find the pattern too. Yes I can buy Baby Shoes, Like these gorgeous Satin Mary Jane Baptism Ballerina Baby Bootees 

Lets be honest the first thing I go looking for when I hear of a new baby on the horizon, Is baby booties, Baby footwear has came on leaps and bounds and you can have a pair to match every outfit.  
My favourite Book to crochet Baby Booties are also available to buy. These patterns are real easy and I just keep the book handy for correct sizing .

Call me old fashioned I LOVE handmade crocheted Baby Booties and these are my All Time Favourite.

                   Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties with a Strap For a Girl

                                             The adorable Free Crochet pattern for the Baby Booties                                    


Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern

 A Free Crochet Pattern for a Long Sleever Baby Cardigan. This is the Free Version of The Long Sleeved Baby Crochet cardigan. Cardigan is crocheted from the neck down, creating the yoke first and then crocheting the bodice, and finally the sleeves.
 Very easy to make. But Looks extremely impressive.
Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern
Perfect for a newborn You can BUY an advertisment FREE and Clean version via Ravelry where you can print and keep the Pattern.
As always you are Free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. However You Must NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else without my express written permission. You can share the picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to this page. You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell YOUR Own Finished product You will NOT put this PATTERN (whole or in part) on to ANY other SITE online without my express written permission. This post may contain affiliate links.
Happy Hooking
(c) All Rights reserved

Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern
Skill Level: You should be able to work in single crochet, double crochet

and in a repeat pattern sequence.

be familiar with making a garment from the neck down

Measurements: Newborn 17inches around chest.

Gauge: 9 double crochet measures 2inches


Yarn Baby Double knit Yarn

I used exactly 1x100grms

Hook 3.50mm, 4.00mm hook

Additional Supplies

Free Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern Ribbed Baby Hat With a large pom pom Perfect for Baby

Today I bring you a delightful Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern Ribbed Baby Hat With a large pom pom Perfect for a Boy or girl. Will fit Newborn. You should be able to work in Front Post Double Crochet, Back post Double Crochet, and Front Post Half Double Crochet 
Using a 4.00 hook and Aran Weight Yarn the finished hat measures 18 inches around
Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern Ribbed Baby Hat With a large pom pom Perfect for Baby

Crochet Baby Set with FREE PATTERNS

I love it when I am asked to crochet a special set for baby. And this one is going to the top of my list. A beautiful Christmassy outfit fit for a princess.
crochet baby set pattern free patterns, baby, crochet, free, patterns
Create a beautiful Crochet Baby Set with Free Patterns  

A gorgeous Vintage inspired Swing Baby Cardigan, Crochet Baby Hat and Crocheted Baby Booties. All made with a bright Christmas RED double knit yarn, and finished with a lovely soft White Edging.
Free Patterns are all on this Site .

Free Crochet Pattern for the Cardigan

Free Crochet Patterns for the Booties

(I finished off without the strap)

Free Crochet Pattern for the HAT and Crochet Flower 

(step by step photo Tutorial)

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern, FREE Crochet Pattern

This is a very easy blanket to make up you can start with any stitch number you require to make it any length you wish. It also is in the Same stitch Design as the Sweet sugar Babies Beauitful Long Sleeved Cardigan
Making this an ideal gift set for a new baby.

The finished Dimensions of this blanket is 23 inches across and 30 inches deep.
Of course you can make this blanket any size you wish just make sure your starting vchain is easily divided by 2. Also you can use any yarn and hook.
For my blanket I used Double Knit and a 4.5mm hook
Pattern is written in US terms.

Ch 80
Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook, [sk 1 st, SC and DC in next stitch (both in same stitch)]
repeat from [ ] across, ending with sk 1 st, SC in last stitch. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc DC in base of ch1, [sk 1 st, SC and DC in next stitch (both in same stitch)] repeat from [ ]  across, ending with sk 1 st, SC in last stitch/turning ch. Ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 until you reach the desired length.

For a simple border, simply work single crochet evenly across the sides, tops and bottom of blanket working 3 single crochet into the corners. 
Cut yarn.
Weave in ends

FREE Crochet Pattern for Easy Baby Crochet Newborn Shoes

A Free Crochet Pattern for Newborn Booties/ Shoes For a small Newborn/preemie  follow the first stitch counts, and for a larger baby follow the numbers in the ( ) 
An easy and FREE crochet pattern to make these delightful newborn bootie shoes.

FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps

baby hat pattern, baby hat patterns, baby patterns, crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet hat patterns, free crochet patterns, baby hat with earflaps, FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps. This time of year when we are looking for hat patterns with earflaps for baby. To keep them snuggly and warm. 
This is a very easy baby hat to make ideal for beginners, and makes up in no time at all. This easy to follow crochet pattern is also a great pattern for first time baby hat makers, especially if you have always wondered how to make a baby hat with ear flaps! 

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Cardigan

This crochet cardigan for 0-3 months baby, is worked in half double crochet and made from the neck down, the simple pattern makes it great for even beginners, it really is so simple as  it can be made very quickly.

free baby crochet pattern, cardigan, easy crochet patterns, free crochet pattern, free crochet patterns, newborn, newborn set, sweater, top down,
I like using a double knit yarn and a 4.5mm hook
Finished Chest measurement = 16 inches around.

Free Crochet Patterns for Babies Cardigan and Blanket Set (The Perfect Crochet Set for a Boy or Girl)

Babies, babies and even more babies....It seems my whole family is expecting! And means I get to look at adorable crochet pattern for babies....Woo woo its just great news for me as I get to indulge in my most favorite pastime. Crocheting newborn baby items.
As you probably know by now I have taken a slight step back from producing and writing my own patterns (wondering what on earth I am talking about you can read my story here (Where Have I Been)

Anyway once I had completed the bigger projects for my aunt and uncle I was bought several balls of yarn (Blue and Cream) for the babies we are expecting within the family.
One is definitely a the scan showed it clear as day hence the blue yarn.

The other little one will be a wonderful surprise. Hence  the Cream. Sidar Snuygly (BUY NOW)  It is so soft and snugly it makes me feel all yummy inside. Working with it is like being in heaven surrounded by little fluffy clouds (I know  overboard description but it IS awesome)

Cute as a Button Newborn Crochet Hat Pattern Free Perfect for Baby Boys

free crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet patterns
The original Baby Hat Pattern
 Adorable small fitting ribbed peaked cap perfect for the little man. A Reader requested the popular Cute as a Button Pattern for a small baby 14 inches around. the problem making the original pattern any smaller means you start to lose the effect of the ribbing. So with a little bit of tweaking to the original pattern here is Cute as a Button Hat for newborns

I used Red Heart Bella  in white (Buy Now)  and a 3.50mm hook
Terms and pattern are written in US.
free crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet patterns free crochet baby hat pattern newborn cute as a button crochet hat pattern newborn size perfect for a boy
Free Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern

Easy Newborn Crochet Cardigan FREE Pattern A Star is Born

 FREE crochet cardigan pattern for a newborn, that will fit the newly born baby perfectly. This crochet cardigan is made from the neck down using the single crochet.  Giving a nice firm neck and shoulder area, and for the body part  I wanted a nice pattern effect, eventually I decided on the star stitch. I have hunted around to find the perfect fitting first sized baby cardigan, and struggled, after my friend gave birth to a very healthy but small baby girl. Every outfit was way to big even in the first sizes, so the Star is Born baby cardigan was perfect. 

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Cardigan A Star is Born
Newborn Crochet Cardigan

Pattern written in US terms
I used DK  and a 4.00mm hook (US G6 and 3 Light Worsted) Shop Now for BEST Deals on Yarn*
Finished chest size is 16 inches around.  (newborn)

Due to the amount of emails I receive regarding printing my patterns I have decided to also
  sell this pattern as a PDF printable Pattern with no adverts You can purchase it HERE from Craftsy you can purchase it here

Skill Level: Intermediate or Easy if you have worked with the Star Stitch before.

Measurements: Newborn 16 inches around chest.
I would perhaps make this for a preemie changing my hook – 3.5mm

Free Easy Crochet Pattern for Basic Baby Booties and Bonnet (New Baby Gift Set)

free crochet patterns-crochet-baby booties-baby bonnet-free crochet patterns-crochet patterns-free-crochet patterns baby
A delightful easy for beginners Bonnet and bootie set. The recipient will be delighted to get this as a gift for new baby perfect for a preemie to  newborn. Its on the small side and its just perfect enough to fit those precious babes that seem just too big to even fit the shops bought newborn clothing, .  The front of bonnet can be folded back to help get a cosy fit

 The Easy crochet booties pattern is simple to follow and so quick to make.
The crochet baby bonnet (Free Crochet Pattern) is easy to make too, making this an ideal baby shower gift set.

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Bonnet Star Stitch Little Star Baby Bonnet


You all know I love Baby bonnets, and I am in love with the Little Star Stitch Baby Bonnet.This is a 0 - 3 months sized baby  bonnet. But it is so easy to make for bigger sizes following the handy size chart I have included for you.
Just follow the instructions for making the bonnet bigger.
baby bonnet crochet Pattern Free - Crochet Star Stitch baby bonnet
Little Star Baby Bonnet Free Crochet Pattern

Free Vintage Crochet Pattern for Baby Cardigan Jacket Tried and Tested

I Love the look of Vintage crochet patterns, but in the beginning was put off by the way they were written.  The measurements, yarn and hook sizes vary considerably to what we are used to.
However I have been trying out some of the pattern on Free Vintage Crochet Patterns and I love how this little Baby cardigan jacket has turned out.

Crochet Baby Mittens | Vintage Swing Crochet Baby Mitts A Free Crochet Pattern

A reader requested if I was considering writing a pattern out for matching baby mitts for the Vintage Swing Baby Jacket. The yoke and hat set has a very pretty, simple yet effective patterns using single crochet, double crochet alternating rows. So I sat down and wrote out the little thumbless mitts pattern. and I must say they are delightful.
free Crochet Baby Pattern for baby mitts crochet pattern, free crochet pattern for thumbless baby mittens

I admit by the time I had finished them off and threaded the ribbon around the wrist part, I was overjoyed by their cute factor .

As Always let me know in the comments if you find a mistake or are having a problem.
Please note:
You may find Affiliate Links within this post, IF you buy something through these links I may receive a small payment, this helps to maintain this website and keep me making free crochet patterns.

for smallest size I used a 3.00 mm hook and baby DK yarn/worsted.
TO achieve a larger sized mitt for 3-6 months I used a 4.00mm hook and DK baby yarn/ worsted weight ( My favourite)  Red Heart E302B.0373 Super Saver Jumbo Yarn, Petal Pink

Free Crochet Patterns Baby Booties

free crochet baby booties patterns, baby booties, free crochet patternsI Love nothing better than to crochet Baby Booties, well maybe I love the Free Crochet Patterns I have found for making booties. Booties are actually quite simple when you master the basic patterns. I love tinkering about with colors and adding crochet flowers.
accompanied with links. Please note some of these patterns are my own and some are not. I know there is nothing worse than going to a free pattern site finding nothing but links that go nowhere.  This collection of favourite patterns have all been tried and made by myself, not just a few links posted. Where possible I will provide images of completed shoes. Or if that is not possible I know the designer will be happy to share their work I will include theirs.
Please respect the individuals copyright to their patterns.
I have collected here my go-to patterns for creating baby shoes. 
Have I missed out your favourite?  Let me know in the comments and I will review it for you and add it 

free crochet baby booties patterns, baby booties, free crochet patternsthese classic mary jane crochet shoes are just perfect for a newborn I love them and actually I know a few mothers who have put them into their daughters "Firsts" box to keep

My Favourite Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties BONUS - Matching hat pattern too

How to Crochet an Easy Baby Hat Free Pattern and Tutorial Ideal for Beginners ( Easy Baby Hat from a Rectangle)

If You Have NEVER Made a Baby Hat Before, But Want to Make One Then THIS Is for You

HOW to turn a rectangle piece of crochet into a hat. Easy Crochet Pattern for Beginners. 

Why is this the easiest way to make a hat? Well you only need to know how to crochet in rows. Seriously a Baby hat crocheted in rows . I also think its the perfect little boys hat
The baby hat is worked in a rectangle shape and then gathered at one end sewn tightly and add your chosen wool to the brim.
I think also it would look nice with a pom pom or bobbles in a contrasting color to match the brim.
I can crochet this hat in around 30 minutes. Its easy cute and quick and match with a pair of our easy FREE 10 minute crochet booties pattern and ta-dah a Stunning beautiful gift for new baby in less than an hour!
Finished size is around newborn to 3 months however it is a stretchy design
Explanation of stitches used US terms

Free Crochet Pattern for a Newborn Baby Cardigan (Easy)

Megan's Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Free Patterns. Basic Crochet Cardigan Pattern for Babies (Easy)  This little crochet cardigan pattern really is one of the easiest I make.  It was originally made for my nieces preemie. And she adored how snug it fit him, as he grew slightly it was easy to whip up another one using a larger hook as we went. I had posted a picture of him wearing it and was immediately inundated for requests for the cute pattern. It is one of those patterns that is in my memory and I just find myself making it time and time again, SO I have finally put it down in writing for you all. 
As Always any questions please leave a comment below. 
crochet-cardigan-patterns-baby- free crochet patterns-crochet baby cardigan patterns

Size: preemie - newborn for First size use a 4.00mm Hook and Double Knit Yarn = worsted
Double knit yarn and a 4.00mm hook = 14 inches around (this was the size we needed for my nieces preemie)
0r using  Red Heart Baby Soft and  a 4.50mm hook to make slightly larger baby 0-3 months 1 x 100grm Ball of Redheart baby soft Steps . = 16 inches around chest

Add This FREE pattern to your Ravelry Queue

Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern (FREE CROCHET PATTERN)

Very sweet baby dress pattern.
free crochet pattern baby dress, baby dress, newborn dress crochet pattern freeI love to see babies and little girls all dressed up in their finest and nothing screams more cute than a hand crocheted baby dress or outfit for baby to come home in.
I love the simple yoke dresses for baby, with the really full ruffle skirts,  they are very easy to make and sit so comfortably on our precious bundles

This is an easy baby dress pattern I usually like to make for a 0- 3 months. 
The instructions are basic but always work out beautifully.Worked from the neck down. I have added in some close up pictures to help guide you. (please note the stitches have been stretched out to let you see the pattern better)
Note: IF you want to make the skirt EVEN fuller you can do 4 sets of shells and skip 1 inbetween)

Baby Cashmillion 4 ply (UK) Fingering (US)
Hook 3.50mm
(All instructions are written in US terms)

Baby Bootie Shoes Crochet Patterns Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties {3-6months}

Baby Bootie Shoes Crochet Patterns Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties {3-6months}
Pink and White booties Crochet Pattern
Pattern UPDATED: How delightful are these gorgeous Mary Jane shoe style booties/ I love playing around with different versions of my crochet patterns. The original newborn bootie pattern is here. 

These are just slightly bigger than the 0-3 months taking you into the next size. 3- 6 months (3.5 inches-4 inches)

With the different color used for the sole makes it a more grown up shoe specially designed for a snug fit for baby.

Again you can finish off these adorable crochet booties with a flower, but to be honest I like them just the way they are.

I used  Red Heart E746.9600 Soft Baby Steps Yarn, Solid, White *
3.50mm Hook (E-4)
6 Hdc = 1 inch

Stitches used
Hdc= Half double Crochet
Sc =single crochet
Slp st= Slip stitch to join
2dc tog = 2 double crochet together {decrease 1}
2 sc tog = 2 Single crochet together  {decrease 1}

Special Notes:
**Whilst working on the SOLE: we make the first hdc into the BASE of the ch1 as the 1st stitch) *** also note: You will be working the LAST stitch of the sole round INTO the Slipped stitch of previous round. Do not count this as a titch in the upper part of shoe.

Start with your chosen color for the sole

SOLE (you are working around the starting chain) 
Chain 11
Rnd 1: 
hdc in 3rd Ch, from hook
hdc in next 7 stitches, 6 hdc in last chain.
{you are now going to work along the opposite side of this row into the start chain.}
hdc in next 7 stitches.
5 hdc in last chain. slp st into top of 1st hdc.

Rnd 2:
Ch 1
hdc in base of Ch1, hdc in next 8 sts,
2 hdc in next 5 sts
hdc in next 10 sts
2hdc in last 3 sts.
Join with a slp st to top of first hdc.

Rnd 3:
hdc in base of chain 1, hdc in next 9 sts.
{2hdc, 1 hdc in next stitch } = repeat {} 5 times
hdc in next 12 sts
2hdc in Next st, hdc in next 3 sts, 2 hdc in last, slp st to join.  (43 sts)
Change to main color for your shoe.

Sides of shoe:
Rnd 4- Rnd 5: Ch1,  (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain from now on)
Sc in each stitch around, slip to join, 

Rnd 6:
Ch1, 9 sc, 2sc tog, 8 times. sc to last 4 stitches sc 2 tog, sc to end, slp st to join

Rnd 7: Ch,  9sc, hdc, 2 dc tog x 4 times. sc to end slp st to join

Right Bootie Strap instructions
ch1 (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain)
10sc, 2 dc tog x 3, hdc, 4 single crochet (chain 16, single crochet into 4th chain from hook (this creates a small button loop, and single crochet back to start of chain. Slip stitch in SAME space you started the chain for straps this will join strap back into side of shoe and sc to end slp st to join.
Finish off and weave in ends
Left Bootie Strap Instructions
ch1 (do NOT create a sc in the base of chain)
5 sc, (chain 16, single crochet into 4th chain from hook (this creates a small button loop, and single crochet back to start of chain. Slip stitch in SAME space you started the chain for straps this will join strap back into side of shoe and 5 sc 2 dc tog x 3, hdc, sc to end slp st to join.
Finish off and weave in ends


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