FREE Crochet Pattern Baby Blanket EASY - Little Clouds Crochet Blanket Pattern

 FREE Crochet Pattern for a Baby Blanket, the crochet stitch used resembles little fluffy clouds. The baby blanket is finished off with a decorative crochet border. 

baby blanket free crochet pattern- little clouds baby blanke tpattern
FREE Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern (EASY

Enjoy this easy-to-crochet baby blanket with an easy-to-remember stitch repeat, making a wonderful soft squishy little cloud effect.

Free Crochet Pattern for a Beautiful Baby blanket and this would make a beautiful  Large Baby Shawl.
It is So Easy to crochet this baby blanket as it is an easy-to-remember crochet stitch pattern repeat
Not only making it an impressive baby blanket go-to pattern but also Perfect for  Beginners

I was requested by a customer to crochet a large baby blanket that could also be used as a crochet baby shawl. 

This crochet blanket is actually a pretty BIG baby blanket. However, it is an easy repetitive stitch and actually works up in no time.

easy crochet baby blanket FREE pattern
Image (c) Sonia Huckabay 

After trying out several multiple stitches worked together, getting so far and then not liking the texture or look of the blanket.

Finally, I settled on the effect created by working sc/2dc in the same stitch it looked perfect in the white yarn and I loved how quickly a nice soft blanket started to develop. The texture reminds me of fluffy little white clouds. 

This crochet stitch combination is really soft and warm. 

This is a great pattern for working on whilst watching your favorite TV show as the repetition is so easy.

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crochet baby blanket pattern FREE

Beginners, please do not be put off by how impressive this blanket is as it's the perfect project for a beginner too.


Crochet a starting chain to the size you need, You CAN MAKE this ANY SIZE you wish just make sure you can divide the total amount of chains by 3, then add 2 more chains and follow the pattern below from row 1.

The most common sizes of baby crochet blankets that people make.

If making a crocheted baby blanket that you feel has too big gaps! then please warn parents about the risks to little fingers begin caught. I ALWAYS suggest the blankets with gaps are for decorative purposes only! 

- Preemie Blanket Size: 18 x 20 inches. 

- Stroller Blanket Size:  30 x 35 inches. 

- Receiving Blanket Size: 40 x 40 inches. This is my most popular Size to make for a new baby. 

- Crib Blanket size 45 x 60 inches.  

- Afghan Blanket size: 50 x 65 inches. 

Crochet Blanket Free Pattern 

What you will need to crochet this baby blanket 

4.500mm hook and a 5.00 mm hook for the starting chain to ensure it is Loosley crocheted. 

I used Double Knit /light worsted in White, (11 balls of 100grms) 
However, you CAN use any type of yarn and crochet hook size you wish by following 
the instructions on how to make the blanket any size you wish. 

Pattern written in US terms

The starting Chain is worked in multiples of 3 + 2
The pattern stitch is: sc/2dc in the same stitch

ch - Chain
dc- Double crochet 
sc - single crochet 
hdc - half double crochet 
Border  (work dc,ch1, dc) = v stitch 

with  a 5.00mm hook 

Chain 161 (very loosely, If you do not crochet loosely your work WILL CURL) 

or consider starting with a bigger hook) 

**NOTE: This made my blanket 45 inches WIDE Remember your tension may be different from mine, you may need to go up a hook or down a hook size, 

OR change your starting chain to a length that you require as long as you have a Multiple of 3 + 2

Change here to a 4.50mm hook and continue using it for the rest of the blanket

Row 1:  (1sc, 2dc) in 2nd ch from hook, * skip 2ch's, (1sc, 2dc) in next ch, * rpt from * * to last 3ch's, skip 2ch's, 1sc in last ch. Turn. (53 shells) 

Row 2: ch1, (1sc, 2dc) in base of ch1, * skip 2dc, (1sc, 2dc) in next sc,* rpt from * * to last 2dc and sc, skip 2dc, 1sc in last stitch. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 from here on in until you have reached the desired length. 

DO NOT Break Yarn and continue working into the border. 

Crochet Border Blanket Pattern: 

Rnd 1: ch3, DC evenly along all 4 sides of the blanket,  making 3DCs in each corner.  slip stitch to join into the top of ch3 at the start of the round. (we will thread the ribbon through this round.)

Rnd 2: ch4 (counts as dc + 1 ), dc all in the base of chain4. skip next 2 sts,  (work dc,ch1, dc) = v stitch made. Continue Round by working, skip next 2 sts, (work dc,ch1, dc), slip into the middle ch1 of the first v stitch you made, at the corners, DO NOT skip any stitches. (work dc,ch1, dc) in each of the 3dc of previous rounds, ch3 (counts as hdc), 2dc in SAME space, chain 3,  slip stitch into 1st chain of chain 3 (picot made) 2dc, hdc, - all in v of the previous round. work 1 single crochet in the next V of previous rounds. Continue working  *hdc, 2dc, ch3 slip into the first chain (picot made), 2dc, 
hdc in previous rounds V stitch, single crochet in NEXT V*, work * * around. 
Fasten off and weave in ends. 
A Close up of the Crochet border for the blanket. 
If desired the ribbon is threaded through 
the Double Crochet Stitch Posts

crochet baby blanket pattern easy - crochet border for a blanket

TO finish =, weave in ALL ends securely

Thread a choice of color of ribbon around alternative posts of the double crochet round. 

crocheted balnket free pattern
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I now have several Crochet Baby Blanket patterns on my website that I find myself making over and over. These crochet blankets for babies are so beautiful crocheted up and look so expensive and wonderful to wrap new baby in 

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FREE crochet Baby Blanket Patterns 

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