Free Crochet Pattern Beautiful Vintage Swing Baby Cardigan (0-3 months)

Free Crochet Patterns: Vintage Style Baby Cardigan and Matching Hat (Crochet Baby Set)
As you know I love experimenting with crochet patterns and I was really pleased how this little baby cardigan and hat turned out. I chose purple to fit in with the slightly vintage feel I wanted but of course you can pick any colour you like. I crocheted this up in about 2 hours using gorgeous soft baby double knit yarn. 
The cardigan itself is worked up in one piece and looks and feels fabulous even if I say so myself.
Free Crochet Patterns-crochet baby layette patterns-baby sweater patterns- Baby Cardigan and Matching HatThis baby cardigan pattern is one you can follow along at home. The cardigan is designed to be fairly heavy the better to keep baby warm and cosy when out in the pram. The flared sleeves are really pretty but, because they are short, it will work best worn over a long sleeved top of some kind. My friend had asked for shorter length arms. So she could put the baby jacket over babies all in one baby grow.
 But You can lengthen the arms  and the instructions are included in the pattern
I've styled it so the cardigan hangs from a high yoke then out to a full and flouncy flare so it lies in nice folds. The finished Jacket sits just at the right length if baby had on the fancy ruffled pants. Since it is an open pattern, you can add your own little touches like ribbons if you want to.
The cute little hat is perfect for keeping the chill off baby’s head and it was so quick and easy to make too. I was particularly pleased with the scalloped edge which I think just adds to its appeal.
Your baby will be the talk of the park – or the street, or the party – in this matching crocheted baby cardigan and hat. Teeny tiny crocheting projects are always fun to do and I just loved how this one turned out. S
he will look fab and be cosy and warm when you are out and about. I think this set would be ideal for a new baby gift or baby shower – but what do you think?
Crochet baby cardigan patterns are fun to create and even more fun to work up. 


I used a 3.500mm UK hook
SIZE: Newborn-3 months
Special stitches

CH = chain stitch

DC INC =Double chain increase
SK 1 ST =Skip 1 Stitch

Each Shell consists of (2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC)  Rows 12 to make the DC each side of the previous rounds DC you are working into the connecting bar of the stitches.

Baby Cardigan Pattern
We will be starting at the neckline, 
CH 38 loosely.

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from hook & in each CH to end. (37 stitches)

Row 2: CH 2, turn (counts as 1st DC throughout pattern) 1 DC in each of the next 4 ST,
 (3 DC in next ST- (DC INC. made), 1 DC in each of the next 7 ST, DC INC., 1 DC in each of the next 9 ST, DC inc., 1 DC in each of the next 7 ST, DC INC., 1 DC in each of the last 5 ST. 
(45 stitches)

Row 3: CH 1, turn. SC in each ST, with increases of 3 SC - (sc inc. made) in the middle DC INC. 
(53 sts)

Row 4: CH 2, Turn. DC in each ST, with increases of 3 DC in the middle SC INC.
 (61 sts)

Rw5 :  CH 1, turn. SC in each ST, with increases of 3 SC - (sc inc. made) in the middle DC INC.  ( 69sts)

Rw 6: CH 2, Turn. DC in each ST, with increases of 3 DC in the middle SC INC. (77sts)

Rw 8 : CH 1, turn. SC in each ST, with increases of 3 SC - (sc inc. made) in the middle DC INC. . (93sts)

Rw 9 :  CH 2, Turn. DC in each ST, with increases of 3 DC in the middle SC INC.(101sts)

Row 10: CH 1, turn. SC in first 13 ST, SK 24 ST, (1st armhole  created) SC in next 27 ST, SK 24 (2nd armhole created ) , SC in last 13sts


Row 11: CH 2,(counts as 1st DC). 1 DC in next St, *Skip 1 ST, 2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC*  {shell made}  repeat across, DC in last 2 Sts.
Row 12: CH 2,  1 DC in next ST,  *Skip 1 ST, 2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC, Make 1 dc in-between shells*  repeat * to * across, to last 2sts, DC in last 2 Sts. 
Row 13-15. CH2, 1DC in next stitch, **Skip 1 ST, 2 DC, CH 1, 2 DC, Make 1 dc either side of previous rows DC  (in between the shells) *  repeat * to * across, to last 2sts, DC in last 2 Sts.

Rows 16-19: CH2, 1DC *Skip 1st, 2DC, CH1, 2DC, 3 dc *(in spaces available from previous rows dc posts) repeat ** around  (or until desired length) ending on wrong side.

Last Row: Make sure this is the right side - Crochet 5 DCs in each shell, DC in next group of 3 DCs across. Do not fasten off.

EDGING: CH 1, SC up right front opening, around neckline, and down left front opening, 3 sc in corner ST, sc around hemline, 2 SC in same as 1st SC, join with SL ST. Fasten off.

Free Crochet Pattern for a Vintage modern Style Baby Cardigan
This is how your Cardigan should be looking at this point before the sleeves are worked

SLEEVE: With right side facing, attach yarn at bottom of armhole, CH 3.

Row 1: Make Shell in 2nd SC, SK 2, 1 DC in next ST, SK 2, repeat around armhole to last SC, SL ST in top of CH 3 to join.
Row 2-4: CH 3, turn. Repeat Row 1, but with increase of 2 DC in each DC. (this is where I finished for the shorter sleeves. You can continue working to achieve the longer length. 

Row 8: CH 3, Turn. Repeat Row 1, decreasing to 1 DC in each 2 DC space.

Row 9: CH 1, turn. SC in same ST, SK 1 ST, across (15 ST)

Row 10: CH 1, turn. SC in each SC across, join and fasten off.

There are beautiful Baby Layette crochet pattern sets for baby, they have the vintage feel to them but with today's beautiful colors of yarn can be made to feel very modern  mind you there is nothing more gorgeous than a new baby in one of these vintage sets. 

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern
Using a 4.00mm Hook
CH 4, join to form circle. 

Row 1: CH 3, (Counts as 1st DC) 11 DC in circle, slip to join. 
Row 2: CH 1, 2 SC in same ST & in each ST around, slip to join. 
Row 3: CH 3, *1 DC in next ST, 2 DC in next ST,* around, slip to join. 
Row 4: CH 1, *1 SC in first 6 ST, 2 SC in next ST*, around, join 

Rnd 5-20: Alternate rows of DC’s &  SC’s without increases until cap is about 5 “ long for newborn to 3 months,

People have requested how to make this slightly bigger, the stitch pattern is quite stretchy so very forgiving
But you can make (approx) 6” long for 3 to 6 months,

FInal Rnd. Row 21: CH 3, turn. SK 1 ST, Shell in next ST, SK 1 ST, DC in next ST to end. Join with SL ST to top of CH 2. Fasten off & add buttons or ribbon to finish


Anonymous said...

Rows 12 -15 do I skip any stitches? Im new to crochet and mine doesnt look quite right.

Lisa Auch said...

Row 12-15: CH 2, turn. 1 DC in next ST, Shell in each Shell, increase to 2 DC between Shells across to end, 2 DC in last 2 DC, CH 2 turn.

(these rows you are creating the pattern. If you look at the picture you will see you are working the shell of the next row (INBETWEEN the middle of the previous round) so technically you are missing working into the middle of the previous shell - I will try to finda diagram to put on the post for you

Anonymous said...

Thank you i must sound daft but im learning x

Anonymous said...

I am a beginner trying out this lovely pattern. I'm ok until i reach row 13-15, where it says
"Make 1 dc either side of previous rows DC". Can you try and explain to me how i do this?


Lisa Auch said...

You are working through the connecting bar of the previous rounds double crochet (so either side of previous rounds DC you have made a double crochet either side of it in next round) I will also post a close up pic - you are working through the bar of the stitches in these rounds NOT into the stitches - easy but to explain it quite hard Any probs drop me a message and I will try to help out :)

Anonymous said...

Thx. Lisa, i'm going to keep on trying until i master this. lol.

wendy bradley said...

Wow you are great at answering questions I'm new to Crochet as well. Hope to try this pattern sometime, will make sure I read all your replies when I do attempt this. Thanks so much

Lisa Auch said...

I wil try to help as much as I can - i want people even who are new to crocheting to know once you have masterd some basic stitches and understanding of crochet you really can create what many think are more advanced items - EASILY you can always find me around onine or FB or on our FB page where I try to break down some of the patterns if you need a bit of a hand - I woudl LOVE also if you would let me know how you got on, anythign I could do to make the pattern easier. etc...and to keep spreadign the crochet love :)

Flora said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern.

emma said...

I have double knit baby wool and 4ply baby wool which would you reccomend.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I jsut love this pattern. I have ripped it out 20 times so far but I jsut won't give up. I am also having trouble with row 12does this mean that I do a shell in teh shell and then make 1 dc between the shells or am I making 2 dc between the shells. Also I am still confused about between the shells. Am i going into the space created from the last row

Lisa Auch said...

Yes round 12 - create shell in the shell of next round and work between the shell then 1 dc

Anonymous said...

hi there, just so I am clear on the pattern because I really want to complete it. I have another question on the answer you provided. So on rows 13-15 I am acutally making 2 dc in between the shells correct? I think if I can get past these few rows I will be good to go. can you also tell me if I am supposed to be going back into the ch2 stitch at the beginning of the rows that I ahve previosuly made my increases on> Sometimes I get confused wheter to go into the same as the ch2 or do I go into the very next st. That way I will know my pattern will work out if you could help me there. Sorry I am kind of new to crochet. I must tell you your projects are simply georgeous. Thanks for sharing them. one last question is it possible to add a diagram to your blog to show exactly what to do during rows 12-15. I think that would really be helpful to us new crocheters. Thanks again I really appreciate the help

Lisa Auch said...

You asked So on rows 13-15 I am acutally making 2 dc in between the shells correct?
YOU are making *2dc,ch1, 2dc* into the previous rounds ch1 of shell (so now the shell will be stacked on top of the previous shell.
Then working for how ever many dc I have stated in between.

Can you see the close up picture I have put on now?

I do not read chart crochet patterns, I usually just do photos and tutorials.

Usually more indepth tutorials are PAID patterns.

Dotty Hazell said...

hi, Im having a go at your Baby Hat on this patter. I cant see how at end of row four it is only 41 sts. I keep getting 53:

end row 1: 12
end row 2: 24
end row 3: 48
end row 4: 53 with this row however there are 4 sts left over (it doesnt end with 2sc in the last st)

also when repeating the rows (5-20) do we turn after each chain like in the first 3 rows or just as the pattern reads?

Lisa Auch said...

The pattern is indeed WRONG - however I cannot get in to edit it just now!
Your working in rounds.(slip to join)

Change now to a 4.00 mm hook
Row 1: CH 3, (Counts as 1st DC) 11 DC in circle, slip to join.
Row 2: CH 1, 2 SC in same ST & in each ST around, slip to join.
Row 3: CH 3, *1 DC in next ST, 2 DC in next ST,* around, slip to join.
Row 4: CH 1, *1 SC in first 6 ST, 2 SC in next ST*, around, join.

Angie said...

how adorable they are! I love the dress, hat and their color too! Thanks Lisa Auch so much. I wanna make them for my cute niece for her 1 old birthday but I dont know how to make it bigger without using bigger hooks. I myself have studied in 10 days on youtube.:) Could u pls tell me?:) Thanks Lisa Auch.

Lisa Auch said...

This pattern was made for the specific size in the pattern. To make it bigger calls for a totally different set of measurements. I have no time plans on making a larger one just now Sorry
however I can recommend this patttern that turns out awesome

Anonymous said...

Am about to start thi and just want to check if this is US or UK stitches. I believe it's US but just need to check

Lisa Auch said...

US terminology used (On a pattern If you see SC = single crochet then a pattern is in US ;)

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