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Crochet jelly Fish Pattern

Crochet Jelly Fish Pattern FREE

An easy-to-follow crochet pattern to make this delightful octopus. I was looking for cute crochet projects and ideas for my grandson and when I made the octopus and he got hold of its tentacles he never let it go.
Crochet octopus free pattern
Crochet Jelly Fish Toy Pattern FREE 

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Hat and Booties

free crochet pattern baby hat  and booties set

A very quick last minute crochet gift idea for a new arrival. 

Ellas NO Cuff Cute Baby Booties and Hat FREE Crochet Pattern (0-3 months)
3.5″ Length of foot

4 mm (G) hook Baby Aran

Free Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

A simple easy crochet Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern. This is a fantastic last minute project to crochet, very quick to make, and is a lovely gift idea for a baby shower or new baby . The teddy can be made using up scraps of your yarn in a multiple of colours. As long as you use the same thickness of yarn throughout for the crochet bear. 

free crochet teddy bear toy pattern

Mommy and Me Cosy Fluffy Slipper Sock Patterns (Free Crochet Patterns)

Why not crochet these beautiful cosy booties for both baby and mum. 

These are fantastic quick easy crochet projects, using fluffy yarn and my basic crochet sock and the Cosy baby bootie patterns, the finished result is just so cute.
why not combine these 2 Easy beginner friendly cosy slipper sock patterns for Adult and 6 month old baby crochet patterns with mothers day upcoming thesewould be a PERFECT gift idea for the new mum and baby
By using the Half Double Crochet Stitch. The pattern is really stretchy so even when i make these for me (size 6) my my daughter steals them and she is a size 7





Crochet a Flat Elephant Toy Pattern (perfect for Baby Mobiles)

crochet elephant toy pattern - flat

 Crochet Pattern for a Flat Elephant Toy Pattern

My daughter is in love with elephants. Especially since recently watching the new remade Dumbo* and her love for all things elephant since finding out she's about to become a mom, and the whole nursery is Elephants! 

She asked me if I could crochet a really cute flat type stuffed elephant for Baby.

I did the usual picked up my hook and started making. A little bit of trial and error I think he's turned out pretty cute.

This can be made any size - Bigger hook and Thicker yarn or Smaller,

 using whatever you like really to make as you wish.

For the crochet elephants in the photo, I used a 3.500mm and cygnet kiddies supersoft

Cute Easy Quick Newborn Baby Bear Hat Pattern (FREE)

My daughter asked me to crochet her a little baby hat with bear ears. To match the Long sleeved baby cardigan and booties I had just made. 

crochet baby hat with ears, free pattern

I love this baby hat pattern as it works up so easily and always gets so many compliments. 

It is Perfect last minute crochet gift idea for Baby Showers. And only takes a little amount of yarn 

Size : Newborn

Easy Toddlers Crochet Summer Hat with Crochet Flower (FREE Pattern)

Free Crochet Toddler Summer Hat Pattern

sun hat free crochet pattern-baby hat pattern-crochet hat pattern-6-12 month

 I love this easy crochet sunhat hat pattern. great for a toddler. As it sits nice and snug around the head yet the fluted brim will help to keep the suns rays away. 
SO soft  I used a lightweight cotton and size 4.0  hook
Hat with flower is worked in half double crochet
Hat measures about 16 inches circumference around baby head and 17.5 inches, around the bottom circumference of hat. Which gives it that delightful fluted bucket hat look. 
Finish off with some ribbon or as I have done a lovely little Crochet FLower
This Pattern was one I wrote way way back in the beginning! 
SO this has now been re-worked revised and re-written. 

Beautiful Unique Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern Ideal Baby Gift

 A free crochet pattern for a beautiful unique textured baby blanket.

Free crochet baby blanket Pattern easy crochet pattern

I love love love this crochet stitch combination, which creates a no-hole baby blanket, with enough scrumptious texture to wrap a new baby up in. 

This is my favorite go-to baby blanket crochet pattern. 

Chain a multiple of 3 + 3 ch

For this pink Blanket, I used a Baby Pink 4 Ply and a 4.00mm hook*

Terms and pattern written in US terms.

Ch102 (Pram/car seat sized Blanket) 

Row 1: In 2nd ch from hook (1sc, 2dc in next ch) *[skip 2ch, 1sc 2dc in next ch]*, repeat from * to * until you reach the last 3ch, skip 2ch, 1sc in the last ch, turn.

Row 2: ch1, sc into the base of the ch1, 2dc into same space, *[skip 2dc, 1sc 2dc in next sc]*, 

repeat * to* until last 2 stitches, skip 2dc, 1sc in top of turning ch.

Repeat row 2 for the pattern.

Please do not overcomplicate this easy crochet pattern because after your first row you are working INTO the SC of the PREVIOUS round, ie. putting the stitch combination  (sc, 2dc)  into each sc of previous round

Crochet Wave Border

Ch 2 and work DC,   ALL the way around the outside of your blanket

Corners work (2DC, ch2, 2DC)  in Each corner.

Written pattern for the crochet wave border

 ( I have added a very clear video below which I suggest watching to understand the TURN of your work.

Chain 3, dc in next 3 stitches. Work 4 chain stitches, TURN your Work, and slip stitch INTO the top of your chain 3 (4 Dc and a chain 4 space, which you will work the 7 Dc into)

TURN your Work

Chain 1 and work 7 DCs into the Chain space created by the Chain 4.

DC into the next 4 stitches from the previous round, and work 4 double crochets, 4 chain stitches, and TURN. slip stitch INTO the top of your chain 3 (4 Dc and a chain 4 space) Repeat around. 

Finish off by slip stitching into the very first stitch combination. 

Fasten off and weave in ends.

crochet baby blanket patterns free

FREE Crochet Pattern to make a Beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl

Circular Crochet Baby Shawl free pattern
Beautiful Crochet Baby Shawl
A beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl in a beautiful Soft Yarn is just what a new mum love to be given as a Baby Gift. Nothing beats a baby wrapped up in a bundle of handcrafted love.

 I must profess I am not a huge fan of holey baby blankets, but if the baby is swaddled in some lovely soft blanket, then the shawl is to act as the finishing touch to really make the introduction of the baby to family members all that more special. Knowing someone lovingly made this crochet shawl for the baby and the work that went into its creation makes sure the baby shawl becomes a family heirloom.

Circular Crochet Baby Shawl PATTERN
Skill Level:

On Paper this looks to be a very complicated Pattern, however once you get into the swing of the pattern, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is.
You should be able to read written patterns and crochet in repeat patterns,

Double Crochet (DC) , single crochet (SC) and Skipping stitches

Woking several stitches into the same space

Be familiar of Working in between the posts and spaces created in previous rounds

Measurements: Finished Shawl Circumference -

Beautiful Yarn Perfect for Crocheting a Baby Shawl
Gauge: This is a very loosely worked baby shawl.

  • Hook 4.00mm
  • Additional Supplies Ribbon if you wish to weave around

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties with a Strap For a Girl

baby boooties crochet pattern free
I Love to Crochet Baby Booties. In fact its one of my most favourite crochet projects, I can always whip up a quick pair of booties for a surprise Baby Shower Gift.
And they always receive 'ooohhs and 'Ahhhs of appreciations from every one.
So when I find a free crochet pattern to make for baby booties that not only look Amazing but FIT and stay on Baby's tiny feet!
Of course I got to tell you where you can find the pattern too. Yes I can buy Baby Shoes, Like these gorgeous Satin Mary Jane Baptism Ballerina Baby Bootees 

Lets be honest the first thing I go looking for when I hear of a new baby on the horizon, Is baby booties, Baby footwear has came on leaps and bounds and you can have a pair to match every outfit.  
My favourite Book to crochet Baby Booties are also available to buy. These patterns are real easy and I just keep the book handy for correct sizing .

Call me old fashioned I LOVE handmade crocheted Baby Booties and these are my All Time Favourite.


                                             The adorable Free Crochet pattern for the Baby Booties                                    


FREE Crochet Pattern for a Cute Teddy Bear

crochet teddy bear, crochet teddy bear pattern, crochet toy, toy, teddy, teddy bear, crochet gift ideas, easy crochet gift idea, free crochet pattern,
Mr Ted - A free Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern
Crochet a cute Teddy Bear with this Free Crochet Pattern. There are literally 100's of free patterns for teddies online so I thought instead of creating another one why not find these patterns and make them... Over the years I have crocheted several teddies from small to large. 
This one is just so Quick and Easy to crochet it makes a fab last minute gift!!

THIS   Free Crochet pattern   is cute and easy to make.

It is made in several separate small pieces then, stuffed and sewn together.
Pretty easy, especially if you are new to Amigurumi, and making toys.

I also never used safety eyes, I just sewed them into place using black yarn.

I used a Bulky weight Yarn and a 3.50mm hook. And measures around 12 inches head to toe.
This is a great, easy and quick to make up a pattern to crochet a gift.

Crochet this adorable Frog Doorstop with this Easy Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Frog Doorstop  Pattern. 

Free Easy Crochet Frog Pattern by LisaAuch free crochet patterns and Designs
(Includes links to my favorite Free Crochet Frog Patterns online too)  This adorable frog toy could be used as a stuffed toy for kids OR as I did fill it with sand wrapped in a bag and used as the weight needed and ta-dah....a leaping frog doorstop! 

And because I LOVE frogs I have added some links to websites with some of the cutest FREE frog Patterns I find online. Find these Patterns further down the page So Cute Quick and Easy

I am always looking out for cute amigurumi crochet patterns for stuffed animals, and recently I was asked to crochet a frog. Guaranteed I found several cute frog amigurumi patterns and several more frog hats! however, I just couldn't find exactly what the customer was wanting.

Sweet Sugar Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern

Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern

A Free Crochet Pattern by LisaAuch for a Long Sleeve Baby Cardigan. 

This is the Free Version of The Long-Sleeved Baby Crochet cardigan. Cardigan is crocheted from the neck down, creating the yoke first and then crocheting the bodice, and finally the sleeves.
 Very easy to make. But Looks extremely impressive.
Perfect for a newborn 

You can BUY an advertisement FREE and Clean version via Ravelry where you can print and keep the Pattern.

As always you are Free to make and sell items you have made from the pattern. However, You Must NOT copy or distribute the pattern online TEXT OR PDF, in part or whole anywhere else without my express wrote permission. You can share the picture of the finished item. With a link BACK to this page. You must NOT use my pictures in any way to sell YOUR Own Finished product You will NOT put this PATTERN (whole or in part) on to ANY other SITE online without my express written permission. This post may contain affiliate links.
Happy Hooking

(c) All Rights reserved

Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern
Skill Level:
You should be able to work in single crochet, double crochet, work in a repeat pattern sequence.
be familiar with making a garment from the neck down

Measurements: Newborn 17inches around chest.

Gauge: 9 double crochet measures 2inches
Yarn Baby Double knit Yarn
I used exactly 1x100grms
Hook 3.50mm, 4.00mm hook
Additional Supplies: 3 small buttons

Abbreviations: Pattern written in US crochet terms

ch = chain
st(s) = stitch (es)
sc =single crochet
dc= double crochet

NOTE: the dc in the BASE of Chain stitch at start of rows of neck counts as the first stitch until pattern commences.

Special Stitches: (sc, dc) in same stitch


Read Pattern instructions carefully before starting to crochet.

This cardigan is worked from the Neck Down

To create the shoulders you will increase by working 3 sets of specified stitch in one stitch, each shoulder row will increase by 8 stitches.

FREE Crochet Pattern For Long-Sleeved Baby Cardigan

Start by creating a Chain of 57 with the 4.00mm hook, change to 3.5mm hook to continue

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, Sc in next 8 chs, 3sc in next ch
Sc in next 6 chs, 3sc in next ch,
sc in next 22 chs, 3sc in next ch,
sc in next 6 chs, 3sc in next ch,
sc in last 9sts. Ch 2, TURN

Row 2:
make your first dc in the base of the turning chain in every row from here on in until pattern commences. dc in first 9sts, 3dc in next,
dc in next 8sts, 3dc in next,
dc in next 24sts,3dc in next,
dc in next 8sts, 3dc in next st,
dc in last 10sts , chain 1, TURN,

Row 3:
sc in first 11sts, 3sc in next,
sc in next 10sts, 3sc in next,
sc in next 26sts,3sc in next,
sc in next 10sts, 3sc in next st,
sc in last 11sts, ch2, TURN

Row 4: dc in first 12sts, 3dc in next,
dc in next 12sts, 3dc in next,
dc in next 28sts,3dc in next,
dc in next 12sts, 3dc in next st,
dc in last 12sts, Ch 1TURN

Row 5: sc in first 13sts,3sc in next,
sc in next 14sts,3sc in next,
sc in next 30sts, 3sc in next,
sc in next 14sts,3sc in next,
sc in last 13sts, ch2, TURN 

Row 6: dc in first 14sts, 3dc in next ,
dc in next 16 sts, 3dc in next

dc in next 32 sts, 3dc in next 
dc in next 16 sts, 3 dc in next
dc in last 14sts, ch1 TURN                                                                                                                                              
Row 7: sc in first 15sts, 3sc in next,

sc in next 18sts, 3sc in next, 
sc in next 34 sts, 3sc in next, 
sc in next 18sts, 3sc in next, 
sc in last 15 sts, Ch1, TURN
Row 8: dc in first 16sts,
3dc in next, dc in next 20sts,
3dc in next, dc in next 36sts,
3dc in next, dc in next 20sts,
3dc in next st, dc in last 16sts , ch1, TURN,
You will be creating the armholes now.

Row 9: sc in first 18sts, skip 22sts,
sc in next 40sts, skip 22sts,
sc in last 18sts. Ch1, TURN,

BODY: Pattern Rows.

Row 10: [(sc, dc) skip 1 stitch], repeat [ ] to last st, ch1, TURN

Row 11: skip 1st stitch, [(sc,dc) skip 1 stitch], repeat [ ] , finish with a sc,dc in last stitch, ch1, TURN,

Continue working Row 11 for further 10 rows or until work measures 9 1/2 inches,

Changing to the 4.00mm hook at row 16.

Make sure last row worked is finishing on your chosen boy girl right side of work.

Do Not Fasten Off.

Continue with the 4.00mm hook, Attach yarn Right side at last row of YOKE,

Working in single crochet work evenly up the front of cardigan, to neck,

Working 3sc in corner stitches, work around neck and down front

Finish with a slip stitch into first row of pattern

Attach the buttons to the preferred side of cardigan,

I use the double crochet spaces on the opposite side as the buttonholes.

Sleeves: still working with the 4.00mm hook,

Row1: Join Yarn in a stitch under the arm single crochet evenly around make sure you have 26sts,

Ch1 TURN, (you will join the sleeve edge later.

Row2: sc in base of ch,1, dc in same spce, [ (sc, dc) skip next st], repeat [ ] around and finish

With a single crochet in the last stitch, Ch1, TURN.

Repeat Row 2 for 15 rows, (always finish with a single crochet) 16 pattern rows in total.

Cuff (work in rounds) : join yarn at side of cuff, and single crochet in each stitch around,

Slipping to join the other side of the sleeve, so as to work in the round.

Mark here as beginning of round.

Rnd 2 of Cuff: single crochet in first 4sts, skip 1 stitch repeat around,

Rnd 3: single crochet in each stitch around, fasten off and weave in ends to finish,

Weave in all ends

Use the yarn end at under arm for sewing together the arm seams.

Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern

I have 2 finishings to the cardigan.
As You can see from the photos the PINK cardigan is finished with only single crochet around the yoke and neck, the

Crochet Baby Cardigan Easy Free Pattern
WHITE cardigan in the picture is finished with a single crochet in each stitch around the cardigan. 

How about making a Matching Crochet Baby blanket to go with this gorgeous Cardigan 

free crochet patterns baby blankets, easy

See my Easy FREE Crochet Pattern for a Matching Baby Blanket HERE



How To Crochet a Horse A free Crochet Horse Pattern.

A free Crochet Horse Pattern.
free crochet horse pattern, crochet horse, free pattern
FREE Crochet Horse Pattern (vintage)

There are so many wonderful vintage patterns out there, and either they state that they need a specialized hook or yarn that is no longer available yet if we just give them a try turn out to be pretty good Crochet Patterns, Like this Crochet Horse

FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps

baby hat pattern, baby hat patterns, baby patterns, crochet baby hat pattern, free crochet hat patterns, free crochet patterns, baby hat with earflaps, FREE Crochet Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps. This time of year when we are looking for hat patterns with earflaps for baby. To keep them snuggly and warm. 
This is a very easy baby hat to make ideal for beginners, and makes up in no time at all. This easy to follow crochet pattern is also a great pattern for first time baby hat makers, especially if you have always wondered how to make a baby hat with ear flaps!

Adults Basic Beanie Pattern A Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Adults Basic Beanie Pattern Free Crochet Hat Pattern
Adults Basic Beanie Pattern Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern will fit most Adults heads
We will Use the Double Crochet (dc) to make this beanie. 
A 4.00mm Hook, and DK yarn. 
Ch and join with sl st to form ring, ch 2. (or work a Magic Ring and work 10 dc into the ring and continue with Rnd 2.) 

Unique Crochet Baby Shawl Blanket Pattern Perfect Gift for a newborn

ree crochet baby shawl patterns crochet stitches baby blanket crochet baby blanket patterns easy free easy crochet baby blanket crochet baby blankets for beginners quick crochet baby blanket easy crochet baby blankets for beginners double crochet baby blanket quick and easy crochet baby blanket

A Unique crochet Baby Blanket, with beautiful crochet stitches, finished with an easy crochet decorative border.   This baby blanket will become a family heirloom for all the future babies within the family.

I was looking for a baby blanket pattern that looked impressive yet would be easy and quick to make. I hunted all over and whilst I found several beautiful crocheted baby blanket patterns, none just seemed right for the recipient. I wanted a really unique crochet pattern.

Eventually, I stumbled on a crochet pattern design ( not an actual pattern) which looked delicate and would create a nice lacy textured blanket.

In today's modern world more a stroller or car seat sized blanket, yet could be used for those glorious days when out and about with a pram.

But the beauty of this pattern stitch is that you can just keep repeating the established pattern which is worked from the center out (think granny square but with shells and chain stitches)

for the baby set and blanket I used the beautiful Snuggly Sirdar 4 ply ( 2 x 100grms for the blanket...with a little leftover, which actually made the booties ( I cannot get over how beautiful this yarn works up for baby items-
I made this blanket using Sidar Snuggly I am a HUGE fan of this yarn BUY NOW Sirdar Snuggly 4 Ply 50g - Cream (303)*crochet baby blanket

Free Crochet Pattern Baby Cardigan

This crochet cardigan for 0-3 months baby, is worked in half double crochet and made from the neck top  down, the simple pattern makes it great for even beginners, it really is so simple as  it can be made very quickly.

free baby crochet pattern, cardigan, easy crochet patterns, free crochet pattern, free crochet patterns, newborn, newborn set, sweater, top down,
I like using a double knit yarn and a 4.5mm hook
Finished Chest measurement = 16 inches around.

15+ FREE Crochet Patterns for Baby Blankets {Baby Afghan Crochet Patterns FREE}

free baby blanket crochet patterns-crochet patterns free-free crochet babby blanket patternsMy personal favourite collection of go-to FREE Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns, and perfect baby blanket ideas for creating your own unique baby blanket. I love crocheting baby blankets, and over the years I have made many.  Some mums want the vintage feel yet a more modern yarn choice. Or a very textured blanket, with thick chunky yarn The baby blanket patterns I have featured all have easy to follow patterns, great for beginners and the more advance crocheters, each with beautiful textured stitch patterns.
I love to find lots of free crochet patterns and share them with you, and keep all in one place safe for when I need them, and they are just awesome, but I still sometimes like to have at my side my most favourite Baby Afghan Crochet Pattern book which has 54 designs.

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