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EASY Newborn Infant Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern FREE

This is a free crochet pattern for a newborn beanie. The stretchiness of the infant crochet hat pattern means it is also perfect for donating to hospitals. 

On coming out of hospital newborn babies must be kept cozy and warm as they can rapidly lose weight. Keeping a little crochet beanie on them is advised. 

Infant crochet newborn hat pattern free easy

After posting a recent image of a baby set I had been asked to crochet for a newborn infant to leave the hospital in. 

I was inundated with requests for the newborn Hat pattern to match

Megans Easy Newborn Crochet Sweater Cardigan pattern 

I like to keep the crochet baby items nice and simple. And the Baby Beanie I made here is a fantastic beginner-friendly pattern. 

Easy Headband Crochet Pattern - HEAD BAND with a Twist front.

HEADBAND with a Twist front. crochet Ear warmer/headbands are the main accessories in our house over the colder months. 

And since posting a picture of my daughter wearing one I’ve had lots of orders! 

Easy crochet headband twist front free crochet pattern

The crochet headband is very easy to make! 

Very quick and can be done whilst watching a movie as it really is quite a simple crochet project 

Crochet this easy headband with a cute front twist. It's a fabulous beginner project.

Easy crochet headband twist front free crochet pattern

Making the headband uses simple stitches, single crochet, and double crochet. 

The headband covers the ears and sits nicely at the top of the head without the bulkiness  of the twist crochet headbands. 

Crochet headband free pattern earwarmer

Although this pattern is written for an adult, it really would be easy to customize it for other sizes. 

easy crochet headband pattern
The Pattern is written in US terms. And is made for Adult Large 23-24 inches. 

I used less than 50 grams of Double Knit Yarn and a 4.50mm hook 

TO Start The Crochet Headband 

Ch  21 (20+1)

ROW 1: Sc in 2nd  chain stitch from hook and continue to work 1 single crochet in each of the next chain stitches = 20 single crochets. 

ROW 2: ch2, and work a double crochet into the base of the chain 2, continue Working 1 double crochet in each stitch across, (20)

Row 3: ch1, Make your first single crochet into the  base of ch1, and continue working Single crochet in each st across  (20) 

Continue working a Row2 and a Row 3. 

Repeat until your work measures  8 inches.

Finishing with a double crochet ROW you are now going to divide your work into 2 parts as follows. 

Work 1 SC  in each of the first 10 stitches, turn and work back along with these 10 stitches  

Continue the established pattern of double crochet, single crochet rows, back and forth over thees first 10 stitches until it measures 5 inches from where it was divided making sure that the last row is a Double Crochet ROW. 

Go back to the unworked 10 stitches and join yarn 

Workover the 10 stitches in the same way as the previous length (adjust measurements/rows to make them equal). You need to make sure you END on a double crochet row.  

Easy Crochet Headband with a twist FREE patterns

Cross the first part over the second part. (you will single crochet across the first piece and then join single crochet along with the second piece. ) 
crochet headband easy pattern FREE

Continue to work in an established pattern over 20 stitches until the piece measures 23 inches.  

Fasten off.

TO finish 

Sew together start and end outer loops of edge stitches.

crochet headband free pattern

You can find more of my free crochet headband patterns on my website 

Easy crochet headband pattern FREE

A Beginner Friendly Crochet Headband Pattern FREE 

Crochet Headband pattern with a twist front

X twist Front Crochet Headband Pattern FREE

Thank you for visiting my website or purchasing a pattern.
 It helps me to maintain the website and buy new materials to make even more FREE PATTERNS.  
As always you are free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. 
But you must acknowledge as the original designer. 
YOU will  NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else,
or by creating an online video of my pattern. 
Without my express written permission.
You can share a picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to a Page with my website on it 
You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell a finished product. You must use your own.
You will NOT copy or duplicate this PATTERN (whole or in part) on to ANY other SITE online. Without my express written permission.
This pattern may contain affiliate links.
 Where I may make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you
Happy Hooking (c) All Rights Reserved

HOW TO Crochet a Daisy Granny Square with 12 petals for a crochet bag or Granny Square Hat

 Written and photo instructions to crochet the Daisy Flower Granny Square I have written out the Basic crochet pattern for you to crochet the Daisy Granny Square which you can use to either make bags or use as inserts for a cardigan, pullover, or even a hat like I Did in the Crochet Daisy Bucket hat pattern you can see HERE  or if you just wish to go straight to see 


Daisy Granny Square How to crochet pattern
I have been asked several times How do you crochet a daisy granny square so I have broken it down into stages and written out the steps for you with some photos to help you get started. 

Free EASY Crochet Newborn Baby Hat Pattern with Crochet Flower (How To Crochet a Baby Hat)

Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern perfect for beginners. I have added some photos to show you How to crochet a baby hat with this free easy crochet baby hat pattern finished off with a beautiful easy to crochet flower. 
How to crochet a Easy baby hat with Free crochet Baby hat pattern

Free crochet baby hat pattern (EASY ) by Lisa Auch  Crochet. Warning these crochet baby hats are addictive! 

For you to crochet this Cute free crochet baby hat pattern, I have provided a Step by Step easy to follow crochet pattern, with a photo tutorial, making this pattern ideal for beginners.

Making up these gorgeous hats is both fun and rewarding as you can change them to suit, for sizes very easily.

Using the basic beanie pattern, this is a gorgeous baby hat for the little princess or prince. 

I actually find myself making this hat the most when I am asked for a baby set, as it is so easy to add little embellishments of ribbon and decorations to take your crochet work to exceptional professional standards. 
crochet baby hat pattern free lisaauch crochet

Making up these gorgeous hats is both fun and rewarding as you can change them to suit, for sizes very easily.

These Baby hats are based on the same basic pattern and principles used to make the basic crochet baby beanie pattern, this is finished just a little differently and makes such a gorgeous baby hat for the little princess or prince. 

I find myself making this hat the most when I am asked for a baby set, as it is so easy to add little embellishments of ribbon and decorations to take your crochet work to exceptional professional standards. 
crochet baby set patterns free

Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern with SHELL border - FREE crochet Pattern HERE 

Hat Pattern on this page (as shown in the lilac set above instead of the single crochet 4 rounds. 
I finished with a simple Shell of(5dcs) ) 

Booties A Baby Shoe Pattern HERE   

Please DO not be put off thinking these are unachievable for the beginner. 

In fact, they are PERFECT crochet projects for the beginner crocheter. 

The Pattern for the Basic Hat and flower  step by step photos and the written pattern starts here

The Crochet Baby Hat Pattern is Written in US term 

Hook 4.00mm (UK) 0-3 months and for small newborn follow the pattern and parts written in red and use a 3.50mm hook.

Double knit yarn.

Sizes; newborn, 0-3 months  

Each round is joined with a slip stitch, chain 3 is not counted as part of the stitch counts per round. 
Special instructions:(always make a stitch in every base of chain 3 to start 
(this continues the shaping of the beanie.)

free crochet hat patterns-baby hat patterns-How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Newborn head circumference of finished hat = 13 inches this hat will be stretchy as we are using Double Crochet (DC) 

Sizing for the baby hat - 0-3 months head circumference is 14 - 15 inches around 

Please be advised I crochet extremely loosely you may need to go up a hook size to achieve the measurements) SO check your width is correct at Rnd  4 

TO Start the hat 

Rnd 1: Ch 3, 12 DC into the first chain, or (Magic circle and 12 dc into the circle), 

slip stitch into top of ch3 (12)

Rnd 2:  Ch 2,

2 DC in every stitch around (increasing  in every stitch around)

Slip into the top of ch 2 to join (24)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Rnd 3:  Ch2, (1st Dc in the base chain2 ), 2DC in next stitch,

*dc in next stitch, 2DC* in next * repeat around (you are increasing 1 at every 2nd stitch around) 

Slip into top of ch2 to join (36) (PIC 2)

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

Rnd 4:  Ch3, (1st 2Dc in the base chain 3)

 *dc in next 2sts,  2DC in the next stitch* repeat ** around

 (you are increasing by 1 in every 3rd stitch around

 Slip into the top of ch2, to join (48) 

 at this point, your hat should  measure across (diameter) 

Newborn 4 inches across -   13 inches around

1-3 months 4.5 inches across - inches around 14 inches around  

How to crochet a hat-crochet baby hat pattern-free crochet patterns-crochet crochet

 NOTE: Newborn size work as follows but finish after you have worked round 9

JUMP TO Round 11 and complete hat from  rnd 11  onwards...

(you will have 12 rounds completed for a newborn ) 

Rnd  5 to Rnd 10: Ch2, starting in the base of Ch2, Dc in each stitch around(48)

(Your hat will be taking shape now) Slip into the top of ch2 to join on every round

Rnd 10- Rnd 14: (Ch1 at the beg of each round) Sc in each st around. Slip into the top of ch 1 to join

The finished length for the hat from top to bottom edge should be for NEWBORN is 5. inches 

baby hat crochet pattern 0-3 months FREE crochet baby hat pattern

NOTE : The finished length for 0-3 months is 5.75 inches. 

If you need to add in an extra round please do so here. 

free corchet baby hat pattern FREE crochet pattern lisaauch

How to Crochet a Simple crochet flower

Magic Circle
10SC into circle, slip st to join,
Chain 3, 10 sc into 1st chain on hook, slip to join to top of Ch 3 (10sc)


how to crochet a baby hat free pattern

*Ch 2, slip into next stitch* repeat from ** around until you have 10 loops (if you want a 5 petal 6 petal just adjust by skipping stitches in between)

crochet baby hat pattern free with crochet flower

Slip into st base of 1st loop and work chain 2,  3DC in loop for petal, 
ch2 slip into 1st loop. (first petal complete) 
slip into 2nd loop *chain3, 3 DC Chain 2, 
slip into base of petal loop and slip into start next petal*

crochet baby hat pattern free with crochet flower

Continue working in each petal from ** around. finish off and weave in ends.
crochet baby hat with crochet flower free pattern

To finish thread a simple ribbon through the last round of Double Crochet Posts
I usually leave a long tail to attach the flower to the hat. Or you can just leave without the Ribbon 


newobrn crochet baby hat booties pattern FREE

Hat pictured is the newborn size of this pages pattern 

EASY Booties crochet pattern found on my website here 

More Sizes NOW Available


free crochet baby hat pattern baby beanie, crochet, free , pattern, free crochet patterns

Have you considered Making Crochet Hats for donating to the hospitals I like to make a few from the odd ends of yarn I have leftover and put them aside until I see a hospital shout that they are needing some baby hats for their maternity wards? 

The favorite Newborn hat for donating is the 

Easy Ribbed Crochet Baby Hat Pattern (BEGINNER FRIENDLY Crochet pattern with Photos) 

how to crochet a newborn baby hat crochet pattern free

Easy Ribbed Baby Crochet Hat Pattern FREE 


Basic Newborn Infant Beanie Crochet Pattern FREE 

free baby newborn crochet hat pattern

Crochet Twisted Headband FREE PATTERN

 Twisted Front Crochet Headband Pattern FREE. Looks like Knit! But it's Crochet. Easy beginner-friendly crochet headband/ear warmer that twists at the front or back depending on how you wish to wear it. These twist-front crochet headbands are my BESTSELLER at craft stalls, and online. I have included 2 videos to show you how to crochet the Knit look stitches. This will help you even if you are a beginner at crocheting. They also do not take up much yarn so are perfect yarn stash busters, and I Love playing around with colors for them. 

headband earwarmer crochet pattern Free

The Camel Stitch is worked by working up and through the hidden Third Loop of the previous rows stitch. 

The Camel crochet Stitch gives a lovely braided effect to your work 

We will work a slight variation of the camel stitch on alternative rows, by working into the BACK of the 3rd loop, 

 The combination of working the Camel stitch(3rd loop HDC)  and working the  Back 3rd loop HDC gives your crochet project a knit and purl effect.

You can BUY AND AD FREE printable PDF pattern for the Twisted Headband Straight download From Ravelry via PAYPAL SECURE Checkout - £2.00 GBP

Thankyou for your continued support. 

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat & Booties (How to Crochet Baby Booties Pattern)

Free Crochet Patterns
 How to Crochet Matching Baby Booties and Crochet a Baby Hat Set 

Free crochet pattern baby hat and booties Easy

A beautiful is easy-to-follow free crochet pattern for a baby hat and matching Mary Jayne type shoe booties set. 
Once you have mastered the basic baby hat shape, you start to understand the increase to make the hat shape, so how about the decrease in order to make the booties, just as easy, honestly! 

Trust your crocheting abilities you have come this far already. 

Easy crochet pattern with photos to guide you.

I love playing around with adding different flowers, appliques, and designs to the hats and booties, no matter if it is just a little something extra or as a gift for a new baby.

Go get creative today with your matching booties and Hat crochet set 

Crochet Hair Scrunchie (Cinders Hair Scrunchie) FREE PATTERN

Free Crochet Pattern for a Hair Scrunchie. This is a lovely single ruffle, Crochet Hair Scrunchie PATTERN FREE that is Quick and Easy to make. I love making these as they are so quick and are great sellers at craft fairs. 

My niece loves wearing many colors and designs on her wrists. Which seems to be the fashion just now   

free crochet pattern hair scrunchie

You could use any sized hook and any thickness of yarn. to make these. I have written down what I used.

Free Scrunchie Crochet Pattern (Ella Scrunchie)

A free crochet pattern to crochet a simple hair scrunchie, My niece loves wearing these crochet scrunchies, in her hair or mostly around her writs, and  I love making them as they are such a quick easy crochet project. 

I love how I can use up little odd bits of Balls of yarn to make the scrunchies, making this a really cool yarn stashbusting crochet project. 

hair scrunchie free crochet pattern

YOu will need an elastic hair band 

I used Double Knit Yarn I had in my yarn stash and a 4.00 mm hook 

Beautiful Easy Crochet Border for a Baby Blanket

Crochet Border Pattern Fan Wave Crochet Border Written instructions for the Fan Wave Shell Border.

This is a beautiful Ruffle border, it really is an easy crochet border pattern. But, looks absolutely beautiful as a blanket edging. 

easy crochet border pattern for the fan wave crochet shell border

I was asked specifically for just the written pattern to the fan wave border for a reader, I published it for you all to enjoy. 

Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern - Perfect Crochet Hat for Donating to Hospitals

This newborn crochet hat is perfect for babies just coming out of the hospital or making a few baby hats in varying colors and donating them to your local hospital.

newborn baby hat crochet pattern for donating to hospitals

 Newborn Babies can lose heat really quickly straight after birth so they require warm hats immediately to help keep them warm and cozy. 

If they lose heat too quickly after being born they can become quite unwell. 

Please check with your local maternity unit on what colors they may need, as some units run a traffic light system and are a fantastic visual aid for the midwives to easily identify babies that may need a little more help and attention in the first few hours. 

RED -  red hats are used for babies who are more at risk and require more regular observations. 

AMBER hats - require just a little bit more attention. 

GREEN Hats - lower risk babies and only require routine observations as they are healthy and a good weight. 

(Please check with the labor Delivery suite midwives if donations are being taken at this time, If your local hospital is not taking donations at this time do not worry there is always a hospital requiring hats. so just keep making)

newborn baby hat free crochet pattern

Or, Like I do, keep a box ongoing, and when there is an urgent request. 

I have several to go at one time. That I can wrap up and send to the labor suite of the hospital. 

What size Do baby hats need to be for the hospitals? 

newborn baby hat to donate to hospitals free crochet pattern

As a guide, the average newborn head circumference is between 13- 15 inches! But recommended hat circumference is 12 inches around 

For this hat, we will crochet in Rows until our HAT measures 12 inches. 

Depth of hat once on head Must be at least  5 inches. 

But it's NOT an accurate science as all baby's heads are different sizes, but we can help make our little hats fit as best we can for those crucial first 24 hours where keeping the heat in the body is a must. 

The reason THIS newborn baby hat pattern is so great for donating to the hospitals is for several reasons. 

1. The BRIM is folded upwards to sit just above baby eyebrows. 

 With many 'beanie type' hats we are kinda judging the length required as not every baby comes out the same,  so crocheting a baby hat with a fold-up brim is great. 

2. The bottom Edging of the hat is lovely and elastic, meaning it can adjust to fit a few sizes. 

3. And finally, the Crochet stitches used Single Croche tin the Back loop makes a nice warm textured piece. 

This is the most asked-for baby hat pattern I get asked to make and sell as part of newborn hats and booties sets I make. 

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern to Donate to hospitals 

newborn baby hat free crochet pattern

For this newborn hat, you will need around 

50g of Baby Double Knit (my favorite just now is Lionbrand Double Knit Baby

3.50mm (Newborn) 4.00mm hook (0- 3  size)

For this hat, you will be working in ROWS and Work into the back loops only.

Row 1: Ch 36, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in 30 ch, slip stitch into next 5 ch,   Ch 1, and turn.

Row 2:  Slip Stitch in the Back Loop of first 5 sts, ScBackloop into the remaining 30 sts. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3:  ScBackloop into the next 30 sts, slip into BLoops of last 5 remaining stitches 

Rows 4 to Rows 44: Repeat Row 2 and Row 3

End off after the last st on Row 44  OR continue until your Recommended length is complete =( circumference of HAT) leaving a long tail. 

Your hat should look like this 

Fold the Hat in Half . Sew back loops of first and last rows together; 

when you reach the top weave thread in and out to gather. 

Pull tightly to close for the top of the hat, Weaving in ends to finish  

Here is Another Super EASY crochet baby hat pattern that is ideal to donate to hospitals Or To crochet for a Baby as a coming home gift. 

As you can see in this image for baby coming home I made Small yarn pom poms. 
Adorably cute!.

crochet hat pattern FREE for baby coming home from hospital in

Crochet Baby Hat patterns to donate to Hospitals

This is a lovely beginner-friendly How to crochet a baby Hat Pattern and Tutorial. 

The hat can be made any size and is nice and stretchy. 

FREE crochet Baby Hat Tutorial with Pictures and instructions. Using the Half Double Crochet Stitch

Or if you Prefer a Lovely simple croche Newborn Beanie hat Pattern you can visit my Popular 

FREE newborn crochet Hat Pattern HERE 

crochet baby newborn hat pattern free donate to hospitals

Adults simple Easy Crochet Hat Pattern

easy simple crochet hat pattern simple for beginners

 I am asked time and time again How do you crochet a women's simple hat that's easy for beginners?

For this particular crochet beanie-type hat is suitable for adults.

TO crochet this hat You will need to know how to : 

Work in the round and slip stitch to join. 

Double Crochet - Yarn over. Insert hook into the stitch where you want to place the dc stitch. Yarn over again. Pull through. Yarn over again. Pull through the first two of three loops on hook. Yarn over again. Pull through the remaining two loops on the hook.

How to Crochet in the round by joining with a slip stitch

If you feel this is too advanced for you then perhaps try my simple Hat Pattern made from a rectangle. You will work back and forth in ROWS for this hat. 

you can find the FREE Pattern and Tutorial 

How to make the crochet hat HERE  

Adults Basic Beanie Pattern Free Crochet Hat Pattern

4.00mm hook 
Double Knit Yarn 
Written in US terms

Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern
If you are confident working out the increases for making larger or smaller, remember that using  different sizes use different hooks, and thicker wool can help achieve your sizing
Please note I am a VERY loose crocheter so if you feel you need to you can go up a hook size to a 4.50mm to achieve your sizing.

NOTE: The FIRST stitches are WOrked INTO THE BASE of the Chain stitch.

Ch4 and join with sl st to form ring, ch 2.
Rnd 1: 10dc in ring, sl st to first dc, ch 2.
Rnd 2: 2 dc in base of chain, 2dc in next st, and in each st around,sl st to top of ch 2.(20 sts)
Rnd 3: Ch2, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in next dc, 2 dc in next) repeat around, sl st to top of ch 2. (30 sts.)
Rnd 4: Ch2, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc) repeat around,sl st to top of ch 2 (40sts.)
Rnd 5: Ch2, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next dc) repeat around,sl st to top of ch 2. (50sts).
Rnd 6: Ch2, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in next 4 dc, 2 dc in next dc) repeat around, sl st to top of ch 2. (60 sts).
you have now reached the circumference of your hat, so if you think you need it larger just continue increasing in established pattern 
Continue working the first DC into the BASE of the ch2. 
Rnd 7 to Rnd 16: Dc in each stitch around, slip to join, ch 2.

(Work until the desired length is achieved)
Rnd 17:  I like to finish off with a smaller crochet stitch. I would work Half Double Crochet Around. But you can still finish with the  Double Crochet stitch around   (60 sts).
Easy crochet adult hat pattern free
                                                             Fasten off and weave in ends.

Diamond Crochet Blanket ( Ultimate scrap-ghan Project)

 The Ultimate Scrap Yarn Bursting Blanket Pattern.

scrap yarn blanket crochet pattern

I actually started crocheting these diamonds one night, by sheer accident. But I soon realized I could use up all those little odds and ends of yarn, you know the little balls of leftover yarn that are too large to throw away yet not small enough to crochet any one particular thing.

This is one of these projects I have at the side and when I just want to mindlessly crochet for the sake of crocheting something, not needing too big a project, but just keep those hands busy.... ( yup we've all been there) what's great about this is, I never get bored sometimes even when I am working another project and get to the end of it, I see I have enough yarn left and quickly whip up another diamond piece. Any color, the only thing I do need to watch out for is the difference in yarn weight. If it is thicker I go down a hook or finer I go up a hook, but I mostly work in double knit or Aran so it's not too much of a problem.
  Probably like a LOT of us, yarn-holics, I have boxes of small balls of yarn just sitting around in bags collecting dust. You know those ones you think you may need one day yet your yarn stash is just getting bigger and bigger.
I refuse point blank to throw away good yarn, so I wanted something I could make using these odds and ends of wool. BUT some of the leftover bits of yarn were not long enough for even an individual row to make a blanket, not even big enough to perhaps make into squares, so I wanted something that still would look attractive yet not all half-finished rows and join.
So Let me introduce the Diamond Crochet Blanket, perfectly symmetrical in its formation easy to make by simply increasing and then decreasing at the ends of your rows, this is an awesome way to use up those small scraps of yarn and those odds and ends that are just not enough to throw away, yet not big enough for another project.

Crochet Frog Doorstop with this Easy Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Frog Doorstop  Pattern. 

Free Easy Crochet Frog Pattern by LisaAuch free crochet patterns and Designs
(Includes links to my favorite Free Crochet Frog Patterns online too)  This adorable frog toy could be used as a stuffed toy for kids OR as I did fill it with sand wrapped in a bag and used as the weight needed and ta-dah....a leaping frog doorstop! 

And because I LOVE frogs I have added some links to websites with some of the cutest FREE frog Patterns I find online. Find these Patterns further down the page So Cute Quick and Easy

I am always looking out for cute amigurumi crochet patterns for stuffed animals, and recently I was asked to crochet a frog. Guaranteed I found several cute frog amigurumi patterns and several more frog hats! however, I just couldn't find exactly what the customer was wanting.

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