Adult Crocheted Hat Pattern FREE

Adult Hat Crochet Pattern FREE (All Sizes), A Unique Crochet Hat Pattern is written to help you crochet all sizes of hats. 

Crocheted Hat Pattern FREE- Unique Crochet Hat Pattern
This is an easily customizable crocheted beanie cap, with a turn-up brim, that you can make for any size.
I originally crocheted this hat for an Adult. 
But I have added in some sizes to make this hat fit ANY size. You can make matching Crocheted hats for mommy and a little person easily
The free crochet hat pattern has a video tutorial to help you crochet this hat, it uses simple basic stitches,yet looks so professional. 
The Unique crochet stitch used for the body of the hat is really easy. 
The Hat is crocheted from the BOTTOM UP. SO you can make SURE it fits by ensuring you crochet the ribbing part to fit around the head size (circumference) 
The Thick ribbing is made first in a strip length to the circumference measurement you require for the size. I have included several sizes below for you to be able to crochet this hat in any size.  
Crochet the Hat in ANY size, using any hook and yarn  following the easy Size chart 

Then the easy decorative crochet stitch is made in a 2-stitch repeat pattern, worked in the round.

 Giving the crocheted hat an almost spiral effect.  Yet this hat is SO warm and cosy. 

Crochet Hat Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet 

The thick knit looks ribbing crocheted for the hat's Turn - up ensures maximum coziness for your ears whilst the easy textured crochet stitch of the hat is a more lacy effect. 

My mum was receiving chemotherapy and found this type of lacy effect on the hat great for her, as it kept her Ears WARM and no wind let in, yet the lacy effect didn't feel claustrophobic on her head like many of the crocheted chemo caps. 

Crochet Hat Pattern FREE - Adult Crochet Hat pattern

I can guarantee it is extremely stretchy. And it is still one of the Warmest hats I've worn! 

I usually add on so Faux Fur Pom Poms to finish these hats. These Crochet Adult hats with the pompoms sell very well at the Christmas Fairs I attend. I've never brought one home! 

Unique crochet hat pattern for adult - womans crochet Hat
Crochet Hat Pattern ADULT With Faux Fur Pom Pom 

The close ribbing effect of the hat's turn-up is not only WARM and cozy, it is easily achieved by working in ROWS backward and forwards using slip stitches into the back loops of the previous rows. 

Adult Crochet Hat Pattern FREE

The hat's ribbing when worked up is extremely thick yet very stretchy. So this helps when crocheting a hat for someone you can only guess the size of 

Crochet Hat Sizes - crochet hat sizes for adults and children
Click to Enlarge this Photo 


  • ch = Chain st
  • slst bl= slip stitch back loop
  • (sc, dc) = work 1sc, 1dc into the SAME stich) 


For the Hats pictured I used Aran weight (women's institutes from Hobby Craft) - Here are some alternatives from Caron simply soft has a similar feel to this yarn - SEE Deals HERE *

The hook size was 5.00 mm, however. You could use any hook and corresponding yarn to crochet this hat, just ensure the MEASUREMENTS are adhered to make it fit any size. 

Crocheted Adult Beanie cap with turn up brim Easy free crochet pattern


How do you start the crocheted hat? Starting with the turn-up ribbing - Check your measurements needed for the circumference of the hat, and the hat turns up.) If like me you prefer a bigger turn up simply ADD more chains to the starting chain start) 

Chain 21 to start (OR chain the LENGTH stated in the above measurements to START) 

ROW 1: slip stitch back along the starting chain working INTO the BACK humps of the chain, Ch1, TURN

ROW 2: Back Loop slip st into each stitch across, Ch1. TURN 

ROW 3: UNTIL Circumference of Hat is reached, Repeat Row 2. 

Once your length has been reached, join the 2 ENDS of your work to make a tube, and LOOSELY slip stitch along joining the 2 sides together. 

If you are not confident slip stitching the seams together, fasten off, and sew the 2 sides together. 

MAIN Part of the Crochet HAT, 
  • You can use Use a marker to help keep note of the beginning of rounds and move up as you complete each full round of the pattern.
  • The pattern is worked in the round and is easy once you get the hang of it, Repeat The pattern rounds, until the Hat Height Length from the Base of the ear is reached in the PATTERN

Round 1: Ch1,  sc evenly AROUND One SIDE of the HAT, (this should be an EVEN number) do NOT JOIN,

Round 2: *SKIP 1st st, (sc,dc, all in next st)* - Repeat * to * around. 

Repeat Round 2 Until Hat Height is reached (length of hat to the BASE of ear BEFORE TURN UP) 

Once the Length/ height measurement is reached. YOu will be starting the Shaping Rounds for closing the top of the hat. 

Round 1 of Decreasing: skip 1 stitch, *sc in next st, skip 1 st, dc in next st * Repeat around. 

Round 2 of Decreasing: 2sctogether, 2dctogether, Repeat around, continue above until you have around 10sts left

Fasten off,  leaving a long tail sew around the remaining stitches and PULL to close top of hat. 

Our Customer did NOT want pompoms on their hat, but my daughter loves a Faux fur Pom Pom. 

Pin this Adult Hat pattern for safe keeping 

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