Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tartan Crochet Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

I have so many half-finished projects lying around, I have decided to post on the blog about them and perhaps that will motivate me to get them finished. First up is what I think will become my crochet Nemesis. 
Free Tartan crochet blanket pattern Woven crochet Plaid Afghan
source: Highland Tartan Banket Pattern

When I first saw the Highland Afghan Pattern. 

I just knew I had to make this in our family's Tartan. The Royal Stewart. 
I read through the pattern and wasnt swayed by the amount of panels you would need...however I soon realized as I completed a few of the panels I could just make one huge striped panel (i.e. add all panel starting chains together = total needed) 

This cuts out having to join the panels together. However you need to use the panel dimensions for later on when you are weaving up and down the blanket to achieve the plaid effect. 

Free Tartan crochet blanket pattern Woven crochet Plaid Afghan

So I have been at this for around a year.....I kid you not....its a lot of work and just now I am at the weaving across the blanket. 

I put it away for a rainy day. well winter is here and it's a busy time to crochet I spotted a lady in a group that had completed another similar free tartan blanket pattern using the Woven Scotch Plaid afghan pattern which to me actually seems to be the easiest to make and understand of the 2 vintage patterns,  as it starts off with a full-length chain, and not in panels as the Highland Blanket I am making. 

I thought I would post a picture here of the blanket half-finished and this may motivate me to get it finished for Xmas. 

I have made the blanket using a 4.500mm hook and double knit yarn. following the pattern written in US TERMS.  

Free Tartan crochet blanket pattern Woven crochet Plaid Afghan
Crochet Project Half done also known as a WIP aka work in progress
or a PHD = Project half done 

Picture of My work so far:  

As you can see it is HUGE this bed is KING sized bed, I still have 1 panel to join and then start the weaving in. I have also lost count of how much yarn I have actually used.

Wonder when I will finish it.....? But let me tell you I do not think I will be making another one :)

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