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How To Crochet a Small Double Layer 3d Flower in 8 Easy Steps A Free Crochet Flower Pattern

Create a beautiful small double layered,  5 Petal 3D flower in 8 easy steps with this free crochet pattern.

This is an easy to crochet flower pattern, it does not matter what size of hook or yarn you use it will always turn out, Perfect for adding a little flower power to any of your projects.

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This makes a really good flower to add to a hat, and fasten the flower with a button or why not chain some lengths of yarn and attach the flower and make a very simple yet effective headband. 

My daughter loves it when I can whip up a unique hair accessory to match all her outfits.

crochet rose pattern free crochet flower pattern

How to Crochet a 3d Rose (Free Crochet Flower Pattern )

This is a Free Crochet Flower Pattern and it will show you How to Crochet a Rose.
Once made it really is a very beautiful 3d crocheted rose. 

This is a fantastic introduction to how to crochet a rose flower, as it is a very easy straightforward written pattern. 

I have been asked to also include helpful how-to photos to ensure complete success to help you crochet a 3d rose. 

easy 3d crochet rose pattern, crochet rose, free crochet flower patters  

It is extremely easy crochet rose pattern and once finished it makes an excellent crochet applique to add to headbands or hats.  

I love how the crochet rose turns out no matter what type of yarn I use or hook size. 

The fact you can use any yarn and hook to achieve the look you are wanting makes it such a versatile pattern.                               

The easy crocheted Rose pattern is so versatile, I love how it resembles the English rose, with its different sizes of petals radiating from the center. 

I have also seen many people use this easy pattern to create a beautiful Rose Flower Bouquet even as a brides bouquer which was stunning.

These gorgeous crochet flowers are a fantastic yarn stash-busting project. And you can make the roses any size and color you wish. 

I recently got hold of some Redheart Yarn. I LOVE how the subtle colour change in the yarn and how it made the crochet rose flower turned out 

easy 3d crochet rose pattern, crochet rose, free crochet flower patterns

You could make an indoor garden full of beautiful crochet flowers, or create a beautiful 3d wall decoration.  

Now that would make a crochet wall statement and would look spectacular. 

I love to see your crochet rose flowers and how creative you are with them so remember to tag me on social media #lisaauchcrochet 

If you are a beginner Do not be intimidated by thinking you cannot make this. You can!! Believe me, it is a very good pattern for beginners to be able to crochet flowers. 

The Rose is crocheted in ONE PIECE, and then you Roll the piece into position before you sew the ends in to secure through the layers of the rose petals. 

                       Free crochet flower patterns-crochet rose

To be able to make this crochet rose you should be able to 


Treble crochet - Trc
single crochet -  sc
(dc, ch 2, dc) all worked into the specified Stitch  = V stitch 
double crochet - dc

The Pattern written in US terms

Any size of hook and yarn is suitable for this project,

I used Double Knit (worsted weight ) and a size 9 (3.500mm hook for the Pink one in the pictures)

Leave at least a 10" length for sewing.

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crochet rose pattern free, 3d crochet rose pattern


To Start 

Chain 58.

Row 1 (Wrong Side): 

Dc into the 7th ch from hook (5 skipped chs count as first dc plus ch 2, V stitch), 

*ch 2, skip next 2 chs, (dc, ch 2, dc) in next ch; repeat from * across (18 V spaces created)

Please Note: for Row 2 of the crochet rose

(You will be working the petals into the Vs, and sc into  the stitch between the V stitches)

Ch 3, turn; 5 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next st

(6 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next st) 5times, 

(9 dc in next ch-2 sp, sc in next st) 6 times, 

(10trc in next ch-2 sp, sc in nxt st)  repeat until end, 

finish with a 10trc in the LAST V stitch, leave a 10" length for sewing.

You Will now have a length of petals and it will be automatically wanting to naturally curl in on itself, this is how you will now continue to create the rose. 

You will be rolling into this natural curve working from the smaller to the larger petals end.

Fasten off and use the lengths of yarn left to secure the petals of the rose in place

easy crochet rose written pattern free

I am slowly but surely creating many crochet flowers for my new crafting room and hope to make a huge Wall decoration with them.  

Heres are some of the Croche flowers I have already made. 

I have included a link to find all my crochet flower Patterns (All FREE patterns on my site) 

                                    free crochet flower patterns

Thank you for visiting my website or purchasing a pattern.

It helps me to maintain the website and buy new materials to make even more FREE PATTERNS. 
 As always you are free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. But you must acknowledge as the original designer. 
YOU will  NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else,
 or by creating an online video of my pattern. 
Without my express written permission.
You can share a picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to a Page with my website on it 
You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell a finished product. You must use your own.
You will NOT copy or duplicate this PATTERN (whole or in part) onto ANY other SITE online. 
Without my express written permission.
You will not crop or heavily EDIT the images belonging to LisaAuch Crochet/, nor add any further TEXT or Imaging to them. 
This pattern may contain affiliate links.
 Where I may make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you
Happy Hooking (c) All Rights Reserved

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