In the Blue Little Crochet Dolls Dress Free Pattern

This is another pretty little crochet dress to go with my Basic Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern. After all a girl has to have lots of dolls clothes, for her dolly and this little dress is made up in no time. Make any color and can be made any length, if you want a more princess length looking gown just continue working in Double crochet rounds until desired length is achieved.
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Basic Crochet Doll Dress Pattern.With Pants

Special notes INC= work 3 single crochet in stitch

Leave a long length of yarn at thie beginning (enough to single around the back opening of dress. (about 60 inches)  we will use this to make the dress edging and a small button hole loop at the end.
Ch 25, sc in each ch along, turn
Row 1: Ch1, 3 sc, INC, 2 sc, INC, 8 sc, INC, 2sc, INC 4 sc. Turn (28)
Row 2: Ch1, 4 sc, INC, 4 sc, INC, 10 sc, INC, 4 sc, INC 5sc. Turn (32)
Row 3: Ch1, 5 sc, INC, 6 sc, INC, 12 sc, INC, 6 sc, INC, 6 sc. Turn. (36)
Row 4: Ch1, 6 sc, INC, 8 sc, INC, 14 sc, INC, 8 sc, INC, 7 sc. Turn (40)
Divide for armholes.
Row 5: ch, 1, 8 sc , skip 12 sc, work 18sc, skip 12 sc, work  9 sc.
Row 6: Ch1, sc around, Turn
Row 7-15: Ch1, sc around,Slip to Join,
(DO NOT TURN) You will now be working in Rounds, always slipping to join to top of ch1, at start of round (35)
Rnd 16,  skip 1st 2 sts, Slip stitch to join in next st, ch3, dc in base of ch3 st, 2dc in each stitch around. slip to join.
Rnd 17: Ch3, dc in each stitch around. slip st to join,
Rnd 18: Ch3, dc in each stitch around. slip st to join,
Rnd 19: Ch3, dc in each stitch around. slip st to join,
Rnd 20: Ch3, dc in each stitch around. slip st to join,
Rnd 21: Ch3, dc in each stitch around. slip st to join,
Rnd 22, *Ch3, slip st into next st* repeat ** around

Fasten off and weave in end.

go back to the long length you left at the beginning (neck) and start single crocheting   down one side of the back of the dress, then up the other side and chain 2 to create a small loop for a small button to be attached. Finish off and weave in ends.

Free Crochet Pattern for Little dolls pants.
ch 30,
Row 1 -4 dc in each stitch around (28) slip to join,  ch2,
Row 5 - Ch 5 for crotch and sl st evenly directly opposite.
Row 6. - Work *sc, ch2, sc in next stitch *  around the 2 legs, finishing at the ch5, single crochet along crochet and finish off.
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I also have a little red dress pattern for the doll  available on my website here for FREE

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