Crochet Bunny Ear Pattern for the cutest Easter Baby Hat

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Free bunny hat and Ears Crochet Pattern
Free Crochet pattern to make both the hat and the Bunny Ears. When I first attempted this we had Easter just around the corner, so I decided to try to add some cute crochet Bunny ears  and add them to a crocheted baby beanie hat I had made
Honestly this is really easy to create and will look adorable on baby.
Nothing is cuter than a baby dressed up with little bunny ears.

To make the Hat we are following a simple Basic Crochet Beanie Pattern.
 the ears can be crocheted seperately and added to child or adult hats.

For a new-born – 3 months size I used 2 strands of White Baby Double (worsted) knit held together, and a 4.00mm hook (or a thick White Aran Weight Yarn)

Easy baby Beanie Pattern
Magic circle 12 DC into ring pull to tighten (or) Chain 3 11 dc into first chain from hook = 12DC include the ch 3 as 1st dc)

R1. CH 2 1 DC in same stitch, 2DC in each stitch to the end, join with sl st (24)

R2. CH2, 1 DC in same stitch, *1 DC in next st, 2 DC in next st* to end, join with sl st (36)

R3 Ch2, 1DC in same stitch, * 1DC in next 2 stitches, 2DC in next,* repeat to end join with sl stitch (if you need a bigger hat then continue to increase by 2DC in 3rd st of next round, 4th stitch of next round etc, until desired circumference is reached)

R4. CH2 DC in each stitch to end join with Sl St

R5-R8 continue in DC (or until length required) Finish off

How to Crochet Easy Bunny Ears Pattern.

Make 2 White (or chosen color of hat)

Chain 24 (or chain to desired length that will suit your size of hat or headband)
Round 1: DC into second stitch from end of chain DC along to last chain.
4 DC into last stitch, DO NOT TURN WORK (you are going to work along the bottom edge!)
Round 2: 4 DC into first stitch DC to 2nd last DC, slip stich along the bottom of the Ear, This makes it easier to determine top of ear and bottom and gives a good straight edge to attach ear to hat.
 (you will have a long length shaped like an oval)

Inside Bunny Ear (pink or contrast colour) (make 2)
Chain 24 DC into second stitch from end of chain continue working in DC along to last chain.
4 DC into last stitch, DO NOT TURN WORK (you are going to work along the bottom edge!)
when you get to 2nd last DC slip St to end.
finish off. 
Attach to the outside of ear.

Ears are then secured to your hat or headband by sewing tightly with yarn. finish off your hat however you wish

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EASY Beanie crochet Pattern (FREE)