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How to Join your Crochet Granny Squares Together The Best techniques for joining Crochet Granny Squares (FREE)

What is the easiest way to join granny squares?  Worried about how you're going to sew your crochet squares together? Maybe you are not sure what joining technique you should use to connct these squares together? Most people want to know what is the best method to connect your squares together?  Either by sewing each square together OR joining the squares as you go bringing the crochet granny squares together for a neat and tidy finish? 

Easy Crochet Bandana Pattern for a Granny Square Bandana Headscarf

Crochet bandana Headband FREE Pattern. Essential Headwear for summer fashion.  How to Crochet the perfect hair accessory, for creating a stylish and unique look with our easy crochet bandana pattern.  Create a beautiful granny square bandana headscarf effortlessly with these  EASY step-by-step instructions.

HOW TO Crochet a Daisy Flower Granny Square Bandana Crochet Pattern

How to Crochet a Daisy flower Granny Square kerchief bandana headscarf.  This is a  FREE written Crochet Pattern for the Half Triangle Daisy Granny Square and the FULL Daisy Granny Square. 

Granny Triangle Pattern FREE (HALF a Granny Square for Headscarves and Bandanans)

How to Crochet a Granny Triangle Pattern FREE (HALF a Granny Square) and turn it into a triangle Headscarf Bandana  If you're looking to find out how to crochet a triangle granny square then you'll definitely want to try out this granny triangle pattern, with color changes!. 

EASY filet Crochet heart Square Pattern (Part 1 The Filet Heart Sqaure written Pattern)

Step by Step-written pattern to show you how to crochet a heart shape within a square with filet crochet.   Easy versatile, and beginner-friendly FREE written-out crochet pattern for a heart filet square. The square is the perfect size for coasters, dishcloths, cushions, or like I am doing making a few and stitching together for a wonderful baby blanket.  (This is Part 1 of 2 Parts, Part 1 on this page I Will show you  how to crochet the Heart in a solid square using filet crochet ) 

How to Crochet a Triangle in the Granny Stitch

Learn how to Crochet a Triangle with this Easy and Fast Crochet Project. This is a  FREE Crochet Triangle based on the classic Granny Stitch Motif Pattern See just How easy it is to Crochet a Triangle using the popular Granny Square Stitch. Crochet triangles can be made in many ways and turned easily into Shawls or are most commonly needed for filling spaces in crochet wearables.  Of course, your celebration colours may vary as per country, or occasion, so Id love to see them if you make some. using the patterns

Easy Fun Projects to Crochet Flower Garland with Butterflies (FREE Crochet Pattern)

How to Crochet a  leaf vine with small crochet flowers and small crocheted butterflies and create a stunning crocheted Garland.    I just love that Crochet is such a wonderful craft that allows us to create beautiful and intricate designs with just a hook and some yarn. 

Large Sunflower Crochet Pattern Free

Bring the beauty of the garden into your home with my FREE Sunflower Crochet Pattern.  This is a Free Crochet Sunflower Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet We are going to show you how to crochet a simple 3D amigurumi sunflower using this free crochet pattern.  You will find the step-by-step written pattern and image tutorials to help you crochet your own sunflowers. 

Free Chick & Chicken Easy FREE Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

 Easy and Quick last-minute Easter basket fillers, Baby Chick and Hen plushies Crochet Patterns FREE.

Crochet Mesh top Pattern. (EASY FREE Written Tutorial)

The Cam Crochet Mesh Top Pattern is a FREE written pattern and tutorial to crochet a Long-sleeved mesh top. It is an EASY Free Crochet top Pattern. Do not be put off by how difficult this crochet mesh top looks to make.  Crocheting has literally exploded!  and has become a  popular hobby in recent years.  One of the many reasons The open mesh crochet stitch has become so popular is the ability to create unique and stylish garments, such as crochet mesh tops with or without sleeves, full-length or crop tops. 

How to Crochet Lavender Flower Pattern Free

How to Crochet Lavander Flowers. Lavender Flowers are one of the quickest and easiest flowers to crochet.    Lavender is surprisingly easy too crochet, making Lavender Crochet flower is a lovely beginner-friendly crochet flower pattern to make even if you have just started crocheting. 

Easy Quick Newborn Baby hat and Booties Pattern (FREE Crochet Pattern)

The Easy Baby Crochet hat and Easy Crochet Booties is a written pattern with images to help you crochet a newborn Hat and Bootie Baby Gift Set.   Newborn crochet hat and booties are among the easiest last-minute crochet projects that you can make for a newborn baby.

Crochet Baby Beanie Hat Written Pattern FREE (Half Double Crochet) (4 FIRST Sizes)

Crochet Baby Hat made in the Half double Crochet stitch, in the first 4 baby sizes. Fast and easy crochet baby hat pattern.  Undoubtedly the most popular baby item to crochet is a baby hat. I find the HDC (Half double Crochet makes a super quick hat.  I have included the first few sizes of the little newborn baby hat to fit Newborn0-3 months, 3-6 months, and a slightly larger infant baby. 

How to Crochet a Granny Heart Square

How to crochet a beautiful heart granny square with this easy-to-follow tutorial. The heart granny square is such a a fun, easy and FAST crochet project.

FREE Crochet Tulip Flower Pattern & Crochet a Flower Bouquet

EASY Crochet Tulip Pattern FREE. This is a written Crochet Tulip Pattern with photos to show you how to crochet a tulip flower and create a stunning Crocheted Tulip flower Bouquet. 

How to Crochet Peep Bunny FREE Pattern

 The Crochet Peep Bunny is so quick and easy to crochet. FAST quick Easter Gift.  You can make a Basket of Beep Bunnies in no time, and add them to the kid's Easter Baskets as an extra gift. I will be honest I had zero idea what my grandson was talking about when he asked for a Bunny Peep.  Apparently, these Bunny Peeps work for the easter Bunny and like to keep an eye on the children in the lead-up to Easter to see if they have behaved well.  Think Elf on the Shelf But Bunnies! 

How to Crochet a Square Mesh Crop Top with Sleeves

How to crochet the large stacked block square open MESH stitch.

How to Crochet Granny Heart Square Crochet Tote Pattern FREE

How to crochet the Granny Heart Square BAG with a FREE written crochet pattern with Bag Layout tutorial and how to turn the squares into a Shopping Crochet a Granny Heart Square BAG FREE pattern by LisaAuch Crochet  I Love to Crochet Bags, and over the years I have made many crocheted bags with Granny Squares.

How to Crochet a Hat that LOOKS knitted with Chunky Yarn HAT ALL (sizes)

I am going to call this hat The ‘NO Bulk Crochet HAT’. Why is it called the no-bulk hat?  Well, I love to crochet hats and especially chunky crocheted hats that look like they are knitted Especially ribbed crochet hats as I love the look of knitted ribbing but cannot knit!

How to crochet a Granny Square with heart Center Snug Fit Balaclava FREE PATTERN

I cannot get over how adorably cute this  Simple Crochet Heart Granny Square Balaclava has turned out! 

FREE EASY Crochet SNOOD inspired by Wednesday Addams and ENID

The Basic Easy, Simple Snood Crochet Pattern FREE. Crochet Wednesday Addams Crochet SNOOD.  FREE crochet Snood Pattern- inspired by Wednesday Addams  After many requests for a Crochet Snood Pattern. 

Wednesday Addams Crochet Sweater Vest (Black and White Check Crocheted VEST )

OBSESSED with Wednesday Addams Crochet Sweaters. So am I.  The Original Crocheted Vest Worn by Wednesday- @skeltonjohn on Insta   If like me you are now inundated with requests for the pattern for the Checkered Crocheted Vest that Wednesday Addams is wearing in the NEW Netflix series Wednesday! 

Easy Crochet Baby Hat FREE Pattern

Easy crochet baby hat pattern comes in the first 3 sizes. The Written Pattern will help you to make an adorable crocheted hat for a baby this Christmas. The Free Baby hat Crochet pattern uses a simple base beanie-type baby cap pattern and is easily adapted to suit the newborn baby.

FAST & EASY How to Crochet a Snowman Pattern FREE

Free Written pattern for a Crochet snowman. How to crochet a Snowman with this EASY fast crochet snowman pattern. Cute Crochet Snowman FREE PATTERN

Snug Balaclava Crochet Pattern How to Crochet a Snug Fitting Balaclava

How to Crochet a Simple snug, fitting Balaclava. The written crochet Pattern for the Balaclava is also beginner friendly. This Free Easy Crochet Pattern for a crocheted Balaclava comes in 3 Sizes S, M, and L. The snug fitting and shaping of the Balaclava means you can have it over your nose or just cover your mouth.

Free Crochet Pattern Braided Headband (5 Strand Braid )

How to Crochet a Braided Headband Earwarmer Pattern (5 Braid).  This is another braided crochet headband in my series of free crochet patterns for braided Headband Earwarmers.  5 strand Headband Earwarmer - Free Crochet Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet  This is a FREE written pattern and tutorial for the Crochet Braided Headband Ear warmer to help you create the very popular 5 Strand braid Crochet Headband. 

How to Crochet a 3 Braided Chunky Headband (DIY)

How to crochet a Headband Earwarmer that has 3 braided strands. My daughter wanted me to crochet a braided headband ear warmer for her this winter.  3 Strand Braided Headband Earwarmer  The main braid of the earwarmer had to be made with 3 crocheted strands and woven together.  I was actually taken aback at not only how stunning this crocheted ear warmer is and how easy the braided headband part was to crochet.  

Adult Crocheted Hat Pattern FREE

Adult Hat Crochet Pattern FREE (All Sizes), A Unique Crochet Hat Pattern is written to help you crochet all sizes of hats. 

Halloween Crochet Decoration - Ghost Windspinner

Easy Crochet Halloween Decoration ideas. The Crochet ghost wind spinner Pattern is a quick and easy crochet project. These types of easy crochet projects are Specially useful during the busy Halloween Holiday times when you're looking for last minute ideas that are super simple to crochet to decorate your space.  But seriously running out of time. I can make several crochet wind spinners out of 1 ball and often whilst watching TV 

Stretchy Headband Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern

Stretchy Headband Earwarmer FREE crochet pattern. Looks Like Knit stitching but it's actually a crocheted stitch. Roses Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern by LisaAuch Crochet  For this headband pattern you will be working in the round in a stitch called the 'Camel stitch' this is a hybrid of the half-double crochet stitch. 

Plush Stuffed Unicorn Amigurumi Crochet Toy Pattern

Plush Stuffed Unicorn Amigurumi Crochet Toy Pattern FREE. Crochet this Large plush Unicorn, made using the amazing Blanket yarn, which makes the stuffed toy unicorn so soft and squishy.  Large sleepy Plush Stuffed crochet Unicorn  The Stuffed Plush unicorn was originally designed to be made in the thick type of Blanket yarn to make it a large crochet plush toy, however, the recipient's big sister wanted a smaller version of the unicorn that she could attach to a keyring and attach to her bag. To make the small unicorn I used Double knit yarn and a 4.00mm hook in the classic amigurumi crochet style of yarn. 

Crochet Pumpkin Patterns FREE (Small, Medium and LARGE )

Easy Crochet Pumpkin pattern, in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large, to make Easy Chunky Ribbed  Pumpkins that are very easy to crochet. 

Crochet Pumpkin EASY Booties FREE Crochet Pattern

 These adorable pumpkin crochet booties and matching pumpkin crochet hat are the most perfect handmade Halloween crochet idea for a newborn baby I’ve ever made. Easy Crochet Baby Bootie Pattern FREE (Pumpkin Booties)  

How to crochet a Newborn Pumpkin Hat (FREE Crochet Pattern)

How to Crochet a Pumpkin Baby Hat with this FREE crochet Pattern. You will be very surprised to see just how easy it is to make this crochet pumpkin baby hat.  Crochet pumpkin hat with a fold-up brim and crochet stem I have added in some photos to help guide you to crocheting the Halloween pumpkin-style hat, and how to add on a crochet stem (spirals) to the pumpkin hat if you so wish to.

Granny Square Crochet Boho LARGE Bag (Free Pattern for Beginners Step by Step)

How to crochet a granny Square (Easy Crochet Pattern) to make the granny square bag.  The Free Granny Square Pattern is written step by step. Not only will you learn how to make a granny square in crocheting. But how to turn large Granny Squares into a large crochet bag. 

How to crochet a Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FREE Crochet Pattern - Lisa Auch Crochet

FREE Crochet Cardigan Pattern made from Granny Squares! Step-by-step written crochet pattern to make the Sunflower Granny Square Motifs, and the half sunflower Granny squares to be able to make the Sunflower Granny Square cardigan.  Sunflower Granny Square Cardigan FRONT VIEW 

Crochet Stretchy Baby Headband with Bow Pattern (EASY)

Crochet this adorable Stretchy Baby headband with BOW, with the FREE, easy-written crochet pattern, I have made the baby headband crochet pattern very easy to understand and is suitable for beginners.  Crochet Baby Bow Headband

Sunflower Crochet Coaster Pattern FREE

Easy Sunflower crochet coaster Pattern. It may be the summer but that does not stop me from crocheting. And these sunflower coasters are perfect, quick, and easy to crochet. I made 4 sunflower coasters and added an easy crochet basket to keep them in when not in use.  Crochet Sunflower Coasters in a Crochet Basket 

Orca Whale Crochet Pattern (Small Plushie Orca)

3 in 1 Free Crochet Pattern This is a Free Amigurumi Whale or Ami shark pattern for you to create your very own Orca Whale. 3-1 FREE crochet Pattern to make a shark, Orca, or whale 

Easy Crochet Butterfly Written Pattern (FREE)

EASY Crochet Butterfly, simple written pattern to create a Butterfly Pattern FREE. Double winged Crochet Butterfly   This is a simple easy written crochet butterfly pattern. I made this adorable crochet 3d butterfly pattern by mistake (I won't call it a mistake as it turned out a beautiful almost 3d butterfly with double wings.   As you probably I have been on a mission recently for a huge project made with crochet flowers , and one night as I was packing up my work and I folded over a crochet flower I had been working on, I got up and looked back and the way the flower was lying looked like a beautiful Butterfly. 

Granny Square Crochet Hat (The Katy Perry Crochet Bucket Hat)

 This is a free-written crochet pattern based on the picture of Katy Perry Wearing a Fabulous Crochet hat made from Crochet Granny Squares.    Katy Perry Crochet Hat Lookalike FREE Crochet Pattern  This is how I made the beautiful crochet bucket hat that Katy Perry was wearing. 

Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern Multi coloured (Free )

Crochet Adult Brimmed Bucket Hat, Free Crochet Pattern to make the HAT using up your Scrap Yarn in your stash! Scrap Yarn Stash Busting Crochet Hat Pattern  Make a wonderful multi-colored brim hat perfect for sunny days or Rockin it as a festival bucket hat. Festival Ready Multi-colored bucket hat Crochet Pattern FREE. I just LOVE creating bucket hats after their increasing popularity this year I released a few Bucket hat patterns.

Crochet Golf Club Cover Pattern FREE (The Perfect Fathers Day Crochet Gift Idea)

Crochet Golf Club Cover Free Crochet Pattern  Mens Crochet gift ideas. Why not make Dad a special crochet golf club cover for his favourite Driver.

Crochet star Pattern (SMALL) for keychains or bag charms

 This little Mini CROCHET STAR pattern is such an easy and quick crochet project. It is the perfect size for adding to a key chain. Or used as a Bag Charm.  Easy crochet Star Keychain Pattern  This small crochet star makes a fantastic teacher appreciation gift and it's quick and easy to crochet. 

EASY Crochet Star Windspinner Pattern - Red white & Blue Decoration Crochet Patterns

Red white and blue crochet decoration pattern. EASY Crochet windspinner with Star Pattern, can be used to decorate no matter what the season. Crochet Star Decoration I used the Easy 5 point star crochet pattern and made a celebration red white and blue holiday wind spinner.  In summer especially I am always looking for QUICK EASY crochet projects, like the wind spinners, they can be made really quickly and Look so fabulous when out in a light breeze. 

Easy STAR Pentagon Granny Square Crochet Pattern - EASY Crochet Star Bunting or Garland

 The Easy Quick to Crochet Star Pattern (Crochet star with 5 Points) is also known as The Granny Square Pentagon. You can make this crochet starts in MINUTES. And This is an Easy, Quick crochet project using leftover scrap yarn. 5 Point Star Granny Pentagon an easy Quick crochet project.  The pentagon grannies, even though it has 5 sides. can be used to make crochet blankets , crochet bags, crochet cardigans or like we did, Create a Celebration Star Garland, in Red White, and Blue colored yarn. 

Easy Crochet Sunflower Pattern (Free)

How to crochet a Sunflower head, with lots of leaves, this would make a cute flower embellishment for a bag, or cardigan, I was asked if I could crochet a sunflower to fit into a picture frame.  An Easy Crochet sunflower Pattern 

Crochet 5 point STAR 3d Amigurumi Plush (FREE Pattern)

How to Crochet a 3D star. The star was originally made In Amigurumi plush style, and it is not started with a magic ring/ magic circle)  SO its a pretty easy Crochet Star Pattern to follow. The star crochet pattern is easy if you can work in single crochet and in rounds.  If you are making the crochet stars for the baby mobile, then you will be working with thinner yarn and a small hook. I totally recommend using stitch markers!. 

Axolotl amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern. (Axolotl Plushi Crochet Pattern)

Crochet this adorable Axolotl with this easy written free crochet pattern his Axolotl crochet pattern was originally not intended to be a pattern. it was a customer request for a little boy who loves the Axolotl in Minecraft! and wanted one.

Sunflower Granny Square Bucket Hat

 How to make the Sunflower Square Bucket hat . FREE written pattern instructions. The Sunflower Granny square pattern is turned into a classic festival-ready sunflower Bucket hat.  I hadn't intentionally set out to write this pattern as it is quite similar to the Original Granny Square Bucket Hat pattern . But you asked for it written out so I have.  You can help support my business and buy a FREE pdf of the sunflower crochet Square and How to crochet the Sunflower granny Hat -  buy now      

Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern (FREE)

Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern (adult) FREE  Bucket HAT Crochet Pattern free.  This is a free crochet pattern to help you crochet a bucket hat.

Easy Crochet Daffodil Flower Crochet Pattern (FREE)

Easy Daffodil crochet Pattern With these easy steps, you will find out How to crochet Daffodil flowers.  Crochet Daffodil Pattern FREE  I do love the springtime flowers and especially the yellow daffodils.  Spring Daffodils are a sign of new beginnings and growth for the land, and you know summer is on its way too when these beautiful flowers start appearing. 

Sunflower Windspinner a FREE Crochet Pattern

The sunflower crochet wind spinner  is such a beautiful fun addition to the outdoors or even as I do have hanging at the front window.  Crochet Sunflower Windspinner 

Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern FREE

Free Crochet Pattern to Crochet an Easy Bunny with Long Ears. Easter Crochet Inspiration!  I have written the pattern in easy-to-understand amigurumi-style terminology helping you to crochet a rabbit with long floppy EARS.  

Easter Basket Crochet Pattern FREE

This Easter Basket is so easy to crochet, and it's not just for easter, make the Easter bag in any color you wish. And decorate with small crochet flowers  Easy Easter Basket 

Easy to Crochet Easter egg FREE Pattern

This is a simple easy easter egg crochet pattern. I have written out this little crochet egg pattern, to go with the Easter Basket I made for the children this year, as part of their easter gifts.   Easter Egg Crochet Pattern 

Crochet Easter Basket Pattern. Bunny Bag with Drawstrings

This cute Bunny Bag with Drawstrings and floppy ears makes for a really cute Easter Basket. I  was wanting to crochet something for my husband's friend's children for putting in as part of their easter gift. Easter Bunny Crochet Basket Bag Pattern   SO I set out to crochet a cute treat gift bag to give them easter as a gift. Big enough to put a few little chocolate eggs into but also a handy size that they could use at any time of the year to keep their bits and bobs in. 

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FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern EASY Step by Step Tutorial

How To Crochet a Baby Hat with this Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern  to Fit Newborn, 0- 3 months. FREE.  The newborn baby hat crochet pattern is perfect for beginners and comes in the first 2 two sizes newborn and 0-3 months.

Free Crochet Pattern for a Cute Baby Hat Beanie with Crochet Flower (Cluster Sitch)

Buy This Baby Hat HERE    this was the original picture I was sent and asked to re-create it.  The 'Oh so Cute'Crochet Baby Cluster Hat'  Free Crochet Baby Hat Pattern by Lisa Auch Crochet  Newborn size and 3 months size are shown in the picture This is such a pretty crochet pattern   written to Help those who have maybe just started crocheting but are ready to take the next steps and start creating gorgeous items.

10 minute Easy Crochet Booties Pattern (Booties that Stay on Little FEET)

The 10-minute Easy Crochet Booties Pattern (Booties that Stay on Little FEET) 10-minute crochet baby booties FREE Crochet Pattern I love the simplicity of these booties and know they are going to be a firm favorite, for newborns and preemies (just use a smaller hook)

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A Unique crochet Baby Blanket, with beautiful crochet stitches that create a wonderful soft shell texture, finished with an easy crochet decorative border.    Crochet Baby Shawl pattern FREE   

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat & Booties (How to Crochet Baby Booties Pattern)

Free baby crochet hat and booties Patterns. This written pattern includes How to Crochet Baby Booties and an easy Baby Hat Pattern. With Step by step photos.  There is nothing more adorable than a newborn baby in a little crochet hat with these little slip-on booties. 

Free Crochet Amigurumi Doll Pattern (A Basic Crochet Doll Pattern FREE)

I love this easy crochet doll pattern. It is an extremely easy pattern and you can be  very creative with the basic doll pattern. Crochet Doll in Red Dress LisaAuch  I have several ideas on how to finish your first crochet doll, including hairstyles and little dresses. 

Crochet Baby Boy Cardigan pattern with hood (Easy Hooded Crochet Cardigan Pattern FREE) 3 sizes

Easy FREE Crochet Cardigan with hood perfect crochet sweater for baby boys.   Boys Hooded Cardigan With Front Buttons and ribbed front fastenings. 

FREE Crochet Pattern Baby Blanket EASY - Little Clouds Crochet Blanket Pattern

FREE Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern (EASY   A free Crochet Pattern for a Baby Blanket, the crochet stitch used resembles little fluffy clouds. 

How to Crochet a 3d Rose (Free Crochet Flower Pattern )

This is a Free Crochet Flower Pattern and it will show you How to Crochet a Rose.   Once made it really is a very beautiful 3d crocheted rose.  This is a fantastic introduction to how to crochet a rose flower, as it is a very easy straightforward written pattern prefect for beginners.  

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Hat and Baby Bootee Shoes Set. (Newborn, 3 months)

FREE written Pattern for Baby Booties, Mary Jane type Shoe with strap crochet Patterns.   
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