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Crochet Womans Hat Pattern (Free) Stunning crochet hat pattern

I found this pattern a while ago and put it on my 'to crochet bucket list.'
I was browsing through them one day and my daughter asked me if I would crochet this gorgeous textured hat for her
free crochet hat pattern womens crochet hat pattern free

We recently got a horse and boy is it cold at this time of year, so anything to keep warm and cosy is an essential part of the dress code. Of course its got to be trendy and warm, not often 2 words that go together. I find the hand crocheted hats so toasty and warm, since crochet is a lot denser in stitches, it makes for the warmest hats to wear.
My hubby will agree how cosy they are too as he has his crocheted hats  which are perfect for walking the dog along the coastline, of Scotland and its bracing winds from the North Sea!
free crochet hat pattern womens crochet hat pattern free

This hat which my daughter is wearing bringing the horse in from the field, is by schachenmayer yarns and is called

Crystal Ice The Free Crochet Hat Pattern Can be found HERE

This is Not  beginners pattern. You should be familiar with working into the posts back and front of stitches, with a change of yarn and the camels stitch which gives the knit look around the hats brim.
Many of you have asked how I made the pomp pom.
I cut a piece of card as wide as I needed for a big pom pom, cut nearly to the middle on each side of card,   and then holding the 3 strands of chosen coloured yarn,  wind several times around the card,
 I just kept winding until it was nice and thick, slip a length of yarn around the card, Slipping INTO the pre cut side cuts of the card , catching in all the strands,  and pulling tight, a little help may be required here, cut through the strands at both ends of card,  and remove all of the cardboard, pull the middle even tighter and knot several times, I usually leave a long tail to sew the pomp pom into place.

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