Ribbed Crochet Hat with Ear Flaps Pattern FREE (0-3 months)

ribbed HDC crochet baby earflap pattern with pom pom

This little ribbed crochet hat with ear flaps is perfect for 0-3 months. I first made my grandson this  warm cosy ribbed hat with earflaps and a huge pom pom, when he was just a few weeks old. And it was a firm favourite throughout the winter. The Baby hat was crocheted using the Half double crochet Stitch, (HDC) and to create the ribbing effect the HDC is worked around the front of the previous rounds post (FPHDC)

Since posting a picture of him in his ribbed earflap hat, I have been asked several times for the baby hat crochet pattern with ear flaps. And in between Grandmother duties I finall got it written up. 

Free Crochet Pattern Ribbed HDC baby hat with earflaps FREE pattern

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SIZE: 0-3 months 

YARN Stylecraft Special for Babies Chunky

HOOK: Hook 5.50mm

Ch – chain
HDC – Half Double Crochet
Sc – single crochet

FPHDC - working around the FRONT of the previous rounds POST, work Half Double Crochet

Special instructions:
Round 3
you will increase in EVERY stitch by working 1 HDC into the conneting bar to the next stitch
and then FPHDC AROUND the POST of the Stitch

Crochet Baby Hat With Earfaps

Round 1: Magic Ring, ch2, hdc 11, pull ring tight, join to top ch of ch 2. (11)

Round 2: Ch 2, Work 2Hdc each Hdc around.  Join to top ch of ch 2. (22)

Round 3: Ch 2.  Work a FPHDC around the Previous rounds HDC, Hdc INTO the connecting bar of next stitch,

HDC around Front POST of previous rounds HDC repeat from * around.
Slip to  Join to top of ch 2. (44)

Round 4-13: Ch 2, *FPHDC around previous rounds FPHDC, HDC into Next st*  Repeat around,

How to crochet the Earflaps

Row1:ch1,1sc in same st as ch1, 1sc in next 7 sts, turn. (6)

Row2, ch1,sc2tog, 1sc in next 4, sc2tog turn (6)

Row3, ch1, 1sc in same st as ch1, 1sc in next 5, turn.  (6)

Row4, ch1, sc2tog, 1sc in next 2, sc2tog turn, (4).

Row5, ch1, 1sc in same st as ch1, 1sc in next 3 turn. (4)

Row6, ch1, sc2tog twice turn 2 sts

Row7, ch1, 1sc in same st as ch1, ch2, 1sc in last st.

Fasten off With back of hat facing you count 1& sts away from first st of earflap, (FRONT)
Rejoin yarn and rep for first earflap.

Do Not Fasten off
Finishing border.
make sure you are working with Right Side
working 1sc in each st around hat (work in the back loops at front and back of hat)

continue working sc up and down the  sides of earflaps, until you reach the chain2 of earflap

Working INTO the chain 2 space

make (sc, chain 25, slip stitch back up the chain just made, and sc back into the ch 2 space,)  
continue working in sc to next earflap and repeat ( ) sc to first st

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Create a Pom pom and tie securely. 

I LOVE this method to make a pom pom Easily and Quickly that always comes out PERFECT 


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