Crochet Baby Boy Cardigan pattern with hood (Easy Hooded Crochet Cardigan Pattern FREE) 3 sizes

Easy FREE Crochet Cardigan with hood perfect crochet sweater for baby boys.  3- 6 months, 12, months  (use a 5.00mm hook) and 18  months. (use a 5.00mm hook)  
Suggested Yarn Weight: 41/2 (4 3/4, 5) Ounces

This is brilliant. Such an enjoyable crochet project. I love simplicity of this crochet pattern.   BUT please NOTE: this is not a beginners pattern. you should have experience in shaping for pieces front s and back and neck edges. I have already answered many questions in the comments section please read through the WHOLE pattern before commencing.

This can be made for a boy or a girl, but really the pattern gives it a really cozy texture and my niece loves her son wearing this hooded cardigan whilst out and about.

FREE Crochet Patterns-Crochet Patterns- Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE
Boys Hooded Cardigan With Front Buttons
It is so easy to make up and finish, it fits perfectly for the 3-6 month sizing and is chunky and warm.
Directions are for size 3-6 months. Changes for 12 and 18 months are in the ( )
I only recently progressed to crocheting baby clothes, after mastering booties and hats, I love how easy and quick these baby sweater are to make.

Hook for 1st size I use 4.00mm, Bigger sizes 5.00mm
Finished item Chest measured 18 inches (20", 21 3/4")
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet
skip first sc * skip next sc, dc in next sc, dc in skipped sc working over and enclosing previous dc = Crossed double crochet
(you can also just DC this row instead of the crossed DC)

Please NOTE: To decide if this pattern is suitable for you and your skill set  you should have a basic understanding of working in a pattern, increasing.

Starting with  the Back
Chain 32, (35, 38)
Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd chain from hook and each ch across; turn 31 (34,37) sc
Row 2: Ch3, skip first sc * skip next sc, dc in next sc, dc in skipped sc working over and enclosing previous dc (this makes your CROSSED DC) dc in next SC rep* across: turn

Row 3: chain 1 SC in each st across and in top of chain 3; turn

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 for pattern until back measures 9 1/2 (10, 11) * from beg. Fasten Off.

FRONTS (make 2 noting the change for each sides)
Chain 14, (17, 20) work exactly the same as back over 13, 16, 19 stitches until 3 rows less than back top.

Shape neck -next Row:
Keeping working in the continuity of the pattern. Skip = slip stitch across or omit working in the last
skip 3,( 6, 9) stitches at neck edge,  10 stitches (second side - Miss the LAST (3, (6,) stitches)
Continue to Work 2 more rows in these 10 stitches even in pattern.

                                ___ ________                   NECK                                      ____________
                                  <10 sts="">        |                                                                  |       <10 sts="">  
                                                        |____________| Front | ______________|
                                                        ( 3, 6, or 9)                      (3, 6 or 9)

sleeves Read through all the instructions BEFORE starting)
ch 20, (23, 26) work same as Back . 19, (22,25) sts
Following the same pattern as Rows 1, 2,  for back.
{Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across;
Row 2: Ch3, skip first sc * skip next sc, dc in next sc, dc in skipped sc working over and enclosing previous dc (this makes your CROSSED DC) dc in next SC rep* across: turn {repeat}
You will be shaping sleeve sides by increasing 1 stitch at end of every 4th row twice
= {Increase both sides at each end of 4th and 8th row}

Then  increase 1 at end in every Row until there are 31,( 43, 37) sts, (5 1/2 inches) Whatever you reach 1st)

Increase 1 stitch at EACH end of every 4th row twice (8 rows) think of length of baby's arm from cuff to elbow length) Then start increasing 1 at END of EVERY row Until 31,43,37 sts}
Row 4 = {27}
Row 8 {29}
row 9 = {30}
row 10 = {31}
row 11 = {32}
row 12 = {33}
Row 13 ={34}
Row 14 = {35}r
ow 15={36}
row 16 = {37}

Further explanation of Sleeve Increase 1 stitch at EACH end of every  4th row twice (8 rows) think of length of baby's arm from cuff to elbow length) Then start increasing 1 at   end of EVERY row Until 31,43,37 sts}
As you increase stitches to follow the pattern, you may find it easier to DC in those rows that do not have enough to start the crossed over pattern)
The orange thread indicates where the increases are.

Sleeve Edging:
With Right Side facing. Join yarn at lower Edge: chain 1 work 19 (22,25) SC across, turn work 1 more row sc. Fasten off.

Sew shoulder seams. Mark fronts and back 4 1/2", (5", 5 1/2") down the seams. Place centre of sleeve tops at shoulder seams and sew in place between markers. Sew side and sleeve arms.
free Crochet patterns-Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

HOOD: chain 53 56,59) work as Back over 53, 55,58 sts until 6"( 6 1/2", 7") from beg. Fasten off.

Sew Hood seam down the back. Sew Hood along neck from edge to edge.

free Crochet patterns-Crochet-Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREEfree Crochet patterns-Crochet-Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

***I find weaving in all loose ends at this point really worth while, as we still have borders to do and it makes for a neater finish***

 Button bands
 With RS facing join yarn and work 2 rows of  front post double crochet, (fpdc) back post Double crochet (bpdc.)

If you do not know how to front post and back post crochet then you can simply use DC in these rows, the front post and back post just gives more texture to  the front.

3rd row from button border. (right front for Girls/left front for Boys)
Chain 2 dc for 7,chain 2,skip 1. Dc 12, chain2 skip 1. dc 12, chain2 skip 1)
Double crochet row on opposite side from holes to attach buttons to.

(On these rows when you have finished do not break yarn, leave enough yarn to Single crochet 2 row around the hooded front. This gives a nice and neat finish around the hood part of the  cardigan., and no loose threads

Hood front edging. working in Single Crochet work 2 rows around the hood and back to finish off cardigan.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Got the bug for creating cardigans - why try this easy cardigan sweater pattern.

FREE Crochet Patterns-Crochet Patterns- Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE


Jodie Louise said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for this cute pattern. I am totally confused by the neck shaping instructions. When you say stop three rows short do you mean one SC row, one DC row and another SC row? If I continue the pattern for only 10 stitches I get a big wedge of pattern. Your pictures don't look like this so I must be misunderstanding. This is my first pattern in pieces, please forgive my ignorance. Thanks for your help. -Jodie

Lisa Auch said...

When pieces help together you will have 3 less rows....

Donna aka Betty said...

I love this pattern. This is also my first time making a project of several pieces to attach. Two questions:
Fronts: it says make 2 noting the change for each side...what change? The only change I can figure out is where it talks about the Button Border (right front for girls/left for boys) Is this what you are referring to?
Also, with the Button bands: it says work 2 rows of fpdc and bpdc. Is it correct to assume we are to go as high as the front pieces (three rows less than the back?)

I have the back and one of the front pieces finished. I am loving the look of it already!

Lisa Auch said...

Betty! you are 100% correct :) glad your loving the pattern
Any more bumps you run into just let me know, either here or on the FB page (you need to send it as a message though on FB)


Michelle Latta said...

Just made this cardigan for my son. It's an awesome pattern and looks great on him. Thanks for sharing ��

Mrs.Beck said...

Any advice on decreasing this to Newborn or increasing it for 3-4T? It's exactly what I'm looking for for my sons!



Lisa Auch said...

Claudia I would use a thinner yarn and 1 smaller hook to create for a newborn (although I have NOT tried this, so would love to hear how you got on. (just make sure your width is correct for a newborn (and follow instructions as is.
I have not made this in any larger sizes - again if you are comfortable working out the correct measurements for the widths then carry on with pattern as said.
If you do try it I would love to find out how you get on
Many thanks

Toni Smith said...

I feel silly asking this. but I've been working on the back and it says repeat rows 2 & 3 until it measures 9 1/2... is that inches or rows...? silly question I know. Sorry

Donna aka Betty said...

Wanted to let you know that I finished the Cardigan just in time for my first Grandson's arrival last week! I found little football buttons to use and made the cardigan out of Baby Blue, babysoft yarn. Thank you again for sharing this easy, beautiful pattern. I was a bit nervous with this being my first clothing project but your guidance and great instructions made it easy.
I will make this again!

Lisa Auch said...

Toni 9 1/2 inches :)

Lisa Auch said...

Donna aka Betty Thanks so much for letting me know and congrats on the grandson! :)

juicyfruitgirl said...

Hi Lisa, I just love this little cardigan. I just finished it with a little difficulty in a few places as it is my first sweater I made. Love it though. Thanks soo much.

Kim Bee said...

Hi Lisa and thank you so much for generously sharing your patterns. I am new to crocheting and have found your pattern easy to follow up to the sleeves. When you say " Increase 1 stitch at the end of every 4th row twice (meaning 4th row and 8th row right?) I take that as adding one extra stitch at the end of the 4th then 1 extra stitch to the end of 8th row. Am I correct? Yet when I read your "ROW 4 =" it says 27 stitches.. That leads me to believe you actually added two extra stitches to Row 4. The same for ROW 8. I am totally confused.. Do I add two extra stitche to Row 4 & 8? If so are they both added at the end of those rows or do I add one extra stitch at the beginning and another at the end of each of those rows?

Lisa Auch said...

add one at each end :)

Gobomel said...

Hi Lisa, great pattern! However I am confused which ends to sew together on the hood, and which sides do I attach to the body of the sweater? I folded the hood in half and sewed the foundation chain together, but it des not look like your picture. When I try to line up the other side to attach to the body, it seems too long and looks strange. Did I sew up the wrong side? Which sides do I attach to the body? Thanks for your lovely patterns!!

Lisa Auch said...

You will fold the hod in half and sew one LONG side together (the hood is kind of long looking but it works once its on! (remember its to fit from shoulder to top of head comfortably for child)
I sew the foundation chains side to the neck to give a neat finish

gobomel said...

Thanks Lisa, sewed everything together and it looks very nice. I have also made your baby girl swing coat and made a sleeveless dress out of the same pattern in pink and white. That set is outstanding! Many, many thanks for all your work.

Lisa Auch said...

Wow! thank you so much! If you are on Facebook I would love it you could post a pic for me of the set and the dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, no Facebook, but I will see if my daughter can send you pics on Facebook.

cellin said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for this cute pattern. I am totally confused when you say

Finished item Chest measured 18 inches

Is it suppose to measure 18" from one front button band to the other with the sweater opened up?

Also for the hood instructions say chain 53 work as back over 53 correct or should it be 52 I noticed the numbers for the other sizes dropped by one.

Lisa Auch said...

Yes 18 inches Around...all pieces joined together, front button band around to the next.
It is 53 :)

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