FREE Basic Crochet Baby EASY Hat Pattern in 3 sizes

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This Basic beanie free crochet pattern is so easy to make and always is a nice extra gift for the Babys (sizes) newborn, 3 months, 6 month. These basic beanies are ideal for keeping baby's head warm this winter.
Follow the basic pattern for sizes for newborn, 3 months, 6 months or alternatively you can just add more increase rounds for an older child.

Easy to crochet baby hat, can be made in no time, these baby hats are great fun, and will keep baby cosy. 
This free baby beanie crochet hat pattern  come in 3 Sizes

Using a 4.00mm hook
Cygnet Double Knit Yarn
US crochet terms used 
(sizes) newborn, 3 months, 6 month.


Magic Circle
Row 1:  CH 3 (counts as first DC here and throughout); 13/14/15 DCs in circle.  Slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join - do NOT turn.

Row 2:  CH 3, DC in same stitch, 2 DCs in each stitch around; slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3 to join (28/30/32 DCs).  Do NOT turn.

Row 3:  CH 3; Work 1 DC in each DC around; slip stitch to top of beginning CH 3.  Do NOT turn.

Crochet 9/10/11 rows or desired length  -- slip stitch to join -- after completing length desired - TURN. 
finish  For a boy, work single crochet, reverse single crochet or CH 2, Slip Stitch in next stitch around for trim. 

Finish For a girl, work CH 3, Slip Stitch in next stitch around for trim.  Join and fasten off -- weave in end -- turn up cuff.

How to make a easy cute PomPom
I made a cute pompom 
Wrap wool round 3 fingers until thickness required for puffy fluffy pompom, holding all the yarn together, slide off your fingers (I usually get my hubby to help here) 
Tie tightly round middle with yarn,(leave a long tail to attach to hat! 

 cut folded edges, and puff out the pom pom shape. and attach with length of yarn securely to hat

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