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Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern (FREE CROCHET PATTERN)

Very sweet baby dress pattern.
free crochet pattern baby dress, baby dress, newborn dress crochet pattern freeI love to see babies and little girls all dressed up in their finest and nothing screams more cute than a hand crocheted baby dress or outfit for baby to come home in.
I love the simple yoke dresses for baby, with the really full ruffle skirts,  they are very easy to make and sit so comfortably on our precious bundles

This is an easy baby dress pattern I usually like to make for a 0- 3 months. 
The instructions are basic but always work out beautifully.Worked from the neck down. I have added in some close up pictures to help guide you. (please note the stitches have been stretched out to let you see the pattern better)
Note: IF you want to make the skirt EVEN fuller you can do 4 sets of shells and skip 1 inbetween)

Baby Cashmillion 4 ply (UK) Fingering (US)
Hook 3.50mm
(All instructions are written in US terms)

we will be increasing around the yoke by working 3 dc into one stitch)
Piece is worked in one.
We will be working back and forth for the first 10 rows, then we will join pieces with a slip stitch to create the skirt

(I have not tried this but to make 1 size larger go up a hook size and yarn weight)
Shell = 4dc in 1 stitch
3 small buttons and a length of ribbon for around the middle of dress.
(ch3 counts as 1st stitch)

Beginning at neck edge.
59 ch, turn,
Row 1: 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, (counts as 1st dc,  8 dc into next 8 chains, ,3 dc into next ch, (inc)
9 dc, 3 dc (inc) into next ch, 17 dc, 3 dc into next ch,(inc) 9 dc, 3dc(inc)  into next ch, 9 dc, 3 ch, turn.

Row 2: 10 dc, 3 dc into next dc, 11 dc, 3 dc into next dc, 19 dc, 3dc into next dc, 11 dc, 3 dc into next dc, 10 dc, 3 ch, turn.

Row 3: 11dc, 3dc in next st, 13dc, 3dc into next st, 21 dc, 3dc into next, 13 dc, 3dc into next, 11dc, ch3,turn

Row 4: 12dc, 3dc in next st, 15dc, 3dc into next st, 23dc, 3dc into next, 15 dc, 3dc into next, 12dc, ch3,turn

Row 5: 13dc, 3dc in next st, 17dc, 3dc into next st, 25dc, 3dc into next, 17 dc, 3dc into next, 13dc, ch3,turn

Row 6: 14 dc, 3dc in next st, 19 dc, 3dc into next st, 27 dc, 3dc into next, 19 dc, 3dc into next,
14 dc, ch3,turn

Row 7: 15 dc, 3dc in next st, 21 dc, 3dc into next st, 29 dc, 3dc into next, 21 dc, 3dc into next,
15 dc, ch3,turn

Row 8 : 16 dc, 3dc in next st, 23 dc, 3dc into next st, 31 dc, 3dc into next, 23 dc, 3dc into next,
16 dc, ch3,turn

Row 9:  17 dc, 3dc in next st, 25 dc, 3dc into next st, 33 dc, 3dc into next, 25 dc, 3dc into next,
17 dc, ch3,turn

Row 10: 18 dc, 3dc in next st, 27 dc, 3dc into next st, 35 dc, 3dc into next, 27 dc, 3dc into next,
18 dc, ch3,turn
free crochet pattern baby dress, baby dress, newborn dress crochet pattern free
 how your piece should look at this stage.

 (Please Note: We will now be working in Rounds for the remainder of the Skirt, by joining with a slip stitch)

free crochet pattern baby dress, baby dress, newborn dress crochet pattern free RND: 11:  1 dc into next 19 dc, miss 29 dc, (armhole created) 1 dc, 1 dc into each of next 38 dc, miss 29 dc,(armhole created) 1 dc, 1 dc into each of next 20 dc.  Join both sides with a slip stitch.

 RND 12: 3 ch, 3 dc into 1st dc, = (1st shell made) (4 dc into next dc),  = (2 sets of 4dc over 2 sts),
 miss 1 dc, * 4 dc into next stitch, 4dc in next stitch,  miss 1 dc, rep
from * to end of row.
Slip to Join into TOP of Ch3

You will not have (26 groups of 4dcx2) or = (52 shells made)

OR If you want the skirt to be even fuller (MAIN PIC) you CAN do 4 sets of 4dc over 4 stitches, skip 1 dc) 

Continue. Start round with a ch3, 3dc and then continue Working 4dc into centre of every 4dc  of previous row.  Slip stitch to top of ch3 . (52 shells)

Rep this row, until work measures 11 ins. (or length desired) from beginning.

Fasten off.

Finish off around neck in sc around. Making 3 button holes and creating 3 loops for buttons down the back opening.

Weave through a ribbon at rnd 11 which will also draw this area in more.

if you would like to see more Baby Crochet Dress Patterns then I suggest my highly popular Page

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As Always any problems with this pattern please leave a comment and I will try to help out. I do not claim to be a crochet expert, I just love to crochet and love sharing my creations with you. I like to write out tricky bits, so I can understand them better, and know a lot of people do appreciate the extra instructions photo s etc.
 So Please If I can make this better then I love to hear how so I can continue to improve my pattern writing skills - Lisa