Cute as a Button Brimmed Cap Hat for Baby

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Cute as a button Boys FREE Crochet Cap Pattern.  I love this cap not only is it fashionable and modern, but its so warm and cosy. 
(This is  NOT a beginners crochet hat pattern.)  If you would like a beginners crochet baby hat pattern see this page here.

You should be able to work Front Post Double crochet  (this creates the ridges)  and you should be able to crochet in the V stitch following a pattern.
The Cap was inspired by a vintage cap pattern my friend had asked if I could make for her.
I would like to thank the readers of my site, as I learn and grow in my crocheting journey, YOU help to shape the patterns. Many contacted me to say they were confused by the pattern, (and actually its relatively EASY)
SO I have made a few adjustments and written it out a little clearer for you all.
Now as always if you spot a mistake or I could write something more clearly, please leave me a message.

I used Baby DK Cygnet Yarn Which is available only in the UK, however a suitable Substitute would be Red Heart Super Saver Economy Yarn, Baby*

I used a 3.500mm hook and gauge is not important as we will go by measurement (this means you can also easily make the hat bigger if you wanted it to fit a toddler child.
Someone asked if they could make this bigger Using a 4.00mm hook and Cygnet DK supersoft. I achieved a hat with a 21 inch" circumference. ( Child)
Making this hat is totally different to making a beanie or skull type will end up with a piece of crochet that works out flat from the center (actually if you look at it you may even  think you have increased too much....have faith) The hat pattern is also a yarn eater!
Only once you start decreasing you will start to see your work resemble a hat. And will be amazed at how the hat takes shape.

3.5omm hook = 18 inches around
4.00mm hook = 20 inches around
US crochet terms used
sc=single crochet
dc=double crochet ( k
FPDC=Front Post Double Crochet
v stitch= (1dc, ch1, 1dc) = double crochet, chain 1, double crochet in same stitch}
always slip to join top of start ch.
(SEE Picture Below for close ups of stitches and rounds) 
Finished cap measures: approx 18 inches around.

Boys Brimmed Cap (FREE Crochet Pattern).  

Round 1:  Ch 6, join in ring, ch 3, 23 DC in ring, join to top of ch 3. 
or magic circle, ch3, (23)

Round 2:  Ch 3, [ FPDC around next st,DC  in top of next ] repeat [ ]  around, sl st to join.(46)

Round 3:  Ch 3, [2FPDC around next FPDC, (increase) DC in next] repeat [ ]  around sl st to join (69)

Round 4:  Ch3, DC,  [FPDC, FPDC,  DC either side of previous rnds DC],
 (FPDC,FPDC, DC, DC) repeat [ ] around, sl st to join you will now have 2 FPDC, 2DC combinations,) (92)
 your hat now resembles a scrunchie not worry! just continue)

Round 5 is the PATTERN ROUND - continue working following in rounds until work measures 4 1/2  or for slightly bigger size 5 inches  from center
slip into middle of 1st 2 DCs, to start next round

Round 5+ Ch4 (counts as 1st DC of V stitch), dc, [FPDC,FPDC, V Stitch] Repeat Around (Create the V stitch by  working {1dc, ch1, 1dc} in between the previous rounds DC sts), slip to join, into 3rd chain of chain 4,  (23 V stitchs, 23 2FPDCs)

Repeat Rnd 5 -7 or until work measures  5 inches from center (pattern rounds) continue working in established pattern (FPDC, FPDC, DC, CH1, DC, Repeat around) until work measures  5 inches from center

Round 8: Work next round FPDC, FPDC, 2FPDCtogether = decrease by working the  2 DC posts of the previous rounds  V stitches, 

I like to work these rounds using a slightly tighter tension, as this is the shaping of the hat to fit around head.

Rnd 9-10: Work 2 further rounds of FPC  in every stitch around
(finished size un-stretched is 16.5 inches  (so this hat will fit baby 3-6 months +)

Fasten off  (SEE Picture Below for close ups of stitches and rounds) 

Cap Brim
TO get the correct position of the Brim fold hat in half using back (slip joins as the guide to  the back of hat)
and mark where you would like the brim to start and finish. (see Green picture below for help)

Row1.  With top of cap toward you, join yarn in first marker , ch 3, front post dc (from top of work) around each of 2, * 2 front post dc around next, (= inc) front post dc around each of 3 *, repeat * to *, ch 3, turn.
Row 2. FPDC around both of next 2 at once, (= decrease), FPDC until last 3 stitches, FPDC around both last 2, dc in top of ch 3, ch 1, turn.
Row 3.   FPDC around both of next 2 at once, (= decrease), FPDC until last 3 stitches, FPDC around both last 2, dc in top of ch 3.
To finish off .
Row 4.  Join yarn at right side of visor, sc around, inc at turns if necessary to keep visor flat. 

I felt as though I had over complicated the instructions for this hat. so I have provided close ups to help you through the first 4 rounds and to hat length before decreasing (I used a magic adjustable ring so I could show you more clearly the stitches (your ring to crochet into is much smaller :) 
I would appreciate feedback in the comments as to whether this has helped or not 

Boys Brimmed Cap Crochet Pattern (FREE Crochet Pattern)

I have now added in a picture of how to find the caps middle center and how to mark the stitches to create the brim.  (the picture shown in color is made using Double Knit yarn and a 4.0mm hook) 
free crochet pattern boys brim hat-cap-crochet baby hat patterns free

Free crochet patterns-crochet-patterns-ribbed-hat patterns for boys

After the success of this cute hat people have asked for an adults version here is my daughter Modelling the Cute as a Button ADULTS sized hat. 


Josie Russell said...

Hi I keep going wrong. Row 7 do I do one dc round the 2 front posts?
Love love love the hat - your patterns are fantastic.

Lisa Auch said...

Josie can you let me know how you get on now I have added images of 1st couple of rounds :)

Ani said...

Hi, i'm sorry but i can't understande how to do the cap brim. Can you post a photo more closer, a schema ou a video.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I need help with row 5.
I am not sure what is meant by
slip into middle of 1st 2 dcs,

Thank you for your help
Rose Manning Blackwood

Lisa Auch said...

Hi rose!
You need to get into the middle of the 2 dcs of the previous round.

so slip into the space between the 2 double crochets of the previous round

you will work the V in this space :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, thank you. I will try it out.
On row 5 would I still ch 3, before I slip into the space between the 2 double crochets.

Lisa Auch said...

slip into the space between the double crochets - THEN,
chain 4 (this is a dc + ch 1 for the 1st V stitch of the round), dc, fpdc, fpdc)
{= slip into middle of 1st 2 dcs, ch4, dc, fpdc,fpdc}
- FOR 2nd V in round just work directly into the space between the 2 dcs

sharon said...

So is each row after row 5 the same as row 5?

sharon said...

So is the rows after chain 5 the same pattern as row 5?

Anonymous said...

hello im not getting row 5 is there any other way you can tell me hoe to do it thanks i feel dumb but im stuck lol

Lisa Auch said...

Round 5
You will not have established the pattern of the hat
2 raised front post double crochets, V stitch (around)

slip into the space between the double crochets - THEN,
chain 4 (this is a dc + ch 1 for the 1st V stitch of the round), dc, fpdc, fpdc)
{= slip into middle of 1st 2 dcs, ch4, dc, fpdc,fpdc}
- FOR 2nd V in round just work directly into the space between the 2 dcs - See more at:

Elaine Barnhardt said...

Your pics definitely helped. I was having a bit of trouble with round 5 but once i thought about and looked at the pics it was easy.Thank-you for the beautiful pattern.

Anonymous said...

Mind looks more like a beanie instead of flat work? Are you suppose to increase on each row after row 5 until you reach 5 inches?

Lisa Auch said...

No no further increases after round 5
Check out the PICS of close ups of Rnd1, 2,3,4 to make sure you are on the right path.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Beautiful pattern! Row 2: how does it increase to 44? Am I to DC on top of same stitch I am doing the fpdc? Originally I read it as fpdc on one stitch and DC on the next. Is that wrong?

Lisa Auch said...

This is an increase round - you are working a FPDC, and a dc in the NEXT available space (work a FPDC around the previous rounds dc and a dc IN the connecting bar of the first rounds stitches - You are basically creating 2 stitches from the 1 previous rounds dc

Sarah Malloy said...

For the continuation of row 5, do I join and then slip into the next 2 DC space again or just keep going in a spiral?

Lisa Auch said...

slip to join in each round :)

Mel Mels said...

Hi Lisa. I love the look of this hat but mine stays looking scrunchie even though I went all the way to the end. I even unraveled it and tried again and it still did the same. Please help! Why is it going wrong?

Lisa Auch said...

Have you made all the decreases........make sure you Read the pattern from rnd 5- Repeat Rnd 5 (pattern row) until work measures 5 inches from center
Work next round fpdc around every fpdc, 2 fpdc together (decrease at the 2 V stitches by fpdc together missing out the ch1 of V)
I like to work these rounds using a slightly tighter tension, as this is the shaping of the hat to fit around head.
Work 2 further rounds of fpdc (finished size un-stretched is 16.5 inches around (so this hat will fit baby 3-6 months +)

Tracy Osborne CD(DONA), CCCE said...

Hi- I am through round 6 but it still looks like a scrunchy- it curls and looks like a fortune cookie. It wont flatten no matter what. Any ideas?

Lisa Auch said...

As stated in the notes.... you will not start to see the shaping until the decrease rounds starting at round 8

Unknown said...

Heeeelp. Round 8. Are we nixing the v stitch now? And just fpdc through the rest? Fpdc 2x (which flows with the pattern. Then fpdc decrease around the v stitches? Love the pattern so far. Totally worth the yarn it uses! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Lisa, when starting Round 8, do I chain 3 or 4? Then I don't understand what comes next. Am I making a fpdc by placing my hook under both dc of the V stitch to make just one fpdc? Thanks for your help; I'm looking forward to the final product.

Lisa Auch said...

Yes fpdc these 2v stitches together.....ch3 to start :)

speedwell said...

I tried this hat with an F (3.75mm) hook and DK yarn. The hook size was just a bit too small for the yarn, and the "scrunchie effect" did not completely go away in shaping. But the hat is still cute, especially with the addition of a loose-ish pompon on the top in place of a button. If you make this with a magic circle, I definitely recommend using a double circle in place of a single circle, making the circle relatively large, and leaving it widely open until at least Row 4.

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