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EASY Newborn Infant Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern FREE

This is a free crochet pattern for a newborn beanie. The stretchiness of the infant crochet hat pattern means it is also perfect for donating to hospitals. 

On coming out of hospital newborn babies must be kept cozy and warm as they can rapidly lose weight. Keeping a little crochet beanie on them is advised. 

Infant crochet newborn hat pattern free easy

After posting a recent image of a baby set I had been asked to crochet for a newborn infant to leave the hospital in. 

I was inundated with requests for the newborn Hat pattern to match

Megans Easy Newborn Crochet Sweater Cardigan pattern 

I like to keep the crochet baby items nice and simple. And the Baby Beanie I made here is a fantastic beginner-friendly pattern. 

Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern - Perfect Crochet Hat for Donating to Hospitals

This newborn crochet hat is perfect for babies just coming out of the hospital or making a few baby hats in varying colors and donating them to your local hospital.

newborn baby hat crochet pattern for donating to hospitals

 Newborn Babies can lose heat really quickly straight after birth so they require warm hats immediately to help keep them warm and cozy. 

If they lose heat too quickly after being born they can become quite unwell. 

Please check with your local maternity unit on what colors they may need, as some units run a traffic light system and are a fantastic visual aid for the midwives to easily identify babies that may need a little more help and attention in the first few hours. 

RED -  red hats are used for babies who are more at risk and require more regular observations. 

AMBER hats - require just a little bit more attention. 

GREEN Hats - lower risk babies and only require routine observations as they are healthy and a good weight. 

(Please check with the labor Delivery suite midwives if donations are being taken at this time, If your local hospital is not taking donations at this time do not worry there is always a hospital requiring hats. so just keep making)

newborn baby hat free crochet pattern

Or, Like I do, keep a box ongoing, and when there is an urgent request. 

I have several to go at one time. That I can wrap up and send to the labor suite of the hospital. 

What size Do baby hats need to be for the hospitals? 

newborn baby hat to donate to hospitals free crochet pattern

As a guide, the average newborn head circumference is between 13- 15 inches! But recommended hat circumference is 12 inches around 

For this hat, we will crochet in Rows until our HAT measures 12 inches. 

Depth of hat once on head Must be at least  5 inches. 

But it's NOT an accurate science as all baby's heads are different sizes, but we can help make our little hats fit as best we can for those crucial first 24 hours where keeping the heat in the body is a must. 

The reason THIS newborn baby hat pattern is so great for donating to the hospitals is for several reasons. 

1. The BRIM is folded upwards to sit just above baby eyebrows. 

 With many 'beanie type' hats we are kinda judging the length required as not every baby comes out the same,  so crocheting a baby hat with a fold-up brim is great. 

2. The bottom Edging of the hat is lovely and elastic, meaning it can adjust to fit a few sizes. 

3. And finally, the Crochet stitches used Single Croche tin the Back loop makes a nice warm textured piece. 

This is the most asked-for baby hat pattern I get asked to make and sell as part of newborn hats and booties sets I make. 

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern to Donate to hospitals 

newborn baby hat free crochet pattern

For this newborn hat, you will need around 

50g of Baby Double Knit (my favorite just now is Lionbrand Double Knit Baby

3.50mm (Newborn) 4.00mm hook (0- 3  size)

For this hat, you will be working in ROWS and Work into the back loops only.

Row 1: Ch 36, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in 30 ch, slip stitch into next 5 ch,   Ch 1, and turn.

Row 2:  Slip Stitch in the Back Loop of first 5 sts, ScBackloop into the remaining 30 sts. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 3:  ScBackloop into the next 30 sts, slip into BLoops of last 5 remaining stitches 

Rows 4 to Rows 44: Repeat Row 2 and Row 3

End off after the last st on Row 44  OR continue until your Recommended length is complete =( circumference of HAT) leaving a long tail. 

Your hat should look like this 

Fold the Hat in Half . Sew back loops of first and last rows together; 

when you reach the top weave thread in and out to gather. 

Pull tightly to close for the top of the hat, Weaving in ends to finish  

Here is Another Super EASY crochet baby hat pattern that is ideal to donate to hospitals Or To crochet for a Baby as a coming home gift. 

As you can see in this image for baby coming home I made Small yarn pom poms. 
Adorably cute!.

crochet hat pattern FREE for baby coming home from hospital in

Crochet Baby Hat patterns to donate to Hospitals

This is a lovely beginner-friendly How to crochet a baby Hat Pattern and Tutorial. 

The hat can be made any size and is nice and stretchy. 

FREE crochet Baby Hat Tutorial with Pictures and instructions. Using the Half Double Crochet Stitch

Or if you Prefer a Lovely simple croche Newborn Beanie hat Pattern you can visit my Popular 

FREE newborn crochet Hat Pattern HERE 

crochet baby newborn hat pattern free donate to hospitals

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