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Free crochet pattern and instructions to crochet a sunflower bag. In another post, I showed you in detail How to Crochet the Sunflower Granny square, now we are going to join the granny squares together to make a simple Sunflower Crochet Bag. 
sunflower Crochet Bag Pattern Granny flower square Bag pattern

 TO crochet a bag made with flower center granny square need not be difficult. In fact, once you have the crochet squares made you only need to join them. 

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Sunflower Granny Square PATTERN 

Here I will show you how the squares are laid out and then how to join your flower Granny squares to make the bag. 

 In the Previous Blog post, we learned how to crochet the  Granny Square with a Flower at The center.

IF you need the FULL FREE Written pattern for the Sunburst Sunflower Granny Square Center please Visit HERE 

With The DAisy center Granny square, we needed to Crochet 13 Granny Squares For the Tote Crochet Bag.  it is more of a shopper tote and a little bit deeper than the handbag which we will make 10 Crochet squares for. 
crochet granny square bag- crochet flower granny square

As you can see by the Picture above the market bag  is deeper and bigger, 

For this type of crochet bag which is a bit smaller, Than the Crochet Tote bag made with the Daisy Centers. It is more of a handbag. and you will require 10 Granny Squares to make a bag.

This is the BASIC written pattern for the Sunflower Granny Square - IF you require a Step by step tutorial of how to crochet the Sunflower Granny Square PLEASE visit my previous Page on this website 
For this Granny Square Flower, I used Double knit yarn and a 4.500mm hook. 

But you can choose what yarn weight you would like and adjust the hook size accordingly. 

TO Start the Crochet Sunflower : 
In Brown 
Ch5, slip to the first stitch to make a circle. We will now work our first round of PUFF stitches into the Circle. 
Rnd 1: ch2 to start  *Puff stitch, ch2* 
Repeat 8 times (8 Puff stitches) 
Rnd 2:  *work 1 puff st, ch2, puff st, ch2, * into ch2 space of the previous round Repeat * * around 
(16 Puff stitches) 

Change to YELLOW 
This round will be made up of 16  4dcClcusters worked  into the same space =  work 4dctog in the ch2 space
Rnd 3: *4 dC cluster  into the first ch space of previous round, ch2, *4d ctog cluster, ch2 in next ch space* repeat around  (16x 4dctog Clusters)  

Turning the circle into the Square 
Change to WHITE:

Join White yarn in ANY chain 2 space of the previous round. 

Rnd 4: ch3,  (counts as first TrC ) 2treble crochet in SAME space,  ch3, 3 treble crochet (corner) 
*3dc in nxt, ch2 space, 3 hdc, in nxt sp, 3 dc in nxt sp, (3tr ch3, 3tr)* Repeat around, 
slip to join. 
Rnd 5: Slip along to the FIRST space, work 3dc in each space, until the corner, work 3dc, ch3, 3dc into the corner of the previous round. 
Continue working around the Square, Sip to join.  Leave a long tail here to help you join the sides together. Fasten off and weave in ALL other ends as you go. 

The Layout needed for your Crochet Granny Squares as per the picture bleow

Note the ORANGE lines. 

This is how you will sew up the Crochet bag. 

Crochet granny square bag pattern - how many granny sqaures do i need to make a bag

How to join the Granny Squares to make the bag. 
You can choose what to join the squares with Either a new length of yarn OR the long length you left after the last round. I find using the long length of yarn the easiest. 

I Lay all the squares out as I need them and I join as I work following the diagram for what sides to join to what side. 

Always Start at the Middle chain of the Chain3 CORNER. (you will find there may be several times you join into the SAME stitch to join as you go. 

how to join granny squares together

Continue sewing together by weaving through the furthers away loops of each square together.  I like to sew the end together FLAT as I find this helps to keep the work nice and tidy. If I try to do it any other way I find the seam can Bunch up and is really hard to get straight again. 

HOw to join granny quares together to make a bag

Fasten off and weave ends in tightly. 

Crochet Bag Handles 

LAY your bag flat so the 2 peaks are at the top. Starting on any long side, join yarn and single crochet to the first PEAK. Chain 80sts (Or however many you wish your straps to be) and JOIN to opposite PEAK. 
Ensuring your chain is not twisted, single crochet to the VALLEY and skip 3 stitches, single crochet slip to join. 

Rnd 2 and Round 3:  single crochet in each stitch and in every chain stitch, single crochet until the VALLEY and skip 3 stitches, working in single crochet up the opposite side. FASTEN OFF and weave in ends. 

now you are going to join the yarn into the UNWORKED sides and work in single crochet (Skipping 3 stitches at the VALLEY, and skip 1 stitch at the peak to join onto the OPPOSITE side of the chain stitches, and work around The handles. 

REMEMBER to Skip 3 Stitches on the VALLEY (one sitch from each side of the crochet squares and the middle bottom st) 
Free crochet bag pattern sunflower square

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