Free Crochet Poppy Patterns

I do love Poppies and love that time of year just before harvest when the poppies are gently blowing in the wind with the corn. There are a few croche tpatterns for poppies around many with 3, 4 and 5 leafs so I have included a good choice of Free Patterns for you.
I also love that my passion for crochet lets me be a part of someones journey. I was asked if I would crochet 4 large poppies for someone in Rememberence for their lost son.
I just love that I can be a very small part of someones special story.

crochet poppy patterns free
You will find the Free Poppy Patterns further down this page.
I modified a Pattern I found online from Hobby craft. I just loved how the petals crossed over each other and gave a truer representation of the  delicate leaves of the poppy.

crochet poppy patterns free
Free Pattern for Poppy is HERE written in UK TERMS

An easy to follow Video to make this gorgeous poppy flower  

crochet poppy patterns free
Easy 5 Petal Poppy(US Terms)

                                              A very cute and easy pattern Made in 4 Rounds (Us Terms)
crochet poppy patterns free
This is a gorgeous Poppy Coaster(US Terms)