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Free Crochet Pattern for Newborn Baby Cardigan (Easy)

Megan's Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Free Pattern.  

This is an EASY Crochet BABY Cardigan Pattern.   Ideal to crochet for small NEWBORN Baby. 

The Cardigan is crocheted all in one piece from the top down. 

 This one pictured above was made for my newborn Grandson, using a 5.00 mm hook and Aran yarn. 

It fitted him perfectly just out of the hospital. When everything else seems to drown them. 

Please note: I am an extremely LOOSE crocheter!! 

I will give you SEVERAL ideas of different sizes. 

Please ensure you measure around your cardigan UNDERARMS to correspond with the desired Chest measurement you require. 

If you need to ADD MORE increasing rounds to achieve the desired chest measurement. then just keep within the established pattern 

free crochet pattern newborn cardigan pattern
Easy Newborn Baby Cardigan FREE Crochet Pattern - Beginner Friendly 

The cardigan was originally made for my niece's preemie. Who was expecting a small newborn? She had a preemie so I actually ended up sizing the cardigan even smaller (I used a 3.5 mm hook and a DK yarn)

Easy crochet pattern newborn cardigan beginners simple crochet pattern

We couldn't believe how tiny the cardigan was, but She adored how snug it fitted him. 

The Crochet Baby Beanie Pattern and Booties Pattern can be found on my website too. 

It was worn at every opportunity as everything else seemed to drown him, so we knew he was being kept warm and cozy. 

As he grew slightly it was easy to whip up another one using a larger hook and thicker yarn as we went. 
I made the grey one (above)  for my grandson just born, (I used a 4.50mm hook and Aran weight it fitted perfectly for the first week when everything else seemed too big for him. 

(I am a VERY loose crocheter, you may need to go up a hook size to achieve chest circumference )

When I had posted a picture of him wearing it and was immediately inundated with requests for the cute pattern in different sizes, using different hooks and yarns. So read carefully to make it to your size preference.

It is one of those patterns that are in my memory and I just find myself making it time and time again. When I am asked to crochet a cardigan for a newborn. 

Newborn cardigan FRee crochet pattern  lisaauch

I'll be honest this is one of my first ever crochet cardigans I made, I found every other pattern was just too big for that initial straight out of hospital size. 

Especially if the baby has dropped some weight and we want to keep them snuggly and warm. 

It's an easy crochet pattern, once you get the increases for the corners you can actually keep on going in the established pattern and make it bigger. 

SO I have finally put it down in writing for you all. The PAttern is written in US terms however I am from the UK! 

Yarn Weight
UK US conversion
Aran UK = Fisherman/ worsted 

 PREEMIE  use a 4.50mm Hook and Double Knit Yarn. 

14 inches around  (this was the size we needed for my niece's preemie ) 

newborn crochet baby cardgian made with aran weight

NEWBORN -using a 5.00mm hook  and Aran Weight - VISIT FOR BEST DEALS HERE FRom DERAMORES

I used 1 x 100grm Ball of  Cygnet Aran  and 4.50mm = 16 inches around the chest
(I crochet loosely

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