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I was asked to crochet someone a cute cuddly lamb for a baby shower. 
I found this adorable Lucy Lamb Pattern and This is the Result. 

Is she not just the Cutest Little sheep to be ever?

free croche tpattern lamb sheep

Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Booties with a Strap For a Girl

baby boooties crochet pattern free
I Love to Crochet Baby Booties. In fact its one of my most favourite crochet projects, I can always whip up a quick pair of booties for a surprise Baby Shower Gift.
And they always receive 'ooohhs and 'Ahhhs of appreciations from every one.
So when I find a free crochet pattern to make for baby booties that not only look Amazing but FIT and stay on Baby's tiny feet!
Of course I got to tell you where you can find the pattern too. Yes I can buy Baby Shoes, Like these gorgeous Satin Mary Jane Baptism Ballerina Baby Bootees 

Lets be honest the first thing I go looking for when I hear of a new baby on the horizon, Is baby booties, Baby footwear has came on leaps and bounds and you can have a pair to match every outfit.  
My favourite Book to crochet Baby Booties are also available to buy. These patterns are real easy and I just keep the book handy for correct sizing .

Call me old fashioned I LOVE handmade crocheted Baby Booties and these are my All Time Favourite.


                                             The adorable Free Crochet pattern for the Baby Booties                                    


Crochet Stitches How to crochet Loops {The Loop or Fur Stitch tutorial}

Crochet Stitches- How to crochet Loops -Free Crochet Patterns
Also includes Free crochet patterns that use th eloops stitch. I  wanted to learn how to crochet loops, after someone asked me for a crochet cardigan for baby made with the loops stitch. I had only ever seen a really nice pattern for booties, their cuff made up of these wonderful loops.
 I thought there was no way I was going to be able to do it. After a few trys I got the hang of it really easily.
You are just pulling an extra length around your hook/finger before you crochet your stitch. 
I had seen several ways to make this stitch and it really is personal preference, Some show you to use a piece of card to loop the yarn around, or a ruler. I personally just prefer using my finger...The main trouble then is getting all the loops the same size, so if uneven loops become an issue to you then perhaps using the cardboard method is a better technique for you to create more even loops.

To practice this stitch I Chained 22
1. Begin with a row of single crochet.(sc) For learning I found it easier to use Single crochet (US) DC (UK)

2. Turn Chain 1 Work 1sc and then insert your hook into the next stitch.

3. With the Yarn over your finger, hold it out high (to your desired length of loop)
Catch the base of the strand at the back of your finger, draw it through the stitch.

4. Catch the base of the back strand again and draw it through the 2 loops

5. Take your finger out of the loop and insert the hook into  the next stitch, ready to repeat the process.

Unless you want loops to appear on both sides of your work, make the next row from your basic stitch you are using I was using SC for this tester.

The loops can  actually be CUT, , as they will not pull out, This is also an excellent project to use fluffy yarn.

Crochet Stitches How to crochet Loops-free crochet patterns
Special note: IF you are going to be joining worked pieces make sure you keep 1 or 2 stitches at the edges without loops.
    Watch this video to see how the loop stitch is made. 

Now your ready for some loopy Free crochet Patterns 

I love these! 

I LOVE this little baby cardigan made with loop stitch. It is worked up easily from the neck/yoke down and fits perfectly. 

Loop stitch hat and mittens pattern free crochet patterns loops stitch
I just adore this matching loop stitch hat and mittens set. It is available for free here 

Loop stitch slippers pattern free crochet patterns loops stitch

Slippers made using the Loop stitch Perfect Sheep slippers Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Stitches How to crochet Loops-free crochet patterns

So now I want to make these gorgeous loop stitch booties, I found the Perfect Pattern over @ Hodgepodge

crochet toy patterns-scottie dog-loop stitchHow about this Scottie Dog Toy Crochet Pattern using the fabulous loop stitch to maximun effect.

loop stitch-rug-grass effect rug-childs room crochet patterns-free crochet patterns
Or how about this gorgeous grass effect loop stitch rug! Perfect for the kids room. Where they can squish their feet about in it.

**Please note you need to sign into Lionbrand, but the FREE patterns ARE worth it****
Loop Stitch Rug here

FREE Crochet Pattern for Heart Headband perfect or your little Valentines

FREE Crochet Pattern for Heart Headband This child's Valentines Heart Crochet Headband is just gorgeous, and makes an excellent gift at Valentines Day for the kids.
The headband is so easy to crochet, and the heart well once you make one you will just want to keep making more and make them into a pretty Crochet Heart Valentines Day Garland, or you could even join them all together and make a Valentines Heart Scarf!

I love the crochet Heart, and use them as great alternatives to the Crochet Flowers I use as embellishments on Hats, scarves, Pockets for tops or even on bags and Purses.

To Make the Crochet Head Band
Chain enough length to fit round the child head, (If you are not sure of sizing, you can just make it so the child ties it at the back.

I used a hook 4.00 and baby knit wool for this one in the picture

Chain 100.  (leaving a length of wool for a tie)
Double Chain into 5th Chain from hook, (counts as chain space 2 and 1 st Double Crochet)
Work the first round { skip 2 chain Double Crochet in next} Repeat until end. (Finish with a double Chain in last chain st.
Chain 2 turn
Working back along the previous row. you will be double crochet, in to the previous Chain spaces, 2 {Double Crochet 2 chain sp} repeat until end finishing in a Double Crochet

Repeat last 2 rows until preferred thickness. Always ending in a Row 2(leave a length of yarn for the tie. Finish off.
I usually chain these ends up to give a thicker chord if being used as ties for the head band.
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern

Easy Crochet Heart Pattern
Chain 10
4 Treble Crochet into the 5th chain.
1treble crochet in next
1 Double Crochet in next.
1 Half Double crochet in next
1 Single crochet, chain 1, turn
(working back along the opposite side of chain)
1 single crochet in next chain
1 Half Double crochet in next
1 Double Crochet in Next
1 Treble Crochet in next
3 treble crochet in (the same chain as the previous treble crochet)
Chain 2 and slip into the middle of the circle created by the 8 treble crochets)
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern


To make the cute Crochet Valentines Garland Decoration
Crochet your hearts (as many as you want)

And join in the top of each hear with a chain stitch, until length desired.
Crochet headband-free crochet patterns-crochet heart pattern

I love crocheting baby headbands and you can see more of my patterns here

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby HeadbandsFree Crochet Patterns for Baby Headbands
Free Crochet patterns for the Cutest crochet baby headbands decorated with little flowers, you can find online. Beautiful baby headband patterns for the litt...

Cute Free Crochet Pattern for a Girly Beanie with Shell design

free crochet baby hat patterns-crochet patterns-free
photo is Authors own 
Cute free crochet Girly beanie pattern with a lovely shell design. Just enough to say awh.....and easy enough to make in 1 night watching the TV  I love this little pattern that truly was so easy to make.
               Create your awesome baby hat perfect for a little girl, with this free crochet Pattern.
 As with all the patterns please do not hesitate to send me a message if you find a mistake. or if I can help you with this pattern.

Free Crochet Baby hat pattern

Free Crochet Pattern for Newborn Baby Beanie Hat

free crochet pattern-newborn-preemie-hats
when my mother in law asked me to crochet preemie hats for the newborn babies in the hospital how could I refuse? These little crochet hats are just too cute, and I have included a finish for boys and girls.
I can sit at night and do a couple of these easy to make crochet hats.
 If you do crochet please consider making some of these little hats and handing them in to your local hospital for the NICU wards.
 (PLEASE phone your local ward in advance and check their requirements)

Happy crocheting.
The terms used in this pattern are US
DC= double crochet
ch= Chain
Always use the ch 3 to slip stitch into
Please NOTE: You will work the DC of each round into the (bar)space between the dcs of the previous rounds.

Crochet Hat Patterns for Newborn baby

crochet-hat patterns-free-newborns

Easy Baby hat Pattern for Newborns

Nothing better than twiddling about making these gorgeous crochet hats for newborn babies. 

Following the basic baby beanie patterns, you can create a beautiful baby hat, which makes great baby shower gifts or great gifts for newborns

Free Easy Crochet Flower Pattern

free Crochet Pattern for a crochet flower easy
Photo Authors Own and should not be copied.
I love crocheting flowers, in fact, they are so easy to make that you will soon be making them too.
Crochet Flowers are a great way to finish off some of your Baby hats, hairbands or even to add to a bag, sweater or scarf, the creative side is limitless.

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