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Princess Poppy (Troll) Crochet Doll

How I made a Crochet Poppy Troll Doll.

How to crochet princess poppy troll pattern
(Please note this is NOT an actual pattern.)This is how I took several patterns I found online and tailored them to make Princess Poppy Troll. Yes, I have probably made a new pattern altogether, however it is important for me to also acknowledge how and where I got the inspiration from. And give credit to those.

 I was asked to crochet a Poppy Troll Doll for a little girl, I was way too excited at this project as I LOVED the trolls from when I was a little girl and obviously they are making a comeback.

I wanted it to look as near to as possible, and was quite nervous about the HAIR! But by looking around I manage to find a few people who had already made some and implemented some of their ideas.

I only really make character dolls for people I know and their children as I am fully aware of copyright laws and like to be supportive of designers. So usually will make the odd one.

Patterns I perused to get the ideas from.

Bulda the Troll from Frozen Booklet (Ravelry) 

HOw to Brush out Poppoy Doll Hair on Yourtube Video

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