Free Crochet Flower Pattern How to crochet a rose

Free Crochet Flower Pattern How to crochet a rose.  This is a very beautiful but easy crochet rose flower pattern, makes anexcellent crochet applique for headbands or hats. Great yarn stash busting project and you can make a garden full of beauitful crochet fowers. My neices love that I can make them a headband with a crochetrose super quick, so its a great quick easy crochet project, the kids love making a chain to go around their heads, whilst I crochet the rose to add to it. They love their fashion headbands, which all their friends are envious of. 
free crochet flower patters

You should be able to single crochet, double crochet, Pattern written in US terms

Any size of hook and yarn is suitable for this project,
I used Double Knit (worsted weight ) and a size 9 (3.500mm hoook for the one in the pictures)

Leave at least a 10" length for sewing, chain 57.

Row 1 (Wrong side): (Dc, ch 2, dc) in sixth ch from hook (5 skipped chs count as first dc plus ch 2),*ch 2, skip next 2 chs, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next ch; repeat from * across: 36 sps  (18 V spaces in created)

Please Note for Row 2 : You will be working the petals into the Vs and sc in the ch2 spaces)

Row 2: Ch 3, turn; 5 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next ch-2 sp, (6 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next ch-2 sp) 5times, (9 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next ch-2 sp) 6 times, (10trc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next sp)  repeat until end, finish with a 10trc, leave a 10" length for sewing.

You Will now have a length of petals and it will be automatically wanting to curl in on itself (this is how you create the rose, by rolling into this natural curve working from the smaller to the larger petals end
Free crochet flower patterns-crochet rose
 With right side facing and beginning with first petal made, start to roll the rose, to create the shape, at this point you can make it as tight or as loose as you want, just make sure you secure it at every petal   Then thread needle with ending yarn and sew to secure.
 I like leaving a long tail so I can attach in the same color to whatever crochet project it is going on.

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Anonymous said...


I really want to make this rose. I have done all the crochet work, but can't figure out how to sew it together. Any suggestions?


Lisa Auch said...

Hi Kaaron!
Once you have the rose ready to sew...roll it onto itself like shown in the pictures....
Thebest way to sew it together is once it is all rolled into the position you want - hold it tightly between your fingers and sew from middle front to back, then work between the petals (fold one over in itself ) to make sure you capture all the loose bits and se around (keep your sewing to the 1 2 rounds (NOT sewing into the petals)
Any further help needed just ask :)

Lisa Auch said...
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Juliana Carney said...

Is this pattern written in US or UK Terms?

Unknown said...

Fabulous pattern...thanks

Kathy Alvey said...

Hi, Lisa!

Just crocheted a rose flower in baby pink and it turned out fabulous. Thanks so much for the instructions on crocheting this easy and elegant flower. I attached it to the back of a bright red dog sweater that I crocheted for the neighbors dog; she is coal black.

I will be perusing your other patterns and will be sure to find many I will enjoy crocheting in the days ahead.


Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

thank you for this rose pattern! I just made one for the beanie I'll gift my mum for Christmas!!!!!
happy holidays, xxxxx Ale

WiseOwl3t said...

Hi Lisa!

I am only able to do the (10trc, sc) 6 times and not 7. It looks the same as your pictures, it just must have one less "petal"? I followed the instructions and I did have 18 "V"s, but again, I'm only able to do the 10trc 6 times instead of 7. Does that mean I'm supposed to do another 10trc in the last space where the sc is supposed to go? Just curious. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!!! :)


WiseOwl3t said...

Hi Lisa!

I am only able to do the 10trc 6 times instead of 7 like your pattern says. I have counted and I do have 18 Vs. Does that mean I do another 10trc into the last space where the sc should go? My rose is looking fine and like your pictures, but I was wondering why I wasn't getting the same amount as your pattern. Your feedback is definitely appreciated!!! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!


Lisa Auch said...

Hi wise owl YOU are right. I have now changed it on the pattern , you will have 6 10 treble crochet shells, finishing on a shell, sorry for the mistake ...thanks for letting me know

Unknown said...

Just made the rose it looks beautiful even though I have not sewed it together yet. Thanks for sharing your pattern

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