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FREE Crochet Hat Pattern for Ribbed Cute as a Button ADULT sized Hat with Brim

FREE Crochet Hat Pattern for woman Ribbed Cute as a Button ADULT sized Hat with BrimWoman’s Ribbed Crochet Cap. By LisaAuch
Stylish, warm and cosy, woman’s crochet ribbed cap with brim. Thick and chunky style makes this a great hat for keeping you warm on those colder days. This cap is crocheted using the front post double crochet stitch you should be familiar with increasing and decreasing using this stich. This project is a yarn eater, but it makes for a very warm hat

You should be confident in front post increasing/decreacing  in crochet to make this hat.

 This is not a beginners hat Pattern.

Special terms and abbreviations used in this pattern
Dc=double crochet

SC=single crochet
2fpdc =   2front post double crochet around the front post double crochet  of previous round
Fp2dctog= front post double crochet 2 together= (decrease)

Fpdc=Front Post Double Crochet

Fpsc= Front Post Single crochet

Dc in top of dc = work a double crochet into the top of previous rounds dc
Do not include the Chain start sts in the stitch count. 

Yarn = Aran weight

Hook = 5.50mm (If you crochet tightly then consider going up a size) This hat is very loosely crocheted.

Special note:
The hat is worked in rounds and will look strange and like a large scrunchie. As you work, the hat will become like a large floppy pancake, you need to carry on working until you start to decrease, which will pull in the sides of the hat. And the Hat shape starts to appear.
I have added photos to support Rnds 2,3,4 at the end.  

Rnd 1: Work 21dc into Magic circle. Slip stitch to join. Pull tightly.

Rnd 2:Ch2 *FPDC around next, dc in to top of next stitch *repeat * * around, Slip stitch into start ch to join(42)

Rnd 3: Ch2,  *2FPDC (inc) around the previous rnds, FPDC, dc into either side of previous rounds dc,*  Repeat * * around, Slip stitch into start ch to join (82 sts)

Rnd 4: Ch2, *FPDC in next 2 stitches, dc in next available space, dc. FPDC in next 2 stitches,  dc in next 2 available spaces*, work ** around, Slip stitch into start ch to join (82)

Rnd 5: Ch2, * FPDC in next 2 stitches, dc in next 2 stitches*, repeat * * around ,Slip stitch into start ch to join

(on these round you start to see the ribbing effect of working the 2 FRONT POST double crochets and 2 double crochets)

Rnd 6-Rnd 14, Ch2, work in FPDC in next 2, dc in next 2 stitches, repeat ** around.

Rnd 15: Ch2, *FPDC in next 2, 2FPDC tog (decrease by FPDC the 2 dc together from previous round) * repeat ** around slip to join

Rnd 16: Ch. 2, *2FPDC tog (decrease),  FPDC around next, repeat **until end, slip to join.

Rnd 17-20 ch2: work FPDC around

Do not fasten off.

Fold hat in half, and place a marker at centre back and  center front of hat
Count 7 stitches back on each side from the front centre, and place markers, this is where you will work for brim.
Join yarn at first maarker
Brim Row 1: Ch1, *2 FPDC, FPDC, in next stitch* repeat * * until last marker of brim. .   Ch1 turn, (working back along row stitches just worked.)

Brim Row 2: BPDC in each stich Skip last stitch,  ch1 turn.

Brim Row 3: work single crochet along front of brim, making 3sc in corner of brim. sc, along the side of brim to marker, Fpsc in next stitch of the side of the hat working towards the back until last 4 stitches. (Again Only work this decrease if you feel the hat needs to be tighter/smaller) 2fpsc tog to end. Slip to join. Fasten off.

Neatly weave in ends.

Rnd 2:

Rnd 3:

Rnd 4:

this hat was inspired by the Cute as a Button Baby hat seen in the picture
free ctochet patterns-crochet hat pattern

If you would  like to see the  "Cute as a Button " ribbed crochet hat pattern here

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