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Crochet Top Tutu Dress for an Older Girl (Frozen Inspired Elsa Tutu Dress Up)

make your own elsa frozen dress - crochet tutu dress for older girl-tutu dressI am in love with the tutu crochet top dresses,  with all the tulle for the skirt.  I recently made one with a crochet bodice for a 6 month old girl to wear for a Frozen inspired Party, and  my niece wanted an Elsa From Frozen Inspired Dress for Halloween. Who did she call? Auntie Lisa of course to make her very own dress. Can't sew or on to see how you truly can buy all the materials and make a no SEW Tutu Dress with a bought Crochet Headband top.  even the Craft Challenged could make a beautiful dress easily.
More importantly it is 9 years old verified, with friends delighted and wanting one too. My Niece just loves it as it has not been off her since she got it!

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