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Easy crochet hat pattern Learn Crochet Cables With This Gorgeous Cabled Hat Pattern (Free Pattern Review)

free crochet hat pattern crochet cables tutorial
Crocheted Cable Hat

Learn Crochet Cables With This Gorgeous Cabled Hat Pattern (Free Pattern Review
So excited to have mastered crochet cables!! And I know when a crochet hat I made is a hit, is when my teenage daughter wears it to the stables! And we know how difficult it is to crochet something for a teenager and get them to wear it!
This hat can be used as a beanie type, with the ribbed brim folded back, or as a slouchy hat.
I am going to admit I was wanting to try knitting, as I saw a beautifully knitted hat with cables.
However You will be glad to know me and knitting have not quite gotten on, I love crochet too much,  so I was thrilled to come across this gorgeous crocheted cable hat pattern tutorial, by All About Ami.
I have been crocheting a while but was really intimidated by these intricately textured stitch patterns. So when I saw the step by step photos and details of the stitch pattern, well I just had to make it.
The hat is crocheted from the band up to the top, then either sew around the hat and pull tightly to finish, or like me I used the star seam to finish which is also explained by Stephanie in her instructions.
You do need to be confident in working into the front post back post of stitches, skipping stitches then working back into the skipped stitches, but have no fear Stephanie's photos and instructions are really easy to follow. 

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