...Where Have I Been

Well after a few people have contacted me to ask Are you Ok? where have you been? I thought I would let you all know I am fine, in fact I am more than fine, but for the first time in a few years I have been very busy offline.
....some of you may/ or may not know about how a lot of my online work was stolen, copied and people were selling it...this saddens me as I work hard in my own free time to create these unique patterns, any patterns I recommend have also been tried and tested and made by myself so I know I am sending you to a good pattern. I make a little extra money through advertising on my website, and by recommending certain products, from companies such as  AMAZON.COM or other companies I use products from, some I recommend and do not receive any monetary compensation from, I always keep very true to myself, no matter what the monetary compensation may or may not be.

I try to keep pop up ads ( which annoy the heck out of me, and PERSONALLY I do not like them either) to a limit, and only have some adverts throughout my pages.

So the people who steal my patterns and sell them as their own, or via sites where you can upload PDFs and share them are really just stealing from me, and stealing from the people who do not realise they are actually a FREE Crochet pattern on my website. Not only me but a lot of designers are feeling it too.
I am considering different alternatives to allowing FREE access to a lot of my future patterns, so my patterns can be more protected. I know al lot of people use the patterns for charity or to make and sell some of their work. I know how much that extra couple of pounds/dollars means to a lot of families. 
I will obviously keep you posted about this, any patterns I have for free just now will always be free, just a change about how they are available to you.
I only ask you send people to my website to view the patterns, NOT to  print them off and send copies to your friends. Thus missing out my actual website.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me through the years in my adventures and although the minority put a dampener on it.
I try to focus on the many kind comments I receive daily from those who are appreciative of the work and effort that goes into producing maintaining a free pattern website.

Anyway I have worked very hard online for a few years now, sometimes 16+ hours a day, I think I am due a break and have some fun out and about, certainly my hubby agrees I have worked very hard sometimes TOO hard and that is perhaps why it has hurt so much, maybe I just need to get my "cro-jo" back.
I have seen many ups and downs over the years working online, but my crochet is so personal and I spend so many hours working with my patterns and seeking new patterns and reviving old vintage patterns I just feel sick about it all. As I have said also know a few other designers who have had exactly the same happen.  

horse, irish sport horse
My daughter on Our New Horse Elvis
I bought a horse, A little girls childhood dream finally came true. I still look after my 2 very special lovely ladies. Molly and Polly for a friend who are enjoying their new relaxing retired lifestyle. I love to pamper them and they are extremely happy and content too.

I got the bug for horse-riding again and well..... without further ad-doo let me introduce to you the reason I have been missing in action......

Meet Elvis


easy crochet blanket pattern free .....a 6 year old Irish sport gelding. He is a project for me and my daughter to share and we are completely over the moon with him. He has settled into his routine and is a very kind considerate horse.

I have also been spending some lovely time with my Family recently my Uncle celebrated his 73rd birthday and he LOVES his Big Boys Granny Blanket - A Free Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern I made for him, its so light and warm. Perfect for my Uncle.

I also made a beautiful Vintage inspired Shawl for my Great Aunt who is 95 and came to see us for a holiday (Pattern to follow soon)

I hope you understand why I have taken a break and thank you for all your kind support, especially with my journey in pattern writing and developing.

As the summer starts to fade and the light nights start to drawn in, I have 2 little babies on their way in the family so I have lots of crocheting projects lined up .

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Paul Ward said...

It's a crying shame that someone who shares valuable content so freely has to suffer from the crooks and the plagiarists.

Debbie D said...

Hi Lisa, I just want too thank you for sharing your crochet patterns and too let you know I,ve used some for my favorite charity, Adeles rainbow baskets. Sorry you had some of your patterns stolen. I,m thinking of making crochet blankets for Adeles baskets can you recomend one or maybe the granny square one would be fine, it looks really nice, thanks again

Lisa Auch said...

Thank you Paul you have always been a great supporter of my work.

Wednesday Elf said...

Very upsetting that people can't behave themselves online (and off). To those who have to 'steal' because they don't have an original thought in their heads, shame on you! May your troubles soon abate, Lisa, and may you continue to enjoy creating clever crochet. You know I believe in and support your lovely efforts. PS: darling horse -- enjoy him.

Lisa Auch said...

Hi Debbie yes the granny square is a good one as its light and airy but still cosy warm thank you for your support and its great you give a lot to charity too

bj said...

So sorry that some people can't follow rules and the law! I have thoroughly enjoyed your lovely creations, crocheting for my family. If I recall correctly, your baby cowboy booties pattern was the first one I tried, after being away from crocheting for many years! Enjoy your free time. You deserve it! BJ

Anonymous said...

I started to make your vintage crochet shawl easy but do not understand what you mean by sets in row 3. Could you please explain. I have been crocheting for 40 years but have never come across this term before. I really like the pattern & want to make it for my 95 yr. old mother. June

Lisa Auch said...

Hi JUNE I have changed the working for you - in terms of set I meant (ch1, dc) in each chain space ( the ch1, dc = a set) it was a vintage pattern I re-wrote so obviously they used to write their pattern stitches differently and call clusters of stitches worked together sets :)

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