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Crochet Granny Square Tote Bag Pattern FREE (Solid Granny Sqaure Pattern)

This is a straightforward easy Solid Granny Square Crochet Bag Pattern. Using the Solid Granny Square pattern on the previous page - HERE we will join several granny squares together in a specific layout to crochet a medium-sized bag with handles. 

Granny Sqaure crochet bag pattern free
Granny Square Bag Pattern 

Following on from my 10 crochet Granny Square bag (The Daisy Flower Granny Bag) and the  13 Granny Square Crochet Bag (The Sunflower Granny Square Bag) were now onto the Next layout with the next sized bag in which we will require 17 solid Grany Squares. 

How to Crochet a SOLID Granny Square with Circle Beginning (FREE PATTERN)

How to crochet a SOLID Granny Square with a Circle at the Center.  This is a bit of a twist on The Basic Solid Granny Square Pattern and it is extremely easy. 

It can be used for so many projects. but the best project is my quest to stash bust my stash. As Recently I moved house so I got a huge fright at the amount of yarn I had. 

The tail end of this year has been about making up patterns using up as much of this yarn as I can! 

I'm amazed at how the smallest pieces of oddballs of yarn can make the most wondrous things. 

NOw It's the turn of learning how to crochet a solid Granny Square with a circle center. 

How to crochet a solid granny square for a bag, sweater, or cardigan

It is perfect for making granny square bags, baby blankets, or even cardigans and sweaters. 

If you are new to crochet don't worry I have added some photos further down the page to help you crochet your first solid granny square 


Any type of yarn  (for this square I used Double Knit Yarn) 

G/4.5mm Crochet Hook or any hook that suits your yarn

Tapestry Needle


Terms Used US

ST(s) - Stitch(es)

CH(s) - Chain(s)

SL ST - Slip Stitch

DC - Double Crochet

Chain stitch does not count as a stitch in the beginning until stated. 

Crochet Sunflower Granny Square Bag . FREE PATTERN

Free crochet pattern and instructions to crochet a sunflower bag. In another post, I showed you in detail How to Crochet the Sunflower Granny square, now we are going to join the granny squares together to make a simple Sunflower Crochet Bag. 
sunflower Crochet Bag Pattern Granny flower square Bag pattern

 TO crochet a bag made with flower center granny square need not be difficult. In fact, once you have the crochet squares made you only need to join them. 

You can also BUY an ADD free printable PDF of this Pattern to Crochet the Square and The BAG 
Direct from Ravelry with Secure Paypal Checkout 
Sunflower Granny Square PATTERN 

Here I will show you how the squares are laid out and then how to join your flower Granny squares to make the bag. 

How to Crochet a Sunflower Granny Sqaure (FREE PATTERN)

How to crochet the Sunflower Granny Square required to make a bag, blanket.  I have seen some amazing Crochet Sunflower Cardigans. All made up of several crochet sunflower granny squares sewn together. I hope to bring a few patterns to you using this gorgeous square. 

Free Easy Sunflower Crochet Granny Square

HOW TO Crochet a Daisy Granny Square with 12 petals for a crochet bag or Granny Square Hat

 Written and photo instructions to crochet the Daisy Flower Granny Square I have written out the Basic crochet pattern for you to crochet the Daisy Granny Square which you can use to either make bags or use as inserts for a cardigan, pullover, or even a hat like I Did in the Crochet Daisy Bucket hat pattern you can see HERE  or if you just wish to go straight to see 


Daisy Granny Square How to crochet pattern
I have been asked several times How do you crochet a daisy granny square so I have broken it down into stages and written out the steps for you with some photos to help you get started. 

How to Crochet a Daisy Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Flower Crochet Bag Pattern FREE. Written and Photo Tutorial to help you crochet a granny flower square bag. I knew as soon as I had made the crochet daisy bucket hat I was asked to crochet a bag. But instead of using the 8 petal daisy, I decided to use a 12 petal daisy for the granny square. And as soon as I posted the Crochet Granny SQaure bag you were asking for the pattern on how to crochet the daisy Granny Square Bag. This is NOT a hard crochet project, it really is quite easy once you have made the squares. It's a fantastic Yarn Stash buster crochet project. 

If you make a Daisy granny Square Bag and post it online be sure to let me see it by tagging me #lisaauchcrochet 

How to Crochet a Daisy Granny Square Bag

 I will take you through the steps to help you crochet your very own daisy center granny square bag. Please note these crochet daisies have 12 petals. If you would prefer an 8 petal daisy granny square you can follow the steps for the daisy square on my website here, which I made a Crochet bucket hat with the 8 petal daisy granny inserts

YOu can Buy an AD-FREE printable Daisy Granny Square Crochet pattern direct from Ravelry with secure Paypal Checkout 

If you have arrived at this page FIRST but do not know how to crochet the 

Daisy Flower Granny Square - Please visit this page for a written tutorial pattern 

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