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Wednesday Addams Crochet Sweater Vest (Black and White Check Crocheted VEST )

OBSESSED with Wednesday Addams Crochet Sweaters. 

The Original Crocheted Vest Worn by Wednesday-@skeltonjohn on Insta 

If like me you are now inundated with requests for the pattern for the Checkered Crocheted Vest that Wednesday Addams is wearing in the NEW Netflix series Wednesday! 

And are desperately Trying to find a Pattern. 

But have realise there Isn't Really a Crochet pattern to MAKE the Original Vest. 

Read on and find out WHY 

I First asked Who knows who crocheted the pieces worn by Wednesday because This crocheter NEEDS recognition!

I mean THE crocheted collar and cuffs Wednesday wore were INSANE crochet skills. 
I'd love to chat about who made them as I have SO many questions about them!

Update: we found the original designer who shared that they cannot share the actual pattern. 

As it was made for a designer John Alexander Skelton. Awhhh 

But anyway let's celebrate Alice's talent and how amazing it is that a fibre artist has gotten her work on Netflix's newest hottest show.

So she cannot share the actual pattern, however, over on her tik tok. 

Alice has answered a few questions to help us make Wednesday's Sweater.
So WHO crocheted Wednesday Addams Sweater?
If posting online it’d be great to recognise THE ORIGINAL fiber artist who made its who you can find here HERE on insta - Alice Morell Evans - Some of her creations and designs are awesome.

PLEASE state the Original designer in any use online etc. @skeltonjohn on Insta

Or if you see someone selling patterns TELL THEM who the ORIGINAL designers were!!! 

Please always give credit where it's due. 

We are fortunate we can diesct and make these garments. 

But it’s important to recognise the individuals who design and create these items. 

We (crocheters) are lucky we can deconstruct items. But  If you make a 'copy' and SELL this item or pattern it starts to become a bit icky. 

But creating one for yourself is usually what we'd class as  'Fan Art'  

Netflix Wednesday Admas Wearing the checked V Neck Sweater

The Graphs I used to crochet Wednesdays V neck are at the bottom of this page. 

I have also made a Crochet Snood Pattern Again inspired by the one Enid Gave to Wednesday! 

If you were about in the 80s Snoods were IN. I remember them well. 

The Crocheted snood really is just an infinity Scarf!!!

Again I found THE ORIGINAL crocheter of Enid and Wednesday's Snood. 

She SELLS HERE on ETSY  and you can view more of her work HERE 

Easy Crochet Snood Pattern 

As I said previously We’ve had some info shared about the check v neck that is worn on Wednesday. 

I'll mix it in with what I have done to give you some ideas if you pondering making your own version.

  • The original was worked in 2ply yarn with 2 strands being used in each row. (4ply if one strand)
  • The squares were 5 cm x 5 cm.
My squares had to be 6.5cm x 6.5cm.
** Please check your own size and adjust accordingly. 

The simple checked pattern with Black Panels - is made in one piece. 

I started with my desired HIP circumference with approx 2 inches on each side of ease and divided it by 10 for the bottom row of blocks

 (see chart below you may need to click to enlarge and save the image to your device. )

The original was made in panels! And sewn together! 

I hate sewing so I wanted it all worked in one piece.

The colour changes were stranded and worked over the used colour. 

I used 4 x BLACK yarn and 3 x WHITE YARN 

I’ve decided how I’m making the sweater . Will be worked all in one alternating colour change as per the chart below.

Only carrying the yarn on the ONE Row of a white coloured block when it shifts one Whole Block. 

If using th etapestry method with several balls of yarn ALWAYS TURN your work BACK the Way to Came to keep the yarn from tangling 

For this crocheted vest I’ve made You will crochet

  •  1 x Whole BACK Piece as per the pattern, and Omit Red squares from the Graph as shown for shoulders and neck.
  • Then the front piece is divided Into a V-neck , you will work left hand v neck and right hand separately to the shoulders omitting the RED for shoulders. 

I have made my Checkered V neck Vest in Acrylic Double Knit yarn and a 4.00mm

 (Please note)
THIS IS PLUS SIZED for my Niece! And I am a very loose crocheter

Floating the yarn did NOT work!!!

I gave myself a major headache, but after posting a video on Tiktok of Wednesday's Crochet Checked vest top and how I was not liking how much of a nightmare it was.

I initially went with Carrying the YARN across the checks, as I did not like how the piece looked.

Then I tried 'Floating' the yarn across. Nightmare! But it will be ok if your using a 2 ply yarn held together. 

Between a few of my followers, they helped me come up with THE BEST and fastest way to crochet the checkered Vest Wednesday wore in series 6. 

WITHOUT  making individual panels

  • For changing, colours make your single crochet to 2 loops left on the hook.
  • Yarn over in NEW colour, pull through new colour.

Follow the direction as stated on the chart for changing the colours.

RED  V = DECREACEING stitches on ONE SIDE for neck

And omit RED at sides for arm holes BOTH SIDES

Work in pattern for FULL 9 Complete Checkered patterns

Split Work in HALF as Shown on the graph at the point of RED V.

 If you need to make a few more checks to make it longer then do not start the v just yet.

Working in a decrease of 2 PER V-neck Side, keeping ARM HOLES straight edges, work a further 6 Full checks,
Right Hand FRONT 

Right Hand BACK

If you are a left-handed crocheter follow the chart from left to right

What next is the Crochet Snood, and of course is now season 2 announced!

Here's hoping some more wonderful creations by fibre artists are used!

Happy Hooking

Find me online #lisaauchcrochet and let me see what your making 

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