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Easy Free Crochet Baby Headband Pattern {FREE Crochet Pattern}

This cute baby crochet headband is so easy to make and is a great little yarn stash buster too, as you can incorporate many colors into it as you wish. It is easy to leave off the button and flower, if you are unsure of sizing for child's head, leaving a long tail enough for mum to sew into position. 

This is the matching Free Crochet Hat / Adjustable Headband Pattern for the Child's Summer Hat 

free crochet headband patterns-crochet flower pattern

FREE Crochet Headband Earwarmer Pattern (easy Adult Crochet Headband)

Free crochet headband pattern- easy crochet pattern-headband-free crochet patterns
Free Crochet Headband Pattern
 Easy Adult Crochet Headband or Earwarmer Pattern with Crochet Flower. This is probably one of the easiest headband/ear warmer patterns around. The shaping is easy to achieve. And the piece is worked in a circle around. I find I can use the basic pattern and create many different looks with a change of yarn or hook size. 

FREE Crochet Pattern for Heart Headband perfect or your little Valentines

FREE Crochet Pattern for Heart Headband This child's Valentines Heart Crochet Headband is just gorgeous, and makes an excellent gift at Valentines Day for the kids.
The headband is so easy to crochet, and the heart well once you make one you will just want to keep making more and make them into a pretty Crochet Heart Valentines Day Garland, or you could even join them all together and make a Valentines Heart Scarf!

I love the crochet Heart, and use them as great alternatives to the Crochet Flowers I use as embellishments on Hats, scarves, Pockets for tops or even on bags and Purses.

To Make the Crochet Head Band
Chain enough length to fit round the child head, (If you are not sure of sizing, you can just make it so the child ties it at the back.

I used a hook 4.00 and baby knit wool for this one in the picture

Chain 100.  (leaving a length of wool for a tie)
Double Chain into 5th Chain from hook, (counts as chain space 2 and 1 st Double Crochet)
Work the first round { skip 2 chain Double Crochet in next} Repeat until end. (Finish with a double Chain in last chain st.
Chain 2 turn
Working back along the previous row. you will be double crochet, in to the previous Chain spaces, 2 {Double Crochet 2 chain sp} repeat until end finishing in a Double Crochet

Repeat last 2 rows until preferred thickness. Always ending in a Row 2(leave a length of yarn for the tie. Finish off.
I usually chain these ends up to give a thicker chord if being used as ties for the head band.
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern

Easy Crochet Heart Pattern
Chain 10
4 Treble Crochet into the 5th chain.
1treble crochet in next
1 Double Crochet in next.
1 Half Double crochet in next
1 Single crochet, chain 1, turn
(working back along the opposite side of chain)
1 single crochet in next chain
1 Half Double crochet in next
1 Double Crochet in Next
1 Treble Crochet in next
3 treble crochet in (the same chain as the previous treble crochet)
Chain 2 and slip into the middle of the circle created by the 8 treble crochets)
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern


To make the cute Crochet Valentines Garland Decoration
Crochet your hearts (as many as you want)

And join in the top of each hear with a chain stitch, until length desired.
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern

I love crocheting baby headbands and you can see more of my patterns here

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