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FREE Crochet Hat Patterns for Women (6 FREE Crochet Hat Patterns)

free crochet patterns- free crochet hat patterns for womanI have taken my crochet  to another level, and I wanted desperately to learn how to crochet a hat for myself, I was so surprised at how easy it really was. And as you can see in the picture turned out very well indeed.
This Crochet Hat Pattern for woman is very adaptable, and fits perfectly, as the design makes it a snug fit.
I love it, I have lots in different colors, and always get comments and admiring glances. 

I was not looking for the beanie or skull caps, but wanted something with a little flair and adding in the extra edging and easy crochet flower embellishment just adds that 20's feel.

Womans Hat FREE Crochet Pattern Womans Bucket Hat in Half Double Crochet

A free crochet pattern for women's hat with brim. anyone who knows me knows how much I love my crochet hats, I love the look of the woman's bucket hat which look very 20s vintage style. I had some lovely Red Heart Lisa in purple left and thought it would suit a nice sturdy hat as it will keep its shape, if I used 2 strands worked together,  and of course will be very stylish ladies hat to wear out and about.   That's if I ever get it back from my lovely daughter who agreed to model it for me.

free crochet pattern womans hat brim,  ladies crochet hat
FREE crochet pattern for women's hat with brim by LisaAuch

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