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Easy Baby Crochet Cardigan Sweater Patterns - (Newborn -3 months) Baby Bear Cardigan

free baby crochet patterns0 easy crochet cardigan pattern for baby-baby crochet patterns-free crochet patterns-crochet cardigan
Baby Bear Crochet Cardigan Pattern
I must admit this is one of the cutest crochet cardigans for a baby boy I have made.  And the Pattern is so easy to adjust to get a different look for your baby sweater jacket.

 I like the button being offset at the front, this is because some baby cardigans can become wet under the chin from dribbling, this smoother edge ensures this area is nice and soft for baby's chin and no buttons rubbing. 

With no annoying buttons or buttons holes being wet and irritating their  delicate skin at feeding times.
Cardigan is worked from the neck down, from the yoke in one piece.
I also only used I x Ball of 100g Cygnet Aran used for this project.
USING A 4.00mm hook I achieved a  finished chest size of 18inches around. (0-3 months)

(I have also made this using (Red Heart Lisa Cream DK ) with a 3.5mm hook, finished Chest size is 16 inches around  (Newborn).

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free baby crochet patterns0 easy crochet cardigan pattern for baby-baby crochet patterns-free crochet patterns-crochet cardigan

PLEASE NOTE: ABOVE PICTURE IS created Differently 
The free pattern is for a straight edge, although I have made one with a diagonal finish, by increacing an EXTRA stitch (2DC in the last stich) at the END side of the LONGEST at the end of each 2nd  this will make the front flap diagonal instead of straight.

And I crocheted a small bear face applique which just finished it all off.  But you can add any applique you like . I find this pattern works in one colour or by Using two contrasting colors works well. and would look really good with the Bear hat with ears.

Special notes.

Crochet Terms used in this pattern are the US.

Sometimes you find your side is quite loose and the straight edge has holes along it.
I usually 2Dc in second last stitch and leave all loops on hook to DECREASE in last stitch)- the 2 DCs fill the little triangle left by the turning chain and last stitch. )

Or watch this video on here it will open in a new window and at exactly the correct time to watch how to crochet a straight edge without leaving any gaps - Amazing (thank you to our FB subscribers for sharing these)  Watch this video

free crochet baby cardigan pattern

Ch=Chain stitch, DC-=Double Crochet, St=Stitch
Gauge:4 stitches=1 inch and 2 rows= 1 inch.
Hook 3.50mm (UK)
Size  new-born to 3 months. (16 inches chest) (to make bigger use a bigger hook)
Yarn- DK Aran/   Worsted


Chain 50

Row 1:
DC in 4th Ch. from hook and next 4 Ch's, work 3 DC in next Ch. (this and every increases after is the corners), DC in next 6 Ch's, 3 DC in next Ch.(corner),
dc in next 12 Ch's, 3 DC in next Ch.(corner), DC in next 6Chs, 3 DC in next Ch.(corner), DC in last 14 Ch's. Ch. 3,turn.

Row 2:
Rows 2-7: Work DC in each Stitch working 3 DC in  middle St of each previous corners 3dc} repeat to end.

Ch3 , turn.

free crochet baby cardigan pattern
                                              (This is the row we create the armholes)

Row 8: DC in each St to first corner, Ch. 5, (skip the stitches in-between, we are creating the armholes here) and DC in centre st of second corner, DC across to centre st of third corner Ch. 5, (skip the stitches in-between, we are creating the armholes here) DC in the centre of the fourth corner and each st to end.

Rows 9-19: Ch. 2, turn, DC in each st across. (at end of row 19 Ch. 1)

Edging:  Mark on which side you wish the button hole loops to be, and work SC up front side. Make button hole loops by {sc, ch2 sc in same Stitch} where you want them,  continue working around each st  in SC around the whole of the cardigan edging  placing 3 SC in each corner.

Join to first SC, finish off.


Start by joining yarn to centre st at bottom of armhole, chain 3 (counts as 1st DC, DC around, slip to join into top of chain 3

Work 8 rows.

DC2tog decrease on  first stitch of row 5 of sleeve DC2 tog decrease on FIRST stitchof  row 8 of sleeve 

(change to contrasting yarn at this point if you wish)

Rounds 8-12,

Ch 1, Work Sc around the sleeve.

If you feel the cuff is too wide and needs a decrease, you can Sc2 tog, to make the bottom of the cuff smaller.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Add buttons and finishing touches.

If you want to find out how to crochet the cute bear applique I made mine up, but here is an awesome step by step tutorial here

free crochet pattern baby cardigan-free crochet baby sweater patterns