Free Halloween Crochet Pattern for a Mini Witches Hat and Wig Tutorial

This little mini witches crochet hat with orange hair wig, is so easy to make and is a big hit, My friend actually made this for her little one for her first Halloween outfit, and our little bulldog was a HIT with the trick or treaters at our door!
halloween crochet patterns free- funny halloween pictures-funny dog picturesThe witches hat is so easy to crochet and you could add any color of hair to the hat and plait for pig tails.

I used a 4.00mm hook
Double knit (worsted)

You will need a darning needle to finish off and secure wig to hat.

To make the Hat:
Using your Black Yarn
Chain 4 slip into 1st chain to create a ring. (keep loose and do not tighten yet)
Rnd 1Chain 2, Double Crochet (Work the first Double Crochet into the base of chain 2 for each round)
Double Crochet around working into circle Slip into top of Chain 2 to join, (slip into top of chain 2 in each following round)
Rnd 2.  Chain 2: Double Crochet around. (fig1)
Rnd 3: Chain 2, Double Crochet , 2 Double Crochet in next, repeat around around (increasing every 2nd stitch) Slip into top of Chain 2 to join (Fig2)
Rnd 4: Chain 2, Double Crochet around Slip into top of Chain 2 to join
Rnd 5 : Chain2, Double Crochet in next 2 stitches, 2 Double Crochet in next (increasing every 3rd stitch) Slip into top of Chain 2 to join
Rnd 6-9: Dc around (remember always 1st Double Crochet into the base of Chain2, this creates a small increase in each round as you go) Slip into top of Chain 2 to join (fig3)
Rnd 10: chain 2, Double Crochet around, Slip into top of Chain 2 to join (fig 4)
Rnd 11:Chain2, 1 Double crochet in next 3 stitches, 2 Double Crochet in 4th stitch repeat around, Slip into top of Chain 2 to join
Rnd 12: 2 single crochet in each stitch around
Rnd 13: single crochet around

.....and just because I did not want to leave it at round 13 as its Halloween, and unlucky for some....
If you feel you want the hat with a larger brim at this point, just do another increase round here, or Dc around.but finish with a single crochet round, to make the brim stiffer.
Rnd:14 Sc around (figure 5)
halloween crochet patterns free- funny halloween pictures-funny dog pictures

How to crochet the Witches Hat Band
Chain 30. (figure 1)
Slip the last chain into the 1st chain to join into a circle.(figure 2)
Single Chain around slip into 1st Chain to create a completed circle. (figure 3)
Fasten off and weave in ends. You can use this end to attach the colored band to the base of the Witches Hat

halloween crochet patterns free- funny halloween pictures-funny dog pictures

How to make the Witches WIG or the Hat With Braids

Create Several lengths of yarn all the same size (I used my daughters arms and wound the yarn around a few times until I felt there was enough to make thin plaits/braids.
Lay out the lengths of yarn straight.
to make the fringe,
Start in the middle point of our lengths of yarn
we are going to use smaller lengths (made in the same way as above, do NOT cut these yet) attach by slipping one end through the other end, and tightening (figure 1 & 2)
Continue until you have a Fringe effect in the middle of your length of yarn
Cut all the looped edges, and straighten fringe.
Pleat the braids on both sides (Figure 3 &4)
Secure ends of pleats with orange yarn tightly wound round to hold together
trim to even up ends

Attach your braided hairpiece to the front of your witches hat.
Use Black yarn for this (figure 5)
halloween crochet patterns free- funny halloween pictures-funny dog pictures

I love crocheting for the Kids at Halloween, so I have collected some of my favorite go-to Halloween Crochet patterns all in one place, so I can always find them easily. 

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