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FREE Crochet Pattern to make a Beautiful Circular Crochet Baby Shawl

FREE Crochet Pattern for a Circular Crochet Baby Shawl in a beautiful Soft Yarn is just what a new mum love to be given as a Baby Gift. Nothing beats a baby wrapped up in a bundle of handcrafted love. Circular Crochet Baby Shawl free pattern 
Beautiful Crochet Baby Shawl

The shawl when wrapped around and acts as the finishing touch to really make the introduction of the baby to family members all that more special. Knowing someone lovingly made this crochet shawl for the baby and the work that went into its creation makes sure the baby shawl becomes a family heirloom. I have also used this crochet pattern to make a beautiful soft Shawl 
free crochet shawl pattern

Circular Crochet Baby Shawl PATTERN
Skill Level: EASY 
On Paper this looks to be a very complicated Pattern, however, once you get into the swing of the pattern, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is.
You should be able to read written patterns and crochet in repeat patterns,
Double Crochet (DC), single crochet (SC), and Skipping stitches
Woking several stitches into the same space
Be familiar with Working in between the posts and spaces created in 
previous rounds
Measurements: Finished Shawl Circumference -
Beautiful Yarn Perfect for Crocheting a Baby
Gauge: This is a very loosely worked baby shawl.
Peter Pan Merino Baby 4ply 3032 Pink
Hook 4.00mm
Additional Supplies Ribbon if you wish to weave around

How to Crochet The Star Stitch and Crochet a Warm Cosy Blanket

I came across a pattern for a baby blanket using the "star stitch" not only had I never heard of this crochet stitch before, but I had never tried it. SO I taught myself a new stitch. 
The star stitch is also known (as I have since found out and hence probably why I haven't heard of it before) the Margarite stitch, daisy stitch, and star stitch.  

how to crochet the star daisy stitch-free crochet patterns learn how to croche
Very easy to pick up and not only makes a beautiful stitch and pattern, it is lovely to work,

Free Crochet Paterns for Baby Boys, Crochet Sets, Sweaters, Hats Booties and More

free crochet patterns- free crochet baby patterns--crochet -cardigan- sweater-pattern-free

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Cardigan.
Following a very simple pattern, but by adding little finishes make this and adorable modern crochet cardigan.

This is the most popular crochet cardigan I get asked to make.

free crochet patterns- free crochet baby patterns--crochet -cardigan- sweater-pattern-free

Cute cardigan and hat with earflaps, easy to follow vintage pattern, use cool colours to give this vintage pattern and modern feel.

free crochet patterns- free crochet baby patterns--crochet -cardigan- sweater-pattern-free

This is so cool made in 2 halves and joined together down the back seam

free crochet patterns- free crochet baby patterns--crochet -cardigan- sweater-pattern-free-crochet baby set-boys
cap is a basic beanie pattern, with an added from peak.

free crochet patterns- free crochet baby patterns--crochet-hooded cardigan crochet pattern--cardigan- sweater-pattern-free

Boys Hooded cardigan Free Pattern
Can be made with sc and double crochet rows,JUST hdc or to add a nice texture swap the DC row for a DC crossed stitch
Really nice and forgiving pattern

This is a FREE PDF
This is a nice effect created by crocheting into the front post and back posts,  lovely baby to crochet.

Crochet Baby Boy Cardigan pattern with hood (Easy Hooded Crochet Cardigan Pattern FREE) 3 sizes

Easy FREE Crochet Cardigan with hood perfect crochet sweater for baby boys.  

3- 6 months, 12, months  (use a 4.00mm hook) and 18  months. (use a 5.00mm hook)  

Suggested Yarn Weight: Aran  (4 3/4, 5) Ounces

This is an easy but simply brilliant crochet cardigan pattern for the small members of the family. 

Such an enjoyable crochet project. I love the simplicity of this crochet pattern.   

BUT please NOTE: this is not a beginners pattern,   I would like to think if you have mastered simple pieces increasing and decreasing, you will find this a very easy project.  It is made in basic shaped pieces and then sewn together.

You should have experience in shaping for pieces front and back and neck edges. 

Please read through the WHOLE pattern before commencing.

This can be made for a boy or a girl, any colour you wish. The pattern gives it a really cosy texture and my niece loves her son wearing this hooded cardigan whilst out and about. 

More recently I have crocheted several versions of the cardigan for my Grandson. 

FREE Crochet Patterns-Crochet Patterns- Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

Boys Hooded Cardigan With Front Buttons and ribbed front fastenings. 

(This one was made by substituting the HDC for a crossed double crochet, single crochet alternate rows as the height of 2 rows is the same as 2 HDC rows) 

If you WANT to make the GREY Hooded TOP visit an achieved version here

It is so easy to make up and finish, it fits perfectly for the 3-6 month sizing and is chunky and warm.

The original Pattern used a crossed double crochet, single crochet pattern. 

 I have simplified the pattern using a Half Double Crochet. Throughout.

Directions are for size 3-6 months. Changes for 12 and 18 months are in the ( )

I only recently progressed to crocheting baby clothes, after mastering booties and hats, I love how easy and quick these baby sweaters are to make.

  • Hook for 1st size I use 4.00mm, 
  • Bigger sizes 5.00mm
  • Finished item Chest measured 18 inches (20", 21 3/4")
  • Ch=chain
  • sc=single crochet
  • dc=double crochet
  • Hdc - Half Double Crochet

Please NOTE: To decide if this pattern is suitable for you and your crochet skill set  you should have a basic understanding of working in a pattern, increasing, decreasing

If you feel you want to start with a more beginner-friendly cardigan. 

I also have an EASY Beginner Friendly Cardigan patterns for Newborn available on my site HERE 

newborn crochet cardigan pattern  free

I Love the variations to the crochet cardigan pattern  I have made over the years. I think my most favourite was a Santa Jacket for my Grandsons FIRST Christmas 

I simply made the BASIC cardigan without the HOOD for my Grandson when he was a few months older and you can see here in this picture I trimmed the edging with a soft white fluffy yarn.  

crochet cardigan pattern free

This set (grey Below) was for 6-month-old baby, again using the Basic cardigan crochet pattern with no hood. 

The Crochet HAT and Booties Pattern can be found on my website 

Crochet Hat with Earflaps and pom pom - HERE

Crochet Baby Booties  in 3 sizes FREE Pattern HERE


Starting with  the Back
Chain 33, (36, 39)
Row 1 (RS): Ch2, HDC in 2nd chain from hook and each ch across; turn 31 (34,37) sc
Row 2: Ch2,  HDC, across, turn
Row 3- Row 24:  CH2* HDC, across, turn*  until back measures 9 1/2 (10, 11) * from beg.
Fasten Off.

FRONTS (make 2 noting the change for each sides)
Chain 15,18, 21
Row 1: Hdc in 3rd chain from hook, hdc to end
Row 2-21:   ch2, HDC in each stitch, turn
(work exactly the same as back over 13, 16, 19 stitches until Row 21,( OR UNTIL FRONT IS 3 Rows less than length of back)
Shape neck -next Row:
Row-22: 10 HDC (leave remaining stitches unworked) turn, ch,2
Row 23-24: Work these 2 more rows, HDC for 10 stitches, turn, ch2

2nd Front
Chain 15, (18,21)
Row 1: hdc into 3rd chain from hook,* hdc across, ch2, turn* work exactly the same as back over 13,16, 19 stitches until Row 21,OR UNTIL FRONT IS 3 Rows less than length of back
Shape neck -next Row:
Keeping working in HDC rows,
Row-22: Slip St first 3 sts, work remaining 10 sts in  HDC, turn, ch2
Row 23-24: Work these 2 more rows, HDC in the 10 stitches, turn, ch2
Fasten off. 

crochet, hooded, cardigan

Your 2 Front Pieces Should Look Like These

free crochet pattern boys hooded cardigan

Sleeves Read through all the instructions BEFORE starting

Ch 22, (24, 27)

Row 1: Hdc, turn  (20,22,25 ) sts

Row 2: Ch2, HDC, turn

Row 3: Ch2, HDC, turn,
Row 4 CH2, 2Hdc, in next stitch, hdc to last stitch, 2hdc in last st, turn {22}

Row 5: Ch2, HDC, turn {22}

Row 6: Ch2, HDC, turn {22}

Row 7:  Ch2, HDC, turn {22}

Row 8:  Ch2, 2Hdc, in next stitch, hdc to last Stitch, 2hdc, {24}
Row 9 +:   ch2 working in HDC, increase 1 at END of EVERY row Until 30,(sts) continue working in hdc rows or until sleeve measures 6, 6 1/2, 7  inches.
Finish with 1 row HDC.

Work in established increase pattern for bigger sizes until length required is reached. ,
Extra sleeve Note: Increase 1 stitch at EACH end of every 4th row twice Only,  Then,  start increasing 1 at END of EVERY row Until 30sts 
hooded crochet cardigan pattern


chain 53 (56,59) work in rows ,(ch2,HDC, turn) 53, 55,58 sts until work is 6"( 6 1/2", 7") from beg. Fasten off.

Putting together

Make sure you sew seams together keep your stitching loose and try not to pull work too tightly together.
Start by  Sewing together the  shoulder seams. See Pieces Placement Picture above.

Mark fronts and back 4 1/2", (5", 5 1/2") down the seams. 

Place centre of sleeve tops at shoulder
seams and sew in place between markers.  

Again keeping your pieces together loosely to make sure they fit together (Do not pull tightly on threads used to sew sides together)
Sew neatly along sides and sleeve arms.

free Crochet patterns-Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

Sew Hood seam down the back. Sew Hood along neck from edge to edge.(you will find the hood is bigger when laid out than the actual neck line (along back, down shoulder, and along front)
Make sure you find back centre
of neck edge and sew the hood into place, sometimes 2 stitches  of the neck edge to the 1 stitch of the hood, this gives a bulk shaping to the back of the hood for fitting head shape. )

Free Crochet Pattern for Boys Hooded Sweater button front Cardigan

Position your pieces as shown in the images below. 

free Crochet patterns-Crochet-Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

***I find weaving in all loose ends at this point really worthwhile, as we still have borders to do and it makes for a neater finish***

Sleeve Edging:

Sew up sleeve seem to With Right Side facing.
Join yarn at lower Edge: chain 1 work  SC around sleeve.  Fasten off.

 Button bands and Front Edging.

FPHDC and BPHDC = work front and back posts in half double crochet. 
3rd row to form button Holes border. ONLY work this Row one side)

Buttons will be sewen onto  Left side for a girl Right side for a boy  

With RS facing join yarn at bottom edge and  evenly in DC, work up the front side to the top, stop when you get to the join for the hood) , ch2, turn, work for 2 rows  front Post Double Crochet  (fpdc) back post Double crochet (bpdc.)

If you do not know how to front post and back post crochet then you can simply use DC in these rows, the front post and back post just gives more texture to  the front.

Button holes: Chain 2,  work FPHDC, BPHDC alternatively for 7 ,chain 2,skip 1. FPHDC, BPDC alternativey, for next 11, chain2 skip 1. FPHDC, BPHDC alternatively for 11sts, , chain2 skip 1
Double crochet row on opposite side from holes to attach buttons to. Left side for a girl Right side for a boy

Single crochet around the hood front., slip stitch along the top of the opposite front band, and fasten off neatly.  Weave in ends.

 This gives a nice and neat finish around the hood part of the  cardigan., and no loose threads

Make sure all ends are securely Fastened off and weave in any loose ends. ends.

boys cardigan free crochet pattern with hood

Got the bug for creating cardigans - why try this easy cardigan sweater pattern.

FREE Crochet Patterns-Crochet Patterns- Baby-Boy-Cardigan-patterns-Easy-Hooded-Crochet-Cardigan-Pattern-FREE

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