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Free Crochet Boys Baby Hat Pattern - Peaky Blinders Style Crochet Baby Hat

free baby crochet patterns brimmed baby hat- peaky blinders style hat pattern

Newsboy  Peaky Blinders Style Crochet Cap Pattern for a Baby Boy

Newborn-3 months Baby Newsboy FREE Crochet Pattern with Brim:
This newsboy crochet cap is very easy to complete and looks great,
I love how the Brim is pretty stiff by doing the Half Double Crochet and using 2 strands of yarn. 

Finished hat is 16 inches around (0-3 months) I have included how to make this one size bigger, the hat will still hold its shape.

This also makes an adorable photo prop for a little boy too

Free crochet pattern for Baby headband and flower

free crochet patterns-crochet headband
Photo is Authors own and should NOT be copied

This has to be the cutest thing I have ever made, the baby headband with the flower was pretty easy, and I just love how when I started it, it just kind of came together

Crochet Bunny Ear Pattern for the cutest Easter Baby Hat

free crochet bunny hat pattern, free crochet bunny ears patterns

Free bunny hat and Ears Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet pattern to make this adorable crochet baby hat with Bunny Ears.

When I first attempted this we had Easter just around the corner, so I decided to try to add some cute crochet Bunny ears  and add them to a crocheted baby beanie hat I had just made

Honestly, this is really easy to create and will look adorable on the baby.

Nothing is cuter than a baby dressed up with little bunny ears.

Easy Crochet Baby headband with Flower - Free Pattern

crochet baby headband free crochet patterns baby
Baby Headband with Flower- Picture authors own and should not be copied

Crochet Baby Headbands with Flowers

Free Crochet Flower Pattern

free-crochet-flower-pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet patterns-free-crochet patterns baby
I love making these cute crochet flowers, to pop onto all my craft projects, crocheting a flower is really easy, and once you make one, there really is no
stopping you. From the basic crochet flower pattern, you will be amazed at what you can create, and how it adds a little flair to your projects, I love adding these flower appliques to hats and headbands.
I attach a button to the hat or headband and I can easily change the flowers and colors.

Free Easy Crochet Flower Pattern

free Crochet Pattern for a crochet flower easy
Photo Authors Own and should not be copied.
I love crocheting flowers, in fact, they are so easy to make that you will soon be making them too.
Crochet Flowers are a great way to finish off some of your Baby hats, hairbands or even to add to a bag, sweater or scarf, the creative side is limitless.

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Beanie with Earflaps and Ears -

                             Crochet this adorable animal baby hat with Earflaps and Ears 
free crochet pattern for baby boy hat with ear flaps

You will not believe how easy it is to make this fantastic and oh so cute baby beanie, with ear flaps and ears, nothing so sweet than the baby in a Bear hat! Creating a simple basic Baby Beanie in single crochet adding earflaps and ears transforms it into a totally awesome baby hat!

All you are doing is increasing in single crochet in each round.  which gives it a lovely texture and cozy feel, continue increasing in the round to the desired circumference of the head and Single crochet to the desired length, making the ear flaps, and adding on these cute bear ears

You can ALSO purchase an AD FREE printable download version of this pattern from Ravelry


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