How to Crochet a Sunflower Granny Sqaure (FREE PATTERN)

How to crochet the Sunflower Granny Square required to make a bag, blanket.  I have seen some amazing Crochet Sunflower Cardigans. All made up of several crochet sunflower granny squares sewn together. I hope to bring a few patterns to you using this gorgeous square. 

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Granny Square

Once you have mastered one sunflower square there is no stopping you. I wanted the middle of the sunflower to represent the little seeds and decided on a PUFF Stitch worked in Brown, and for the middle and a CLUSTER stitch, for the petals in yellow, I will show some photos to help you create your Very first Crochet Granny square with a sunflower middle. 

Try not to be intimidated. Crochet really is just multiples of in whatever particular order the pattern calls for. YARN OVER, Inert hooks, pull through. Read the instructions for the puff stitch and it becomes a 'mantra' This is where crocheting really helps us zone out and can help us relax as the repetition of the stitches becomes very soothing. 

In your chosen Hook Size (I used a 4.500 mm hook for the Pictures shown 

 (NOTE: bigger hook will need thicker yarn, smaller hook thinner yarn. )

The Middle of the Crochet Sunflower (BROWN)  is made up of Puff stitches.  

How to Croche the Puff Stitch

First, pull up the yarn on the hook to a height of double crochet.

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (3 loops on the hook) 

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (5 Loops on the hook).

Yarn Over, insert hook in the same stitch, and pull up a loop. (7 loops on the hook).

How to croche tthe PUFF Stitch

To finish the Puff stitch, Yarn Over and Pull through all 7 loops. = (1 Puff Stitch Made)

NOTE: For this pattern, we will be making Chain 2 in between the puff stitches. 

4 Double Crochet Cluster st =you will work 4dctog all worked into the previous rounds Ch2 space. 

Cluster stitch

In Brown 

Ch5, slip to the first stitch to make a circle. We will now work our first round of PUFF stitches into the Circle. 

Rnd 1: ch2 to start  *Puff stitch, ch2* 

Repeat 8 times (8 Puff stitches) 

Rnd 2:  *work 1 puff st, ch2, puff st, ch2, * into ch2 space of the previous round Repeat * * around 

(16 Puff stitches) 

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Granny Square
Change to YELLOW 

This round will be made up of 16  4dcClcusters worked  into the same space =  work 4dctog in the ch2 space

Rnd 3: *4 dctog cluster  into the first ch space of previous round, ch2, *4d ctog cluster, ch2 in next ch space* repeat around  (16x 4dctog Clusters)  

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Granny Square

Turning a circle into the Square 

Change to WHITE:

Join White yarn in ANY chain 2 space of the previous round. 

Row 1: ch3,  (counts as first TrC ) 2treble crochet in SAME space,  ch3, 3 treble crochet (corner) 

*3dc in nxt, ch2 space, 3 hdc, in nxt sp, 3 dc in nxt sp, (3tr ch3, 3tr)* Repeat around, 

slip to join. 

Row 2: Slip along to the FIRST space, work 3dc in each space, until the corner, work 3dc, ch3, 3dc into the corner of the previous round. 

Continue working around the Square, Sip to join. 

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Granny Square

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